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Danita: He Promised Her A Vacation

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: A room with a balcony and view of the building in the courtyard. It sounded like a dream to her. But there's one thing that he didn't tell her - that it would also involve tight bondage. She could see out. But she also hoped that no one could see in. That no one could see her topless, especially her perky young breasts, and the ballgag jammed into her warm and waiting mouth. The way this began she thinks that this is a vacation she won't forget
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Andrea: Gone

5:05 Minute Bondage Video: When he left the room she was on the bed. Bound, hogtied. duct tape gagged. She wasn't going to get loose, not then, not even soon. She had wanted to try tight bondage. So he decided to give her the time to find out about it. He was sure that he had locked the door but when he returned it was open. And she was gone. Not even any rope on the bed. Had she somehow escaped? Or had someone taken her away? He never found out, he never saw her. Again.
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Katerina and Rose: Maybe Her Girlfriend Will Rescue Her

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: That's Katerina's thought as she struggled on the bed, bound and gagged. That's also her thought as Rose shows up and begins to untie her. But that lasts only a moment, as he returns. Then ties and gags Rose. As tight as he bound Katerina. It seemed like all hope was gone for the two of them. Probably because it was.
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Darby: Who Will Find Her This Way?

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She's sure that getting free from the ropes isn't an option. So now she wonders who will find her this way. The guy with the Big Boss t-shirt who did this to her? Her girlfriend? the two of them play erotic games; that wouldn't be bad. Neither would be her lover; he likes her tied and gagged. But maybe her husband? That would mean a lot of explaining; that wouldn't be good.
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Danita: Two Things

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: There are two things she has to figure out. The first is how she got her, on this bed, tightly bound and gagged. She remembers the smell of a cloth pressed against her lips from behind her. And then nothing. Until now. The second is how she will get free from the ropes. She's sure that one will be more difficult.
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Darby: Heavy Breathing

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She's not sure what is causing it, the heaving breathing. The impossible struggling against the tight brutal ropes. Or what the bondage is doing to her, to her sexual engine. Pushing her body to that point that she doesn't want release from the ropes, she wants sexual release that only he can give her. When he pushes himself deep inside her. Nearly splitting her body in half. And heavy breathing that she can only dream of at this moment.
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Alina and Rose: Little Sister's Bondage Revenge

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: As the older sister, Alina thinks that she can do anything that she wants; after all, she's the cute blonde. And that includes stealing Rose's boyfriends. but she's about to learn a lesson: never mess with little sister. As Rose teases and erotically torments her, in ways that she didn't think was possible. And drives Alina's sexual engine up a wall. Rose wasn't done for the day yet Alina decided tht she wanted something else - her little sister. And she wants her now.
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Rose: Damsel In The Mirror

5:13 Minute Bondage video: Not only could she feel the tight ropes on her young body, she could also see them. Her reflection in the mirror. For her, it was like watching a bondage movie. With her as the star. That double shot made her body even more aroused, That soft spot between her legs becoming soaked. And the room filling with that smell. There was nothing that she could do about it. Except try to enjoy it. And she was doing that.
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Amanda: Not Going Anywhere. Not Now. Not Even Soon

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: He made sure of that. Her wrists pulled up and bound to the bed frame. Her elbows tied, nearly touching. A ball gag jammed into her waiting and willing mouth. All she could do was move from side to side. And make those noises of a damsel in distress hoping that someone will release her soon. But that won't happen; a locked apartment door made sure of that.
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Lorri: More Trouble Then She Expected

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She knew that it would be difficult - maybe impossible - to escape from ropes. But that's how she wanted it with her bondage play partner. what she didn't want was for him to leave bound on her own bed and then leave the house. For her to be found by anyone. Especially the one person who she didn't want to find her this way - her husband. He knew nothing about her bondage fetish. He wuld find out. soon.
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Maci: It's Going To Hurt

5:32 Minute Bondage Video: and leave marks on her soft body. A black leather crop will do that. Especially when she doesn't expect it. Like the first time it smack her butt. As she almost jumps out of her skin - but not the ropes - and makes those waiting noises from behind the duct tape. He doesn't stop there. He does lots more to tease, torment and sexually arouse her.
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Bianca: Is It A Dream?

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Or is it real? She knew that she was bound - hogtied. Duct tape gagged. With no possibility of escape, no mater how hard she tried. And she tried hard. She also felts the heat as it surged through her body. She wanted more than release from the ropes. She wanted him. And the way that she twister her body that became clear. Was it a dream? that didn't matter to her; she was enjoying it.
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Rose: It's not A Dream

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She not only loves to be tightly bound but she also dreams about it. That's what she thought it was. At first. Until she opened her eyes. When did he do this to her? And why? Neither answer really matters, all that matters is that he did it. Because he can. And it was time for her to enjoy it, to struggle. Hard. Which she did. And she hopes that he will be returning soon, so she can feel his hands on her body.
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Kayleigh: One More Thing

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: That's what she wants, one more thing. She is so tightly bound that she knows that there is no hope of escape. The duct tape keeps her from making almost any sounds, except those of a young damsel in distress. Now what she wants is to feel him deep inside her, as if he is splitting her young body in half. She even manages to roll on to her back, showing him where she wants him. And not even soon. But now.
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Bianca: Milf Bondage Slut

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She is beyond caring. That her husband will find her this way. Not only dressed like a slut but rolling around on the floor, the room filled with the scent of an arouse woman. She knows what she wants. And she wants it hard. She doesn't even care if he unties her. She'll have to explain to him how she got this way. She'll do that, at some point. But that doesn't matter now.
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Kayleigh: He Wants Her To Want It

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: He wants her to want it. To struggle against the ropes and his hands. And to whimper every moment. He knows how to do that. Beginning with the leather crop on her backside. To his hands between her legs, leaning in to her, reaching around and grabbing her breasts. Everything he does gets her more aroused. That's his plan. And then to let her lay on the ground - bound, duct tape gagged and blindfolded, and to wait. And to want it.
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