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Carissa - Hooded Torment

3:18 Minute Video: She could handle the tight leather straps; she could even endure the horizontal ladder. But when he put the leather hood on her head - with the blindfold and the leather dildo gag inside - she thought her body was going to explode. She couldn't see or hear anything, she couldn't make any sounds. And she didn't know how long he planned to keep her this way. Or what he planned to do next.
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Hannah - Hannah's Bondage - And Orgasm (HD)

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: Bondage always winds up her young, sexual engine. Yet she rarely gets a chance to push it over the top. Tonight was different ... This time - even though she was bound to the chair and ballgagged - he tied her hands in front, she could then slide her fingers down inside her panties. And make her dreams come true. Bondage. And orgasm ... after orgasm ...after orgasm.
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Stark - He'll Take What He Wants - When He Wants It

5:39 Minute Video: It wasn't difficult for her to figure out why he had tied her as he did. What was difficult was getting loose from the ropes .. and, if she doesn't, stopping him from taking what he really wanted. It began as a robbery, until he found her magazines. Nasty magazines, where the bondage was only the beginning. The way she was tied, all he had to do was kneel on the bed, slide the crotch rope aside, rip off her panties and then do whatever he wanted. She had no doubt that would do that. Probably soon.
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Whitney - Revenge On The Bitch Boss

7:36 Minute Video: It all began when she got the supervisor's position. Yes, he was probably more qualified, but she got it anyhow. And he swore revenge. A late night meeting and she ended up on the floor of the conference room. How he got her this way wasn't important, just that he did. He would also find out - soon - that she craved giving up control. And wondered why it took him so long to figure it out
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Lysann - Torment - And It Will Probably Get Worse (HD)

5:18 Minute High Definition Video: Her firm young breasts were exposed, her arms pulled up to the point that she was forced to stand on her toes, her wrists bound tight, a huge0 ballgag jammed into her mouth, and clothes pins clamped on her nipples. Yes, it was tight bondage, but there was something about it. Maybe the brutality, maybe the almost gutter sounding laugh as he was leaving the backroom that told her that he wasn't done yet. He could do anything; there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Whatever it was.
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Katerina - It Was Simple: He Would Get What He Wanted

5:42 Minute Video: It was a simple plan. She would get She hired - as she usually did - someone to tie her tight and leave her on the bed. And then come back several hours later to release her. It didn't take a lot of work for him to be the person this time. He had tied her wrists and elbows hard and tied. Her ankles frogtied. Ballgaged her. And, yes, he would leave her like this for several hours. Which would push her young, sexual engine into high gear. But when he returned, it would not be to untie her. It would be to pull her body to the edge of the bed, spread her legs wider, rip off her thong panties. And then get what he wanted. A simple plan. And a devious one.
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Tess - Why Did You Do This To Me? (HD)

7:14 Minute High Definition Video: That's what her eyes asked, as she looked up at him. She had said that she wouldn't cause him any problems, that she wouldn't try to stop him. And that's what she thought he wanted. After all, he was just there to her apartment. Maybe. But definitely not after he found the magazines and the other toys - including the rope and the ballgag - in her bedroom. He knew that he had a cute but kinky little bitch on his hands. He intended to enjoy every mom rent of it.
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Gwen & Bella - It's What They Both Want

10:31 Minute Video: Bella not only enjoys tight bondage, she enjoys the teasing and torment. Especially when it's her best friend and sexual playmate, Gwen, doing it. First, the bondage on the floor, tied and ballgagged. Then Gwen unstrapping Bella's bra, feeling the softness of her body. But Bella then feels something sharp, something sometimes deadly. A knife. But this time used only to arouse Bella even more. Are her panties next to go? And will Gwen slide her hand, her fingers, beneath Bella's bound body. Maybe. Hopefully.
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Albi Rose - Bondage And Orgasms (HD)

