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Albi Rose - A Long Day And Even Longer Night (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: A simple She wanted her boyfriend to learn about bondage, to discover how much she enjoyed it. To find her this way. Tight bound, a hogtie like no other, ballgagged, struggling, whimpering, very possibly moaning. Until her boyfriend came home. But when she heard the phone and the phone message he was stuck in town all day and through late evening, that he would stop by the next morning - is when she knew she was in trouble.
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Erin - Teased and Tormented (HD)

5:21 Minute High Definition Video: He knew too much about her; he knew that she was submissive - to him. He knew that she was a bondage slut, that she enjoyed being tied and gagged. Struggling. Whimpering. And he enjoyed teasing and sexually tormenting her with this knowledge. He had tied her hands above her head, in a way that she couldn't even think about touching any part of her own body. Her legs frogtied, she could rub her thighs together, but that only made it worse. Just like he knew it would. She knew what she wanted him to do. The question was would he do that? And when? She hoped it would be soon.
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Gwen - What She Wants, What She Needs, Now (HD)

5:20 Minute High Definition Video: Tight bondage does it to her every time. It pushes her young sexual engine to its limits. But this - suspension - pushed her harder and faster than she has even been before. Until tonight she could handle it. She's not sure about this, as she bounces in the hemp ropes wrapped around her body. She has now become his submivvis slut, there's nothing that she wouldn't let him do after this. Just as long as should could do one thing. And do it now.
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Erin - He Usually Didn't Give Her A Lot Of Choices

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: This time she had none. As tight, as brutal, as it had ever been this one was worse. Her young body almost folded in half - her wrists and elbows pulled tightly, her legs pulled up against her chest, a huge ballgag forced into her usually willing and waiting mouth. Se couldn't move. Not at all. Struggling was out of the questions; but she still tried. Hard. There was only one thing that could happen. And it did.
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Katerina - The Way He Wants Her - On Her Knees

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It was going to be a long night. And before it was done, it would go from whimpering and moaning to sexual torment, and maybe even on to bondage sex. She knew what he wanted, beginning with her being his submissive little slut. On her knees, her arms pulled up into a brutal strappado. Her elbows yanked together hard and tight. A ballgag jammed into her mouth. She would stay that way until he returned.
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Roxanna - A Bondage Virgin In Hair Hogtie Hell (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She thought she knew what hell was, Until she was brutally introduced to a hair hogtie. Her wrists and ankles bound. O-ring gagged. Her hands flailing. Tugging on the rope between her hair and her ankles. Even glancing over at the mirror, trying to get a look at her own bondage predicment. This wasn't what she thought it would be, this thing called bondage But whatever it was, she wanted more.
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Lilith, Juiana & Sammi - Double Ballgag

27:32 Minute High Definition Video: The first of a series of vidclips featuring three of our damsels - Lilith, Juliana and Sammi - recalling their introduction to the man who was simply known as the K+dhapper. Watching him bind them tightly, two of them eventually ending up gagged, face to face, with the double ballgag. No hopes of escape; all they could do - all they did - was struggle, whimper and moan. The way he wanted them to be. And - if the truth be known - the way that they wanted to be.
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Jessica and Natalie - It's What They Both Wanted (HD)

5:22 Minute High Definition Video: The two roommates did lots of things together. But even in their wildest erotic dreams they couldn't believe this would have happened. Jessica was bound, her arms - and her legs! - spread wide. Natalie was hogtied on the floor, her head bound and pulled between Jessica's wide open legs. There was nothing they could do. Almost nothing. Natalie rubbing her ballgagged mouth back and forth. Jessica desperately wanting to pull Natalie's her ballgagged mouth to ... you get the idea.
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Erin - The SOB Left Me This Way (HD)

4:11 Minute High Definition Video: That's what she would say, to anyone who would listen. If she could. The ballgag kept her from making any noises except those whimpering sounds. And if there was anyone else in the room. There wasn't anyone to hear her, which also meant that there wasn't anyone there to untie her. She kept telling herself that she didn't know why he did this. Okay, maybe she did; she was the epitome of a brat. One time too many. Yes, it was going to be a long night.
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Bianca and Tiri - he Trophy Wife's Step-Daughter Learned Her Lesson (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: Bianca was definitely a gorgeous young trophy wife. The second wife of an older man, who also had a young daughter, Tiri. Though not much younger than Bianca. After putting up with Tiri's disrespect, Bianca decided that it was time to take things into her own hands. Showing Tiri who was in charge of this mother-daughter relationship and introducing her to Bianca's style of training ... teasing, tickling and erotic torment.
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Alexa - The Harder She Struggles The Tighter It Got (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: At least that's how it felt to her. Yes, she was going to struggle to get loose. That's what she had to do. But every time she did it, it also felt like the ropes were getting tighter. Which meant that at some point, being both exhausted and sexually aroused from the tight bondage, she would tire of the struggling. But not right now, not yet. Eventually. But when that happened, he would be able to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Which began to sound like a good idea to her.
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Albi Rose - The Sounds OF Whimpering (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: He had bound her before - many times. But this time the hemp rope was tied in a way like never before - pulled tight into her mouth as a gag, across her face, her eyes, as a blindfold. She dare not say much for fear of the rope cutting the corners of her mouth; she dare not open her eyes - even though she craved seeing herself in the mirror - for fear of permanent damage. She wondered how long he was going to keep her this way. She wasn't sure how long she could last.
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Violet - Trying To Get Loose

10:16 Minute Video: Trying to figure out how to get loose from the tight, brutal ropes. Looking around as if someone was going to help her, struggling - HARD! - as if somehow, the ropes would fall. Looking over her shoulder, staring at the ropes, thinking that if she saw where the knots were she'd somehow be able to get to them. And, deep in her soul, the fear that if he would do this to her now, what would he do next? And would she enjoy it? She found herself silently nodding her head, yes.
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Erin - He Wasn't Done With Her Yet (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: He made it clear to her that he wasn't done with her. Not by a long shot. She had much more bondage, much more torment, to endure, in ways that she could not have imagined. Her young body bound, her legs frogtied, her wrists tied to her ankles. Ballgagged, Her body then lifted up off the floor, which made struggling nearly impossible. And as happened almost every time before, the whimpering slowly became moans.
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Bianca - She Thought It Was Time To Relax (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It had been a tough day and she was exhasted. All she wanted to do was to relax. Surprisingly, he agreed, even offering her a chair. And then proceeded to tie her; on the floor, her wrists pulled up hard, her legs frogtied, a ballgag jammed into her mouth. Yet it was still relaxing. She knew that struggling wouldn't do any good so she didn't even try. What she did do was to think about what he could do to her later. Hopefully soon.
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Albi Rose and Alexa - The Little Bitch Learns Her Lesson (HD)

10:15 Minute High Definition Video: Albi Rose had decided that it was time for her friend to learn a lesson. On the receiving end. She begins slowly, running her hands across Alexa's body, finding those tickling spots that make her jump. And those erotic spots that make her shiver, as her firm young body becomes more aroused. The torment continues until Alexa was within moments of a mind-blowing orgasm. Which is when Albi Rose must decide whether to push her over .. or let her hang on the edge.
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