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Frances - Please F*ck Me (HD)

5:24 Minute High Definition Video: She's the epitome of the cute young blonde - looking very innocent. Until she ends up in tight, brutal bondage; then her young sexual engine goes into high gear. The white bra, thong panties, heels and ballgag only make it worse, AnNd it doesn't take for her whimpering them to become moans., grinding her hips into the floor, trying to get friction, maybe more from the wooden bar. She knows what she wants; after only a few moments. And she wants it now.
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Salomea - I Can't Take It Anymore (HD)

7:26 Minute High Definition Video: She was on the floor, face down, wearing only her black thong panties, and pressing hard against the wooden bar keeping her arms - and legs - spread wide. Her sounds, which had begun as moaning, were now moans, the sight of struggling. It then got to moaning, sliding her hips back and forth, pressing hard against the bar. She knew what she wanted. It didn't even involve getting loose from the bondage. And she wanted it now.
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Albi Rose - He Can Do Whatever He Wants (HD)

7:17 Minute High Definition Video: And there's nothing that she could do about it. Bound to the bondage platform, her arms tied to the corners, ropes pulling her legs up and spread wide. Ballgagged, Topless and exposed. The only clothing she had on was her white thong panties; those could be ripped off without no effort She also didn't know what was going on in her young, virgin body, her whimpers quickly becoming moans, her hips shifting back and forth, He could do whatever he wants. And she wished he would do that - soon,
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Salomea - She Didn't Think It Could Get Worse - It Did (HD)

7:29 Minute High Definition Video: They had played their bondage games before. He was back. And she was tightly bound on the floor, wearing only her panties. Hogtied. And ballgagged. The problem this time is that she was really enjoying it. She could feel her sexual engine quickly pushing up to high gear. And she knew that whoever came back - him or someone else - rolling her on her back would show that wet spot on her red panties. But she didn't care. She only cared about one thing, she only wanted one thing. And she wanted it now.
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Whitney - It's What She Wanted (HD)

7:12 Minute High Definition Video: She was in tight, brutal bondage, her wrists and elbows pulled back hard, her arms looking as if they were welded together. Hemp rope that will leave marks on her young body. And a ballgag - as she struggled with it the word brutal was rolling around in her mind. Struggling and whimpering won't help, but she did that anyway. What made it worse is that this is what she wanted, what she needed, what she craved.. She was addicted to bondage. And this is what she paid him to do.
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Sammi - She Could See Herself - Bound, Gagged and Topless (HD)

7:11 Minute High Definition Video: Sammi craved bondage; they both knew that. He took it a step further, not only tying her tightly to the chair and stuffing that nasty ballgag in her willing and waiting mouth, but stripping her down to her pink panties, stockings and heels. And then letting her watch herself in the mirror, struggling and seeing her own exposed perky young breasts. For her it was both a sexual dream and an erotic nightmare, as her sexual engine went into high gear.
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Frances - Blonde Bondage, Ballgagged and Blindfolded (HD)

5:33 Minute High Definition Video: Grabbed off the street, the beautiful young blonde was tightly bound, ballgagged and blindfolded. Told that she was kept this way for her own safety. Yet when she was sure that no one else was in the room, struggling and whimpering, trying to get loose from the ropes, hoping that someone would hear her noises, and rescue her. Yes, they had said that they would eventually release her. She didn't believe them. Would you?
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Katia - Bound, Ballgagged and Blindfolded (HD)

7:06 Minute HIGH DEFINITION Video: They had grabbed her off the street, brought her to this room, put her in tight, brutal bondage - jammed an oversized ballgag into her mouth, and blindfolded her. They told her that the ropes were to keep her from trying to escape, the ballgag to keep her quiet, other than those whimpering noises, and the blindfold so that when they finally released her - which they told her that they would - she wouldn't be able to identify them. She didn't believe any of it
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Marietta - All Wrapped Up

7:15 Minute Video: She might eventually figure out how she got this way - on the floor, tightly bound, wrapped, ballgagged ... and as he described it, "all wrapped up and ready to ship." That's what he told whoever he was talking to on his cellphone, So figuring out how she got this way was second. Getting loose was first. Struggling hard, even whimpering, hoping that someone would rescue her. But as the minutes passed the chance of her escape, lessened.
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Juliana - She Can't Even Protect Herself

7:06 Minute Video: That's how he left her. Her arms bound and spread wide, her legs pulled up into a frogtie. And ballgagged.Which meant that if anyone saw the open door to her apartment, they could walk in. Begin by unbuttoning her shirt, exposing those firm young breasts. Then reach down between her legs, feeling the dampness from her soaked panties. That's what he did. What she paid him to do.
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Juliana - It Couldn't Get Any Tighter

7:10 Minute Video: As she awakened to her surroundings, she immediately realized one thing: her bondage couldn't get any tighter. Her elbows pulled back hard, her arms looking - and feeling - as if they were welded together. Her legs crossed and then pulled up into a short-rope hogtie. Struggling wouldn't do any good; neither would whimpering. Though she would do both. And enjoying it, wanting even more!
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Colbi - When she stopped by for a visit, she had nothing in mind except looking cute

7:12 Minute Video: She always looked that way. But it wasn't too long later that she was on the floor, her wrists pulled up in a brutal reverse prayer, her ankles crossed and hogtied, a ballgag jammed into her waiting mouth. Which is when she decided that this was what she wanted: bound, gagged, struggling, whimpering. This ... and something else.
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Cali - She Woke Up In Hell

10:20 Minute Video: The last thing she remembered was falling asleep. It had been a deep sleep .. maybe a *drug-induced sleep*? Because when she woke up, the sun shining brightly through her apartment bedroom window, she slowly realized that all she could do was struggle. And whimper. There was no one there to help her. Other than her pet cat .. who thought this was a game. That's one thing it wasn't.
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Cali - A Night In Hell

10:14 Minute Video: She did everything she was supposed to do. When she walked in to her apartment and saw the burglar, she didn't resist; he said that once he tied her up, he would leave. It sounded so simple. What he didn't say was that the bondage would be brutal. From her elbows and wrists pulled together hard and tight, her legs crossed, bound, then pulled up into a hogtie, and ducttape gagged. He also didn't say that he might return later to take one more thing: her virginity.
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Jane - Forced To Strip

10:15 Minute Video: He had forced her to strip down to her bra and panties. And then he made it worse: a brutal elbows-yanked-back-hard cross-ankle hogtie, As bad as it was, she hoped that there was one other thing he wouldn't do; there was no way that she could protect her young body. Only one option for her - struggle hard, try to get loose. And that's what she did.
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Gwen & Juliana - When There's Nothing Else To Do Try To Enjoy It

7:14 Minute Video: Stuck in tight, brutal bondage; they knew that even with hard struggling they wouldn't escape. Juliana, wearing the o-ring gag, could at least get her tongue to touch Gwen's mouth, face and the soft skin of her shoulders. The ballgagged Gwen did her best to continue those erotic moments.
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