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Albi Rose - Cooling Her Down (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: He knows what bondage does to her - it gets her young sexual engine rolling into high gear. But he wants it to last longer - a lot longer. Heat her up, and then cool her down. This is how he does it: she's hogtied in the water, ballgagged, struggling as best she can, the hot sexual arousal rolling through her body. And then the cold water spray. The worst part? There's nothing she can do about it, nothing at all. He likes it that way. She does, too!
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Hannah - Tied, Sexual Torment - And Enjoying Every Moment (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: She'll never tell him that's she's enjoying every moment of the bondage. Topless, her perky young breasts exposed, her arms spread wide. She can't even touch herself - which she wants to do. But the moment that he returns, he'll hear those whimpering sounds having become moans of frustration, so close to what she wants, yet still so far away, and see her soaked thong panties. He'll know what she wants. What she needs,. What she craves. And maybe give it to her.
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Sammi - It's Not The Usual Robbery (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: She knew that she was in trouble. He said he would leave her in the back room; eventually someone would find her. She thought that meant being locked in the room. She couldn't have been more wrong. He had stripped her of her blouse, showing off her very firm young breasts. Tied to the storage shelf. Struggling hard and making as much noise as she could from behind the tapegag. But she wasn't sure that she wanted to be discovered ...Tied, gagged, her breasts exposed, wearing only her skirt (she never wore panties). If and when someone came in, whoever it was could do whatever they wanted to her. It began to sound like a good idea.
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Albi Rose - She Didn't Have A Choice (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She had no doubt; this was how she was going to stay until he returned to release her. There wasn't a lot of rope but what was there was effective - and tight. Her wrists tied to her ankles, and then bound to a wooden bar, causing her body to arch. Ballgagged. And struggling. Why did he do this to her? She wasn't sure it mattered. He did it. What really mattered was what he was going to do next.
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Deidre - It Looks Like She's Beginning To Enjoy It (HD)

5:10 Minute High Definition Video: Forced to stand on her toes in the back room, riding that wooden rail, pressing against the wet spot between her legs, she was sliding back and forth, making those whimpering sounds. Soon she began to move more erotically, the whimpers becoming sexual moans. She knew what she wanted, needed, craved. She could feel her young body begin to shudder as she got closer. And her mind began to accept that she was enjoying the torment.
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Sabrina - An Erotic Dream - Or A Brutal Nightmare? (HD)

7:12 Minute High Definition Video: When she awoke, shaking the cobwebs from her mind, she quickly realized that she couldn't move. She soon discovered why: her wrists and elbows pulled back hard and tight. Her ankles crossed, bound, then pulled up into a hogtie. She couldn't make any noises other than those whimpering sounds. A ballgag had been pulled deep into her mouth How did this happen, why did it happen? The more important question: why was she enjoying this?
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Deidre - Now That He Had Her He Wasn't Going To Let Her Go (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: It began as a robbery. But it was becoming much more. She thought that once he was done with taking her things he would leave. But she hadn't planned this. It wasn't a lot of rope, but it was definitely a hogtie. What he made her wear - her clingy nightgown - made it even worse. It meant that it was going to be a long, brutal night. Struggling and whimpering probably wouldn't help. But she had to try .. she just had to.
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Jessica - The Whimpers Became Moans (HD)

5:31 Minute HD Video: He had grabbed off the street, brought to this backroom and then bound her young body. But he also had something else in mind, It was watching her sliding back and forth on the rope pulled tight between her legs. Two purposes: the most obvious to keep her on her toes. The second, to push her young body into sexual ecstasy. He could see it happening as the whimpering from the tight bondage began to sound more like moans. And as she began to ride the rope, slide back and forth, faster and faster. Heading for that orgasm that awaited her. That she wanted. And needed. Now.
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Dolly - Her Brutal Wakeup Call (HD)

10:13 Minute HD Video: When she called down to the front desk to leave a wakeup call, she had said that often it was difficult for her to hear the call. The male voice had promised her that it wasn't something that she would sleep through, that it would be very personal. Little did she know how right he was, and how brutal it was going to be. It began with him in the room, grabbing on to her young body. She struggled - hard - but she was no match for him. It wasn't long before she was hogtied, ducttape gagged, and hoping that this was all he had planned.
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Polina - No One's Going To Find Her (HD)

5:21 Minute HD Video: She had heard rumors about the Custodian, things that he did. She decided to find out for herself. What she found out - the hard way - was that he would strip them down to their panties, and then let them hang - bound tight - from a metal bar. Only muffled, whimpering sounds were possible - a ballgag had been jammed into her unwilling mouth. Her feet tied together, forcing her to stay up on her toes. The Custodian's secret? This back room was hidden from outside view. A place where no one's going to find her. Not now, not later. Maybe not ever.
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Albi Rose - In Trouble .. Again (HD)

7:11 Minute HD Video: There are two things about her. She can't stay out of: trouble. And also can't stay out of bondage. One just lead to the next one. Like it did tonight. She had other plans for the night. Wearing one of her sexiest outfits, plus thong panties and stockings. But it didn't help. And it didn't matter. This is how she would stay. On the floor. Tightly bound. Hogtied. Ballgagged. Exposed. Struggling hard, and whimpering. She'd stay that way until he returned. Whenever that was.
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Albi Rose - She Worried About Something Else (HD)

7:21 Minute High Definition Video: Yes, she worried about the burglar, about his taking her stuff, and about her laying on the floor, frogtied, ballgagged and struggling. Wearing only her panties - already soaked! and heels. If she moved much, her perky young breasts - and erect nipples - exposed. What she worried about even more was him finding her collection of brutal bondage magazines. The ones where the young gal was not only tied and teased, but tormented. Hard. She had to struggle, to get loose before he came back into the room. Because if he found those magazines he might decide that's what she wanted done to her. He might be right.
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Deidre - Robbery Gone Good (HD)

5:21 Minute High Definition Video: She realized how silly that might sound, but this was a robbery that took a turn for the better! She had let him hogtie her on the floor; apparently he knew a lot about ropes. That's all he had planned. But that was now lost on both of them. He was sure that her whimpering, and the way she moved her young body, meant that something else was going on. Something more erotic. That something much more valuable was waiting for him on the floor.
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Malika - What She Wanted (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: He had stripped her of her top, revealing her perky young breasts. And after tying her - her wrists pulled up into a brutal strappado - he had unbuttoned her jeans shorts. If she struggled too hard, and her jean short slid down even further - she hadn't even worn panties - it would expose her completely. He would see the glistening, the wetness, her sexual engine already in high gear. He would think that he knew what she wanted. He might be right.
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Hannah - He Could Do Anything (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: And there's nothing she could do to stop him. Yes, she liked bondage. Tight, no-escape bondage. And she definitely liked orgasms. But what he did - how he tied her - wasn't something she had planned or thought about. It had left her very vulnerable. Both her arms and her legs spread wide. And ballgagged, of course. She knew he would come back. He said he would. When he did he would notice - and smell - the effect of the bondage on her. The dampness growing between her legs. And the room filled with the scent of a very aroused young woman. She knew what she wanted him to do; she hoped that he would know it, too.
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Sabrina - Maybe She'll Learn To Behave (HD)

7:15 Minute High Definition Video: She couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. At least that's what her step-father thought. He told her not to run around the house dressed - as he put it - . like a slut. But that's what she did, again. Wearing only her black bra and thong panties. Once again she ended up on the floor. Brutal bondage. Her elbows yanked back hard and tight. Her wrists bound, her ankles tied to a wooden bar, and hogtied. And ballgagged. Left that way, to think about what she had done. To learn to behave. He hoped not.
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