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Sarah - From The Beginning - The Rigger's POV (HD)

7:59 Minute HD Video: It's what you don't see often in the world of bondage videos - seeing it from the rigger's point of view. As if you were there, your hands on the sweet young damsel. This time he would bind her tightly on the bed, with the cruel wooden gag. And when he was done leave her there. Alone. No amount of struggling, whimpering or moaning would make him return any sooner than when he was ready. She would learn that. No matter how long it took.
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Sarah - What The Rigger Sees And Does (HD)

4:14 Minute HD Video: Escaping from the ropes is the last thing on her mind, the ropes excite her. She wants to enjoy every moment of this. He knows that. What's on his mind is the tickling, teasing and erotic torment of the sweet damsel. And also enjoying it. When he begins she begins the squealing laughter. With that occasional moan, showing. It's a view you won't often get to see. It's what he sees. And what he does.
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Sarah - She Can't Escape, She Doesn't Want To (HD)

5:17 Minute HD Video: Escaping from the ropes is the last thing on her mind. Tonight it's about enjoying every moment of it. Even cleave gagged, she still has the smile on her face. And when he begins the tickling, the teasing, the erotic torment, she begins the squealing laughter. With that occasional moan. She doesn't know when it will stop, when it will end,. There's only one word she is thinking of at that moment: never! (Interactive HD Video)
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Amanda - She Enjoys It, Every Moment Of It

5:39 Minute HD Video: She enjoys it. And he knows that. He enjoys it, too. The tight bondage. Her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer. Her ankles crossed. Hogtied. And ballgagged. Then it begins. The teasing. The tickling. The erotic torment. Her reaction - from the soft laughs to the sensual moans. Especially when he rolls her on her back and begins the tickling, teasing and torment between her legs. She doesn't know how long this will last, how long he will continue this. If she had a choice - which she doesn't - it would last forever.
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Kaci - Nothing She Can Do About It (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: There's nothing she can do about it. On the bed. Hogtied. Her wrists and ankles bound, her elbows pulled together hard and tight. And ballgagged. She can barely move. Until he starts the tickling and teasing. The erotic torment. . Even then, not much movement; getting away from his probing ands is impossible. She was sure that there's nothing that the young blonde can do about it. She wouldn't have it any other way.
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Tara - Cuffed Hand, Foot and Elbows (video)

7:11 Minute Video: If the wrist and ankle cuffs - plus the hogtie chain - weren't bad enough, the metal cuffs around her elbows not only were going to leave marks on her tender skin, but she knew that she couldn't roll around. All she had to do was roll on them and they would tighten even more She had tried to apologize to him for whatever she did. She didn't know what it was, but it had to be the reason why he did this to her. But the ducttape gag would keep her quiet - except for those whimpering, pleading noises.
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Tawney - That Will Leave A Mark

6:01 Minute Video: He had said that he had some special plans for the evening; that's why the glam gown. She had NO idea that this was his plan. She's a cute blonde with the soft skin, so soft that even tight ropes leave a mark. She could only imagine what the chains would do. Her elbows pulled together, that's going to also put some strain on her shoulders. Wrapped around her wrists, and then in hogtie-style down to her ankles. Plus toe-cuffs to make it even more difficult for her. It didn't really matter whether she enjoyed it. She knew that HE would have a good time during what was going to be a very long night
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Juliana and Leeza - Even When You're In Brutal Bondage There's Something To Do (Video)

7:12 Minute Video: It happens when their boyfriends want to watch the football game and don't want to be disturbed. But Juliana and Leeza can still enjoy the time. Bound together, facing each other. Juliana's elbows had been yanked hard behind her back; she could feel the stress and pain in her shoulder. An o-ring gag jammed inside her mouth. Leeza's wrists had been pulled into a reverse prayer, a ballgag The bondage aroused them, got their sexual engines running in high gear. And that's when it began.
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Foxy - Foxy: A Game Gone Wrong (Video)

9:32 Minute Video: It was a game, he said. And to her it sounded almost like fun. Something about chains and ducttape, and getting to struggle and look cute. And something about being rescued. At least she thought he said something about being rescued. But that was hours ago. And the chains were biting into her tender young skin. She wanted to be rescued, she needed to be rescued. Sometime. Soon.
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Tawney - A Very Special Anniversary Gift

10:18 Minute Video: That's what she wanted to give him. For their anniversary, something very special, something very different, something he would never expect. So with the help of a friend, she made it happen. He would find her on the floor, in chain bondage, her elbows pulled together hard and tight, her legs frogtied, ducttape gagged, and writhing, moaning. Her young sexual engine was already in high gear, hoping - needing - for him to come home. Soon. And do whatever he wanted to do.
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Nelly - Tough To Explain - To Her Husband

9:44 Minute Video: She loved her husband, he was always good to her. But there was that one thing, her love, craving, need for bondage. He didn't understand it. So they never played. Which is why she found herself a play partner. For only bondage games. It wernt well. Until her he got stupid, got jealous, and wanted more than she would give him.. So he decided to punish her, to leave her in the room, tightly bound and gagged, for her husband to find. This was going to be tough to explain.
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Foxy - Ready To Play

10:13 Minute Video: She's the epitome of the cute, young blonde. Sassy, spunky, likes to play, and looks socute in tight steel bondage. Especially when it's chains wrapped around her wrists. And elbows, pulling them as if they were welded together. Another chain pulling her ankles up to her cute bubble butt, holding them in a frogtie. That ducttape gag is like the cork in a bottle of champagne, keeping the bubbles in, but knowing what's inside. He's also ready to play even more games. So is she.
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Sharon - Rude Awakening (HD)

4:36 Minute HD Video: He often left her tightly tied all day. Somehow she had gotten used her elbows being pulled together hard; her wrists and ankles bound together, hogtied; even her thumbs and toes tied. And ballgagged. To the point that she could drift off to sleep. Waking up was the tough part, especially when it was to the feel of the leather riding crop smacking hard against her butt. Hogtied. Ballgagged. She didn't have a choice. Yet even if she did, she wouldn't change any of it. Not for a moment.
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Tamara - It Just Isn't Fair

6:11 Minute Video: She would have rocked his world, a night he would not have forgotten. Instead he bound her legs into a frogtie, tightly tied her hands over her head, forcing her head down into a submissive position. Ducttape gagged her. Then told her that she would spend the night that way. Soon she began trying to rub her legs together to get the orgasm that she needed, that she craved. But the only thing that happened was that her sexual engine went beyond the point she thought possible. And her mind started to go crazy
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Brittany and Vicki - Trying To Escape - Again

10:14 Minute Video: They had been someplace that they didn't belong, snooping around the new neighborts apartment. And our two young damwsels got busted, caught. His response - to tie both of them in brutal reverse prayer bondage and to tell them that he would have MORE for them when he returned. Which meant that they HAD to get out of there!. Brittany, on the floor in a reverse prayer hogtie, was of little help. At least Vicki could move around. Do they make it? Are they able to escape?
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Brittany and Vicki - Trying To Escape

10:50 Minute Video: He had them both tightly bound and gagged; Brittany on the floor, her elbows yanked together hard in a tight hogtie; Vicki's wrists pulled up behind her back in a brutal reverse prayer, her legs frogtied, an o-ring gag pullted tight in her mouth. Impossible bondage. But they still had to escape. Vicki pulling on the rope binding her friend with her teeth as best she could with the o-ring gag, other times trying to lean down into Brittany to get at the ropes with her fingers. Did they succeed?
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