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Jenni - Rude Awakening (HD)

9:27 Minute HD Video: She'll have plenty of time to figure out how he got into her bedroom. The way he had tied her - a brutal shibari hogtie and a rope gag - she wasn't going anywhere, not for a while. It's not that she wasn't struggling - she was. But the way that he had bound her wrists and ankles, and pulled her elbows close together, not only meant that he knew how to make sure that she didn't get loose. Why her? That's what she wanted to find out. Maybe she would; probably not. (Interactive HD vid clip)
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Marta - Trussed Hard And Tight (HD)

5:03 Minute HD Video: The ropes wrapped tight around her young body. Her bound wrists pulled up over her head, another rope tied to her crossed ankles. Also pulled tight. She could barely move. Which meant that her body was a good target - for the riding crop. And even though she craves the bondage, it didn't matter whether this was something that she wanted or not. He would do whatever he wanted to do. Whenever he wanted to do it.
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Lorri - He Can Do Whatever He Wants (HD)

5:54 Minute HD Video: She's his Daddy's girl - which means that he can do whatever he wants to her, any time that he wants to do it. Especially when it involves bondage. Wrapping the ropes around her young body and her exposed breasts. Then nearly tossing her on the bed, finishing up with a hogtie. Watching her struggle, listening to the whimpers soon becoming moans. She wants to let him know that there's one more thing she wants him to do. And soon.
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Foxy - Bound In Chains

10:13 Minute Video: The cute young blonde spends more than her share of time in bondage. And enjoying every minutes of it.This time in chains. Pulled so tight that her elbows are touching. Her crossed ankles yanked up into a hogtie. Ducttape gagged, the only noise is those whimpering sounds. How long will he leave her like this. And what will he do next?
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Valerie - She Got What She Wanted - What She Paid For

6:43 Minute Video: It was what she wanted. Bound. Ballgagged. Struggling. Whimpering. And unable to escape. She paid him to do it to her. And to be able to see herself in the mirror. The way he had left her. Would he return to release her? She didn't really care. It was what she paid for. And she was going to enjoy it. Every moment of it.
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Carissa Montgomery - A Way To Quit Smoking - Bondage!

3:22 Minute Video: She said that she would do anything to quit smoking. He had the perfect plan, a fool-proof way. Regardless of how much she wanted to have that cigarette, he guaranteed that she would not have it. What he didn't tell her was that she wouldn't be able to have it. Her wrists would be bound behind her back, her ankles also bound, then hogtied. And ducttape gagged. She had to admit that he was right.
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Jenni - WakeUp Call From Hell (HD)

9:42 Minute HD Video: She told him to wake her up in the morning. It sounded simple to her. Except he wasn't the type to be told anything. And he decided that it would be a wakeup call she would remember for a long time. Grabbing her wrists, yanking her arms back quick and hard, then beginning what would be tight bondage. Her wrists, her elbows and her ankles. A ballgag pulled tight into her mouth. Good morning, Jenni, and welcome to hell.
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Tanya - The First Time - But Not The Last (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: She was a bondage virgin, experiencing her first time in tight bondage. The ropes pulled tight, her elbows touching. Ankles crossed, then pulled up into a hogtie. Ballgagged. The harder she struggled, the more it sent wave after wave through her body, pushing her sexual engine into high gear. And her lips, wrapped around the ballgag, began to form a smile, she knew that she would want more. And soon.
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Patricia - He Didn't Want To Be Disturbed (HD)

4:56 Minute HD Video: This was his time to enjoy his favorite sport - basketball - on his new mega-screen HD TV. Okay, she had dressed in a cute outfit, especially those bright red high heels. But it's priorities - and basketball comes first, at least for now. So she ended up face down on the bed, hogtied, ballgagged, and even with lots of struggling still not going anywhere. Not right now. And not until tonight's game was done. IF his favorite time won,it might ben an interesting night. If his team lost - she didn't even want to think about that.
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Nancy - Not Going Anywhere - Not Now, Not Even Soon

4:36 Minute HD Video: She wasn't sure why he did this. But it didn't matter, he did it. He had her on the floor, bound tight and hard, her wrists and ankles pulled up in a near-hanging hogtie. And ballgagged. Pulling against the ropes, Struggling hard. Trying to escape. All without success. Soon beginning to wonder how long he was going to keep her this way. And what he had planned next for her. But neither really matters; she would stay that way as long as he wanted her to.
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Lorri - The Training Of A Daddy's Girl (HD)

5:06 Minute HD Video: She's learning, as a Daddy's girl that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. And she's also learning to accept that. Bound on the bed, ducttape gagged. Her body - and the sole of her feet - exposed to the riding crop. When she tries to resist, he uses more rope to tie her toes then pull her feet down, making them more of a target, the room filling with the sounds of the leather striking her body and her whimpering and yelping noises. Yes, it's what he wants to do. And what she wants him to do.
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Roxanna - A Surprise She Didn't Expect (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: He promised her a surprise. Something she wouldn't expect. It began with a shibari suspension hogtie; but when he added the blindfold - she wouldn't be able to see what was happening - it added to the eroticism of the moment. And then he began. The teasing, touching any part of her body. Following by the tickling and the erotic, sexual torment. The sounds she made were at first whimpes, then moving on to moans as her sexual engine moved faster and faster. And eventually over the erotic cliff.
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Katia - She Knew What He Wanted Her To Do (HD)

7:34 Minute HD Video: When she awoke and found herself on the floor, it wasn't long before she realized what he wanted her to do. Her hands tied in front, pulled down between her legs. The same spot that was getting very warm, very wet, from the bondage; he knew that the bondage would do this to her. He wanted her to rub her own hands between her legs. She was tempted, even more so when her fingers brushed that special spot. But she continued to try to keep her fingers away. And though she wanted her own sexual satisfaction, she wouldn't give him his by watching her do what he wanted her to do.
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Marta - From Brutal Shibari Bondage To The Whip And Riding Crop (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Video: He began her torment with brutal shibari-style bondage. Face down on the bed, a bamboo pole holding her arms. Her ankles crossed. And hogtied. She could barely struggle, though that didn't stop her from trying. What the bondage also did was make her young body a target for his evil actions. From the whip to the riding crop. Teasing, some tickling, and definitely erotic torment. And what may have surprised her but didn't surprise him was that she was enjoying every moment of it (Interactive HD vidclip).
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Katia - There's Nothing She Could Do To Stop Him (HD)

7:09 Minute HD Video: Even if she wanted to - and she's not sure. Laying face down on the floor, her arms bound to her sides, tied tight to the wooden pole. Her legs spread wide and her ankles pulled up into a frogtie. And her bubble butt fully exposed. The thong panties didn't help, they barely covered her. Worse, because they were already soaked. She wasn't a virgin. But she had never been taken this way, from behind. And if that was what he wanted to do, there was nothing she could do. Except enjoy it.
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Nancy - Her First Time - But It Wouldn't Be The Last (HD)

4:55 Minute HD Video: She had heard about it - bondage but it had to be tight, it couldn't be something that she could easily escape. And that's what she got. Her wrists bound, her elbows pulled together tight and hard. Bound ankles. Hogtied. And a ducttape gag. At first she was quiet. Feeling her way through the ropes, struggling. But then it began, slowly. The warmth running through her body. The arousal. And soon the soft whimpers.
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