5:25 Minute High Definition Video: It's what she wanted. To be tied ....ballgagged would be good, too ... and then having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. He had already, many times before, tied her in brutal bondage positions. Not only would she not escape, she would have no pleasure - other, than the bondage, which always had an effect on her young body. Today was different, she was tied, unable to move from the chair, but able to use her hands - and her fingers - in whatever way that she wanted. Which meant that it would only be moments before they found their way between her legs and inside her already soaked panties. It was going to be a long night - but a pleasurable night
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Sammi - It's Not How She Wanted To Be Found (HD)

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: She was in trouble - in more ways that one. Yes, she was tied. Tightly. Hogtied, her wrists and elbows pulled back hard. Ducttape gagged. On the floor, in front of the mirror, which meant that she could see herself, she could see how she looked. And how she would look when he came home. They were supposed to be private games. Her husband wasn't supposed to find out about it. But she wasn't going to get loose from the ropes. That wasn't supposed to happen, but it would. He wasn't going to understand. He might even be upset. That could be bad. But if he decided to discipline her ....this might turn out to be a good thing.
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Katerina - She Knew What He Wants To Do - What He's Going To Do

7:15 Minute Video: She loved it - she enjoyed it - when they played bondage games. She wanted him to tie her tightly, to make sure that she could not escape. But when he told her what else he wanted to do - that he wanted his sexual satisfaction by using her warm wet mouth - she made a sound that she knew at that moment was a mistake. He then calmly tied her to the bondage pole, the ropes tight around her young body, pulling the o-ring gag deep into her mouth, and fastening the metal collar around her soft neck. And left her that way to think abut what she knew he was going to do. And realize that there was nothing she could do about it.
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Hanna - She Could Do Whatever She Wanted, Whenever She Wanted (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: That's what she had announced at the breakfast table; it was the day of her 18th birthday. And she added that she could wear whatever outfit she wanted, too. Her step-father disagreed. And he showed her how much when she tried to leave the house wearing her shortest skirt, thong panties, and snap-open top. Moment later she was in his workroom, her hands pulled up high and bound tight, on her toes, a ballgag jammed into her young mouth, and forced up on her toes. And that top snapped open, showing off her perky young breasts. She wondered what he would do when he returned.
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Daylin - Once Was Enough (HD)

7:16 Minute Video: Bondage virgins show up all the time. They like the thought of their wrists bound, elbows yanked back hard and tight, hogtied, and ballgagged. It gets their young sexual engines running at height gear, She was one, sure what she wanted. Until she ended up on the floor, struggling, realizing that there would be no escape, no release, until he decided that it was time. By the end of the long night, barely able to move. And knowing that, for her, once WAS enough!
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Valerie - He Told Her It Would Hurt; He Was Right (HD)

7:16 Minute Video: Hemp rope wrapped tight around her wrists, elbows and ankles. Her crossed ankles yanked up into a hogtie. A ballgag pulled deep into her mouth She didn't know why he did this to her. What she did know was that every time she moved the ropes pulled tighter; she also knew that he was right; it was hurting her young body. And it would continue to do that, long after he removed the ropes.
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Bella & Polina - Bondage Play Time

10:17 Minute Video: It had been a long day for both of them.. But it wasn't over yet, not by a long shot The had plans. It was Polina's turn to be tormented. Bound to the chair, ballgagged, wearing only her bra and panties. Bella? She gets to do the teasing, tickly and tormenting. A long day. But tonight was going to be even longer.
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Albi Rose - Seeing Herself LIke Never Before (HD)

7:21 Minute High Definition Video: She was addicted to bondage- tight, often brutal, bondage. But this was different, something even more erotic than before. Yes, he had tied her to the vertical bondage bar, she even opened her mouth wide letting him strap the ballgag tight. But this time her young breasts were exposed, she could see that in the mirror. She could also see her nipples becoming firm, erect, hard. She knew what that meant - she wanted him to come back. Soon.
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