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Deidre - Her Only Protection Was Her Thong Panties (HD)

6:20 Minute High Definition Video: She was in trouble. She knew it and there was nothing she could do about it. All she had on was her thong panties. Nothing else. Which meant that her near-perfect young breasts and her rock hard nipples were exposed. The bondage, and the desperation of her position, kicked her sexual engine into high gear. So the struggling and whimpering became erotic movement and moans. As if she wanted more. Because she did.
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Albi Rose - Please Don't Leave Me This Way (HD)

7:21 Minute High Definition Video: That's what she would have said as he walked out the door. Except for the o-ring gag pulled tight in her mouth. She would have chased after him. Except for the bondage. She would have said anything, done anything, to keep from being left this way. Struggling and whimpering wouldn't help, though that's what she did. Plus closing - and locking - her apartment door would also have helped. Especially since he left the door not only unlocked but wide open. To be found by anyone.
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Lysann - She Knew That She Was In Trouble (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It was the way that he left her; nearly naked, wearing only her thong panties, stockings and high heels, her wrists and elbows yanked together hard then pulled up into a strappado, a massive ballgag jammed into her mouth. And in his storage area. No one else around; everyone probably gone for the day, no one could near her whimpering, her moaning. He said that he'd be back. At first she wanted released, untied. But she's now beginning to want something else. Now.
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Jessica - She Wanted More Than Just The Bondage (HD)

7:27 Minute High Definition Video: The bondage was always a good beginning. It got her young sexual engine rolling into high gear. The whimpering became moaning, the struggling became trying desperately to rub her body against the floor, against anything, that would give her the friction that she needed. And he also - every time - left her like this. But eventually he gave her what she needed, craved, desired, what she had to have. She just hoped that she didn't have to wait too long
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Dolly - Jacuzzi Time Is Supposed To Be Relaxing (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: This one wasn't. He had made sure of that. Tied tightly with the thin rope; often impossible to get loose, making it wet made it worse. Her elbows pulled back hard; her bound ankles had been pulled up into a hogtied. At least maybe he would just let her lay in the Jacuzzi, no matter whether it was comfortable or not (it wasn't). That was until she felt the cold water spray on her hot young body.. She was sure there would be no relaxation, only torment.
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Katerina - Not Without A Struggle (HD)

9:07 Minute High Definition Video: It was supposed to be a relaxing day. It changed quickly; by then it was too later. He had grabbed her, forcing her to the ground. But she wasn't going to let it happen - whatever he had planned - not without struggling. Kicking. trying to pull herself away from him. Even folding her hands beneath her young body, knowing that the moment he could grab onto her wrists it was all over. But it was more than she could handle.
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Albi Rose - A Learning Experience (HD)

7:15 Minute High Definition Video: Anyone would think that being hogtied, her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer a ballgag jammed into her mouth wasn't a good thing. But that would mean that they didn't know her at all. She's a young college student who enjoy research. Not just books but experiences. So when she read about bondage, it got her interest. She had to find out what it felt like to be unable to escape, for someone else able to do whatever they wanted to do, whenever they wanted to do it.
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Malika - Is He Coming Back? (HD)

5:20 Minute High Definition Video: That's what she began to wonder as she hung from her bound wrists. Her ankles tied, a ballgag jammed into her mouth, and her perky young breasts fully exposed. She had tried everything to escape, including lifting her feet off the floor to use all of her body weight to pull against the ropes and the metal bar. But nothing was working. She also began to wonder what he would do if he did come back? What would he do? She'd find out, whether she wanted to or not.
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Hannah - Stuck - But Enjoying It (HD)

7:12 Minute High Definition Video: It happens to her a lot; she ends up in bondage. How she got that way often doesn't matter. All that matters is she does. The ropes pulled tight against her soft, young skin. Hogtied. Ballgagged. And then struggling, whimpering, soon moaning. Because she enjoys it. She likes it, craves it, would not want it any other way. Especially when she gets to see herself in the mirror. Not knowing what is coming next. But hoping.
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Bianca - What She Wanted, What She Needed (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: From the grin on her face, from her lips wrapped around the ballgag to her constantly leaning forward, thrusting her butt up into the air, she left little doubt what she wanted. She wanted to feel him, hard and between her legs. Not later. Not even soon. But now. She had no doubt that she was looking and acting like a submissive slut. But right now that's what she was. And she was his. Whenever he was ready.
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Lady Carolina - She Decided To Challenge Him (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: She had heard how he would grab the young damsels; they'd end up in brutal bondage, tightly tied, gagged, then teased, tickled and sexually tormented. She told him that she had decided that he needed a challenge, She would let him tie her any way that he wanted, jam his largest ballgag into her mouth, and then do whatever he wanted. What she didn't expect was that he would push her sexual arousal button hard. Until her sounds became moans of ecstasy.
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Bianca - She Didn't Want To Be Found This Way (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: There's good side and a bad side about being a trophy wife. The good side is that she can get almost anything she wants. The bad side is that she can get almost anything she wants - including young men when she gets bored. And that's how it started. A night of wild sex, including bondage sex. But then something went wrong, maybe her attitude took over. But whatever it was, he left her this way. Hogtied and ballgagged. In her own bedroom. And waiting to be found by her husband.
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Katerina - Surrendering Herself To Him (HD)

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: He doesn't have to find his prey anymore, they now come looking for him. And his brand of bondage with teasing, tickling and sexual torment. She began long ago as one of his victims, she is now one of his clients, maybe even one of his submissive sluts. Willingly letting herself be put into tight - often brutal - rope bondage. And surrendering herself, and her young body, to whatever he wants to do to her. Sure of what he will probably do; knowing what she wants him to do.
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Sophie - Paying The Rent Might Have Been Better (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Bondage Video: It's what every college student does - tries to save some money. When her landlord said that he had a way for her to save money on the rent, she jumped at it. She wouldn't be jumping at much else, not for a while. Hogtied on the floor, her wrists - and elbows - pulled back hard. Ballgagged. Her emotions, her sounds, ranging from struggling and whimpering to erotic moans of pleasure to crying, the sound of tears. .Maybe, at some point, she'd begin to enjoy it.
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Shelia - The Perils Of Babysitting (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It didn't take her long to realize that it was a set-up. She wasn't sure where the rope came from; but she knew where the ballgag came from - it was hers and it had been in her purse. And that comment about them wanting her to learn the ropes, she already knew enough to be sure that they were tight and that she wasn't getting loose until someone untied her. What she wanted was to meet the person who tied them, Someone who might realize that she enjoyed this, she did it all the time.
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Patricia - Why Did You Let Them Do This To Me?

5:02 Minute High Definition Video: She liked older men; but there was much that she didn't understand. Which is why he let her be taken. And then to be left alone, to wait for someone to return. Maybe him. Maybe someone else. She went from struggling, to desperation, to sobbing and tears. She felt alone, abandoned, by the man she knew as her protector. What she didn't know was that he was watching over her the entire time. And that this was just part of her training.
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