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Natalie - More Kinds Of Torment (HD)

10:18 Minute High Definition Video: Tight bondage - suspension - is but one kind of torment. Bound in ways she didn't expect; the rope from her feet, her toes, to the rope gag is another. When she tries to straighten her leg, it pulls hard on the rope, yanking her head back. Tickling is another. Especially when she can barely move, when she can't get away from the teasing fingers; when she laughs, she pulls on the suspension rope A night of erotic teasing and torment. Wondering what more he has in his evil mind.
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Sophie - He Said It Would Be Brutal (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: He was right. The thin rope cutting into her soft young skin. It was going to leave marks that would last for a while. Her legs frogtied. Her wrists pulled up into something like a chicken-wing, her arms pulled together just above her elbows, her wrists bound to her side. The rope gag - pulled tight around her mouth, then another piece of that same thin rope tied from the gag to her bound arms, pulling her head back, Cutting the edges of her mouth. Yet even this wasn't the bad part.
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Foxy - The Tight Ropes Were Waiting For Her

5:13 Minute Video: It was a surprise, we hadn't been expecting her when she showed up. She came from work; that was the reason for the way she was dressed: white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and high heels. Which is also when we wondered how many people in her office knew that she had a long line of fans who wanted nothing more than to see her tied and gagged. When she saw the rope and the ducttape, she gave a smile - as if she was seeing a lover from a long time ago.
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Katerina - No Way Out (HD)

5:14 Minute High Definition Video: He didn't want her going anywhere, he made sure that wouldn't happen. Hanging in tight bondage suspension. Ballgagged. She knew that she should struggle but in the back of her mind was the fear of what would happen if - somehow - the hemp ropes came loose too quickly. Maybe it was the bondage, or perhaps the fear, that this was turning her on, her young sexual engine pushed to its peak. And beyond. Her whimpers quickly becoming moans.
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Bianca - Before He Comes Back

5:31 Minute High Definition Video: She's got to get loose before he comes back. The way he left her - on the floor, tight rope bondage, a ballgag jammed into her mouth, her legs frogtied, and her top pulled down exposing her breasts - said it all to her. He wasn't done yet. It would be bad. But her body made it worse; her erect nipples would say to him that she was aroused, enjoying this. He wouldn't - for a moment - give a thought that danger might be arousing. No, he wouldn't think about it.
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Roxanna - Her Nightmare Could Easily Come True (HD)

4:16 Minute HD Bondage Video: Suspended from the wooden frame, her hands and feet bound, a huge ballgag jammed into her mouth. Her young body swinging back and forth. He had grabbed her hair, pulled her to one side, then let her body roll around in the bondage suspension. He even grabbed her by the throat, forcing her to gasp for air; usually tough but even worse with the mouth-filling ballgag. But her biggest nightmare was was that she was enjoying this brutal torment. Every minute of it.
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Erin - She Wants To Use Her Mouth For Something Else (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Bondage Video: Without a doubt, the epitome of a submissive slut. She's willing to do anything for her him, whatever he wants. She willingly let him bind her - tightly - on the floor. And had opened her mouth wide for a nasty ballgag. But if you watch her, if you listen to the noises that she is making - those moans, those whimpering sounds - and watch as she rolls around on the floor, you know what she wants. To use her warm, wet mouth for something else. And when she wants to do it. Now.
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Sammi - It's Not A Dream But It IS A Nightmare

10:11 Minute Bondage Video: Struggling, not only to get loose from the ropes - her hands behind her back, her elbows yanked together hard, hogtied, an o-ring gag jammed into her mouth - but to remember how she got this way. On the floor, alone in a strange room. And drooling. A lot. The o-ring gag forced her mouth wide open, the drool nearly came pouring out. Her mouth - not just wet but soaked, and definitely warm - would make a target for him. Who did this to her? And what will he do next?
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Jessica - It Was Not What She Expected (HD)

3:16 Minute HD Bondage Video: It was worse. She'd have thought she would have learned by now to be careful what she said to him, especially with what he done before. Telling him that he could do anything he wanted to her was a big mistake He had bound her - suspended, hanging not even by her feet but by one foot - nearly naked, her breasts exposed, unable to protect her young body. Ballgagged. And, at this moment, alone in the room. But he would be back, she also knew what he had planned.
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Nikita - Discovery The Sexual And Sensual Side Of Bondage

5:16 Minute HD Bondage Video: Each time she discovered something new. First that this thing called bondage wasn't easy. The struggling was hard. The next that it aroused her, probably more than anything else she had ever experienced. This time that she wanted, needed, for her body to be caressed. To be touched. Even if she had to do it herself. It wasn't something that she could easily do herself. Especially the way he had left her on the floor, hogtied and ballgagged. But that didn't stop her from trying.
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Scarlett - Scarlett Fever

5:10 Minute HD Bondage Video: Every so often a new damsel - a bondage virgin - wanders into our life. Into our studio. And into our ropes. She was one of those who had heard about what we do, and decided that she wanted to try it. We were supposed to say no? In less than a few moments, we could tell that she was enjoying it, every moment. Struggling, whimpering, rolling around on the floor. Teasing, enticing, pausing for a brief moment to look at herself in the mirror. The look in her eyes saying that there was so much more that she wanted to do, needed to do.
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Carissa Montgomery - Naked Hogtie

4:42 Minute Bondage Video: Hogtied. Ballgagged. Naked. A rope pulled tight between her legs in the front and between those bubble butt cheeks. Watching as she struggles, rolling around on the floor, pulling the crotch rope even tighter. Making those whimpering - and moaning - noises from behind the mouth-filling ballgag. What do you think that she wants? Untied is, of course, one of the options. But we think that the bondage and the tight crotch rope is making her think about something else.
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Carissa Montgomery - It's Party Time

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She was invited to a fetish party. So she showed up wearing as little as possible, plus those high-heeled leather boots. What she didn't realize until it was too late was that SHE was the party! A single sleeve holding her arms tight bhind her back, leather straps completing the bondage. Ducttape gagged. But as struggled, rolling back and forth on the floor, those whimpering sounds quickly became moans of erotic ecstacy, it became clear that she was enjoying it. And wanted more!
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Erin - Anything For Him (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She would do anything. Especially letting him tie her in brutal bondage, a painful hogtie position, a ballgag pulled tight into her mouth. Struggle, whimper, moan just for him. And when her mouth is ready - the drool from the ballgag, her mouth warm, wet, and waiting for him - to not only let him do what he wants to do next. But to have him do it. Not soon. But now. But that's another story. For another time.
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Polina - Anything Could Happen (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: Only part of it was how he left her. Hanging, suspended, from the horizontal metal bar. Her wrists tightly bound. Hemp rope around her midsection and her legs. Balgagged. Nearly exposed, wearing only her thong panties. The other part - the apartment door not only unlocked, but wide open. Anyone could walk in, see her there, and think that it was an invitation to do whatever they might want. IIt should scare her. It did. But it also aroused her.
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Carmen, Lilith and Katerina - The Night Of The Double Ballgag

24:08 Minute Video: It's 23+ minutes of tight bondage and erotic torment featuring three of our damsels and what they have in common, ending up in tight bondage - whether their wrists are behind their back and elbows pulled back hard and tight or their wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer - and ballgagged. Double ballgagged. You can hear those whimpering sounds become moans of ecstasy. And the struggling becomes erotic movement of their young bodies rubbed against each other
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