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Erin - He Put His Toy Away For The Night (HD)

5:16 Minute HD Video: That's what you do with toys when you're done playing with them. That's what her Daddy did with her when he was done teasing and tormenting her, he put her away. In the closet with everything else. Nearly naked, brutally bound with her legs pulled up into the air, o-ring gagged. And aroused. Very aroused, so much that the storage room was quickly filling with the scent of a young woman. A very frustrated young woman.
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Roxanna - On Her Way To Riding Crop Hell (HD)

5:21 Minute HD Video: Beginning with a shibari suspension hogtie. Her body hanging from the ceiling hook. The only thing she could do was spin around and whimper. But she soon learned that something would be different. And she was right. She knew that when she saw the riding crop - possibly the nastiest piece of leather she had ever seen- being pressed against her face, She had no doubt that she would feel it, and hear it's smacking sound - on other parts of her young body. (InteractiveHD vidclip)
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Gwen - She Felt Both Ends Of The Riding Crop (HD)

5:19 Minute HD Video: There are several things that she craves: one is brutal shibari suspension bondage. The other is the riding crop, the feel of the leather crop smacking against her soft skin and the sound that it makes pushes her sexual engine into high gear. But he did more, the other end of the crop pushed up hard between her legs, sliding it back and forth, nearly ending up inside her. All of it nearly pushing her over the edge of sexual insanity.
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Erin - Her Wet Warm Mouth Waiting For Him (HD)

5:16 Minute HD Video: She called him her Daddy. An older man who she adored; there's nothing that she wouldn't do for him. Like waiting for him. Sitting on the floor, her wrists pulled up behind her back in a painful reverse prayer, her legs crossed bound. An o-ring ballgag pulled tight into her sweet mouth, forcing her to keep her mouth wide open.. Which mean lots of drooling. Lots warmth. Her young body so close to that sexual explosion. A very horny little girl waiting to satisfy him. She hoped it would be soon.
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Roxanna - Wrong Place But The Right Stuff (HD)

5:22 Minute HD Video: This wasn't where she was supposed to be. It was the wrong place, the wrong address. But he didn't know that; he thought that she had come to enjoy his brand of teasing, ticking and erotic torment. And there wasn't anything she could do about it. A brutal shibari suspension hogtie. Ballgagged. Unable to do anything to stop him from doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted to do it. With his hands. And with the riding crop.
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Kimberly - She Got What She Paid For (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: He had done his job well. She got what she wanted, what she paid for. Tight - no escape! - bondage. The ropes wrapped around her young body, shibari style. Hogtied. And ballgagged. And now she will wait until her husband comes home. They're a young married couple but it seemed that already the excitement had gone out their sex life. She knew in a few moments that the bondage would - and did - arouse her, she would anything he wanted her to do. Whether he untied her first or not.
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Patricia - Pushing Her In To Riding Crop Hell (HD)

5:19 Minute HD Video: As if the shibari suspension hogtie wasn't enough, exposing her body to whatever erotic torment and teasing that he wanted to do. But there was much that he wanted to do. And would do. This time he used the riding crop on her, not only the whipping leather end, smacking her body, but using the hard handle in ways that she could not have imagined. Yet none of that was the problem. The problem was that she was enjoying it. Every moment of it. And wanted more. (Interactive HD Vidclip)
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Marta - Brutal Shibari Bondage - And A Riding Crop (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She thought that all it would be was the brutal shibari bondage. Her wrists pulled up over her head, another piece of rope pulled tight in her mouth as a gag, More rope pulled across her eyes, a blindfold from hell. Her legs frogtied. She knew that there would be no escape. It couldn't get worse. It did. The moment she felt the tip of the riding crop smacking hard against her soft young skin, she knew that no matter how bad she thought it was, it had gotten worse. (Interactive HD vidclip)
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Roxanna - Not What She Wanted But What She Needed (HD)

5:18 Minute HD Video: She wanted tight shibari suspension bondage; it sent her sexual engine into high gear. He knew that. But what she didn't know - until she was bound and suspended - was that she would get more. More teasing, tickling, sexual torment. His hand around his throat. Yanking hard on her hair, Grabbing, teasing, squeezing her nipples. Doing everything to push her to the sexual edge - to the paint that she is struggling harder than she has struggled ever before. (Interactive 5+ HD vidclip)
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Katerina - She Was The Party (HD)

4:55 Minute HD Video: She thought she'd spend the weekend the right way. Invited to a party. And she always enjoys parties. Except this one, when she quickly found out that she was the entertainment. Beginning with her wrists, ankles and elbows bound. Ducttape gagged. And a very brutal hair hogtie. Trying to escape. Struggling, whimpering, and moaning. Soon realizing that the party had just begun.
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Erin - She Didn't Know What She Did Wrong (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: She's a Daddy's girl, she adores older men. When she finds one - like him - she does everything she can to please him, to make him happy. But the way he had bound her - very unforgiving chains, her elbows yanked together hard and tight, hogtied, an over-sized ballgag jammed into her mouth - she was sure that she had done something wrong, She didn't know what it was; she was sure at some point he would tell her.
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Christy - She Thought It Was A Game (HD)

3:13 Minute HD Video: It wasn't. The ropes, the duct tape. The way that she was bound - the brutal bondage - forced to stay up on her toes, the elbow rope pulled up to a ceiling hook forcing her arms up into a strappado-style position, and the ducttape gag meant that there would be no escape. Barely even any struggling, only the whimpering noises from behind the gag meant that she was in trouble. And she had no idea when - or if - he was coming back
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Gwen - Brutal Shibari Bondage - And A Riding Crop (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: During the day she was the boss, the bitch in charge. She came to him to be treated like a submissive slut. To be tightly bound and sexually tormented. Tonight he had a surprise for her. Not only was she bound - tight brutal shibari suspension bondage - but she would be introduced to the riding crop. And feel its sting, its pain, all over her body. The sounds she was making from the moment that she first saw the riding crop told him that she didn't want him to stop. (Interactive HD video)
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Erin - It's What He Wants - It's What She Wants, Too (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: She's the epitome of the Daddy's girl; she adores older men. And when she finds a special one, there is nothing she won't let him do. Like now, her wrists pulled up into a brutal reverse prayer, held not by rope but by unforgiving chains. Chains that will leave marks on her soft, young skin. Her legs pulled up into a chain frogtie position. A huge, oversize-ballgag jammed into her waiting and willing mouth. And waiting, willing, for whatever he wants to do next.
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Katerina - The Bondage Made It Tough, The Riding Crop Made It Hell (HD)

5:20 Minute HD Video: It was going to be a tough day for her. On the floor, a tight shibari bondage hogtie, ducttape gagged. And finding out about his newest torment toy - the riding crop - as he uses it on her soft young body. The smacking sounds and the whimpers filled the room. And he has one more surprise for her - it's not just the leather crop end that works its way across her young body. He also shows her how he can use the handle. And make her squeal! (Interactive full screen HD vidclip)
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Lorri - Struggling Hard (HD)

5:02 Minute HD Video: It's what he does. He ties her in tight bondage. Her arms yanked back hard, her elbows touching. Her feet crossed, then pulled up into a hogtie. And ballgagged. And it what she does. Struggling hard, trying to escape from the ropes. Knowing that she won't. But also knowing that the ropes and the struggling do something else to her - it pushes her young, sexual engine into high gear. And there's nothing that she can do about it. Except hope that he never finds out how much she enjoys it.
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