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Foxy & Angel

10:05 Minute Video: Angel was sure that she could help her younger sister, Foxy. That's why she was there. But he got the upper hand .. and both of them ended up hogtied on the floor. Their elbows pulled tight, wrists bound and each in a short-rope hogtie. And even as close as they were, they couldn't help each other. That's how he wanted it; they were sure of that.
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Cali and Lilith - Nowhere To Go With a Lot Of Time To get There

10:12 Minute HD Video: He had done his work well. The two gorgeous young damsels were titly bound on the floor. Bound wrists. Elbows yanked together hard, touching. Hogtied. Duct tape gagged. Trying to escape, even by getting closer to each other. With not even a moment of thinking that they might succeed. Nowhere to go. Not sure when he was returning to release them. Or even if he was returning. Which meant that they had a lot of time to get nowhere.
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Delta - A Bet With The Devil

10:14 Minute HD Video: That's what she made. Though he wasn't the devil, he was a man with a devilish side. Especially when he had, in front of him, a gorgeous damsel in no-escape bondage. Her wrists ankles handcuffed. A chain around her soft body connected to black metal ankle cuffs. Duct tape gagged. And wearing an almost-virginal white top and shorts. She bet that, somehow, she could escape. But she didn't succeed; it wasn't for lack of trying. which meant that she was his. For as long as as he wanted, in any way that he wanted. Which meant that in her mind she still won.
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Delta - She's Used To Being In Charge

10:23 Minute HD Video: On a usual day she shows up at work. And tells people what to do. They listen to her. Because she's the boss. But one day a month she leaves early and goes to a very special place where she gives up control. Spending the afternoon like she is today. Cuffed wrists and ankles. Chain hogtied. And duct tape gagged. The only sounds that she can make are those soft whimpers. It's what she needs, what she craves. but only that one day a month.
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Bianca - Exposed

5:12 Minute HD Video: That's the only two words running through her mind. His bondage toy. Exposed. But then there was vulnerable. Very vulnerable. And spread wide. Nearly naked. the only protection remaining is her thong panties. Her very wet thong panties. She was struggling hard. But that soon became erotic movement, trying to thrust her body towards invisible hand. Hands to tease her, to torment her. Looking up, the look of lust in her eyes. Waiting for him to return. Not soon. But now.
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Sally - She Wanted To Be Teasing, Tickled And Tormented

5:12 Minute HD Video: Her limbs - her arms and her legs - were pulled wide in each direction. And she was ballgagged. Ensuring that she was vulnerable. No matter how much she struggled - and she struggled hard - the ropes would not come loose. but she realized that soon she did not struggle to escape. Rather, she was moving her body as if trying to reach his hands. His hands that weren't there. But she hoped would be there soon.
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Judith - Struggling Hard, Trying To Get Loose

5:12 Minute HD Video: Tight bondage It's something that she had heard about, something they had talked about. She was limber enough for her wrists to be pulled up into a reverse prayer. Her ankles tied, then pulled up into a hogtie. A ballgag jammed into her willing and waiting mouth. She struggled hard. Because she knew that she was supposed to. Thrashing her body all over the bed. And also remembering what he also said; This the bondage would only be the beginning. She know knew what that meant.
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Amanda - He Returns

6:27 Minute HD Video: Waiting for him and hoping that he returns soon.. On the bed, face up, her arms and legs spread wide. And tied to the four corners of the bed. Ballgagged. Exposed, except for her thong panties. He doesn't disappoint her, she knew - hoped - that he wouldn't. Caressing her young body. Lots of tickling. And erotic torment. With those those sounds of laughter becoming soft moans, as he pushes her toward that explosion her body need. But then leaves her that way. She wants him to return. Again.
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JoJo - What Happens Next

5:12 Minute HD Video: That's what she wonders. No that she could do anything abut it. No matter what it was. Her wrists bound behind her back, then tied to the metal bed frame. Cross legged, her ankles then bound. Duct tape gagged. No matter how much she struggled - and she did - there would be no escape,. Not now, not even soon. but what surprised her the most wa that she was enjoying this. Every moment of it. And she waned more. Much, much more.
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Katerina - Teasing, Tickling And Erotic Torment (HD)

5:24 Minute HD Video: It was what he did. And did it so very well. I began with her bound on the bed. Hogtied. all gagged. and nearly exposed. and then him having his way with her. Knowing that the tickling and teasing would get her sexual engine up and running. the moving faster. Until it came to the edge. Would he push her over that edge. she didn't know. She did know what she wanted. and hoped that he would do.
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Amanda and Katerina - Topless, Barefoot And Hogtied (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: Twice and much fun for him tonight. Two very cute young damsels waiting for him on his bed. Both were topless and barefoot, very much two of his favorite things. Tied - hogtied - both of them having their elbows pulled together hard and right. And ball gagged. Struggling hard, though there would be no escape. But still struggling. Whimpering. And the room filling very quickly with the scent of two aroused young women. A good night for him. Maybe a good night for them, too. that's all they can hope.
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Bianca - It's The Look In Her Eyes (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: n the bed. Topless. Bound Tight. Duct tape gagged. Not so much struggling as rolling around With that vhat very sultry look. As if she is inviting him. As if she wants him. She's not trying to tell him what to do. She's asking. Possibly begging him. To do whatever he wants. Whenever he wants. As much as he wants. As long as he begins not soon. But now.
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Rita - She Returns For More (HD)

5:11 Minute HD Video: Her first time wasn't enough for her. She wanted it again. Tight ropes. Hogtied. And ballgagged. She was unable to escape the first time. She'll try again, just as hard, this time. But she doubts that she will gain her freedom from the ropes until he returns to release her. She doesn't know whether to tell him, whether to say it or not. Though those soft whimpers, she is sure, will let him know. This is how she wants it.
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Katerina - Tickling, Teasing, Erotic Torment (HD)

5:11 Minute HD Video: She's enjoying it. The tight ropes, the hogtie style. Her wrists and ankles bound in a way that keeps her young body arched, especially when he rolls her onto her side. Ballgagged. She's also feeling very vulnerable. To his tickling, the teasing, the erotic torment. Smacking her bubble butt. But then it stops, as quickly as it began. That look on her face, her shaking her body. She wants him to come back, she wants more. Because she likes it, she really likes it.
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Sally - So Very Vulnerable

5:13 Minute HD Video: The way she was bound on the bed, her wrists and ankles tied to the bamboo spreader bar, her legs wide open. All the struggling was doing what she knew it would do - pushing her sexual engine hard and fast. Which meant that not only did the room have the scent of a very aroused young woman but that sweet spot between her legs was getting very wet. Soon that sexual moisture would spread to her jeans. And tell him what he already knew - what she wanted him to do.
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Amanda - Her Bubble Butt Was The Perfect Target

5:13 Minute HD Video: The way he had her tied, it was thrust upwards. Making it a perfect target. For teasing. For spanking. And for something else, something even more sexual. Struggling - which she did - would make her butt thrust up and down, back and forth. As if telling him that he could do whatever he wanted to do. As much as he waned to do. whenever he wanted to do it. As long as it was soon.
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