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Colbi & Bella - Sorority Initiation - Brutal Bondage

10:12 Minute Video: Two of our college freshmen found out that the sorority initiation was unlike what they could have expected .. tight, brutal bondage, struggling and whimpering. But their sorority sisters also got surprised as those whimpers began to sound more like the moans of two sexually charged damsels. They knew what they wanted; they hoped they would get it ... soon.
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Lilith & Sammi - A Ballgag Is Bad Enough But A Double Ballgag?

7:18 Minute Video: The bondage was tight, brutal, "no escape".. He made sure of that. But the double-ballgag? Not only did it keep them quiet but it added to their frustration. One pulled, the other felt an effect. But then it added more. That they didn't want to pull away from each other. What they wanted they could only get .. close.
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Gwen - She Learns The Hard Way

3:50 Minute Video: She wanted to be the New Binder, that's what she told him. She wanted to be the one who tied, teased and tormented the other damsels. But she had to learn what it was like to be in brutal bondage ...not only unable to escape but barely able to breathe. That was the price
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Jane - It's Too Tight ...

10:13 Minute Video: Please Untie Me! If her mouth wasn't covered with the ducttape, that's what she would be saying. Her arms tied with that scratchy hemp rope - welded together from her elbows to her wrists. Her legs crossed and tied, then pulled into a tight hogtie. The ropes cutting into her soft, young flesh. They will leave their mark.
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Brittany & Foxy - She Wanted Between Foxy's Legs

10:25 Minute Video: That's what Brittany wanted, but she also learned that she had to be careful what she wished for. Foxy was tied, face down, on the floor. Her arms tightly bound - her elbows pulled brutally tight - and her legs spread wide and her panties exposed. And was Brittany kneeling between Foxy's legs ... but her own arms tied high, keeping her from kneeling any further. So close ... yet so far away.
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Mina: Her Hogtie From Hell

4:11 Minute Video: Not only were the ropes tight, but if she struggled too much, if she tried to pull her wrists down to get the circulation back in her aching arms or pull on her ankles to straighten out her arched body, she risked the rope scraping across her closed eyes So she didn't move too much, though she did make those pitiful sounds from behind the ducttape gag. Welcome to hell, Mina.
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Jamie - Body Arching Hogtie

5:10 Minute Video: With her wrists bound to her ankles, and her elbows yanked together in the brutal bondage, her body was forced into that position. Arched and taut like a bow string. And the ballgag deep inside her mouth, the only sound in the room was her whimpering noises. It was going to be a very long night.
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Asia - She Knew She Was In Trouble

10:19 Minuite Video: Her wrists were pulled over her head and bound tightly, her ankles frogtied. All he had to do was roll her over and her tender young body would be there for him to do whatever he wanted, nothing she could do about it. He wouldn't do that .. would he?
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Kara - Her Trip To Hogtie Hell

7:17 Minute Video: Her wrists were pulled up into a painful reverse prayer. That alone was painful; but when she struggled the hogtie rope pulled them back down, making the ropes even tighter. But as she rolled back and forth, pulling on her wrists and then moving her legs to lessen the pressure, something else was happening. Her young sexual engine was going into overdrive .. which is when she began to grind her hips from side to side. She knew what she wanted, craved .. and needed.
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Cali - Her Smart Mouth Got Her Into Trouble ... Again

10:15 Minute Video: She said that there was no way that she would stay tied. She kept saying that .. until he had her tied on the floor and ballgagged. Then the only thing she could do was struggle to get loose from the ropes and try to get to the door. Did she succeed at either one? Of course not!
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Foxy & Stark - Escape Has Got To Be An Option - Part Two

10:08 Minute Video: The struggling led to exhaustion. But when Stark awoke she, again, focused on the hard work of untying the ropes from her young friend. All it would take was to loosen one knit, then another. And maybe - just maybe - they would e
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Foxy & Stark - Escape Has Got To Be An Option: Part One

5:00 Minute Video: He had done his work well, Foxy in a tight hogtie on the floor, Stark's wrists pulled up into a brutal reverse prayer, an o-ring gag jammed into her mouth. There was only one option that would even think about: getting loose from his rope, escape. And that's what they would try hard to do.
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Albi Rose - It happens all the time, every time

7:14 Minute Video: Bondage Virgin ...there always has to be a first time, especially for those sweet, young damsels. This was hers. Tight, brutal bondage, a ballgag jammed into her unwilling mouth. No struggling, no whimpering, will get her loose from the ropes or get that ballgag from between her lips. Welcome to our world, Albi Rose.
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Gwen & Leeza - Time Together - Time In Brutal Bondage

7:17 Minute Video: It was what they wanted. Who was he to say no? They wanted time together, but in a very special way. Gwen and Leeza craved tight, brutal bondage. It kicked their sexual engines into high gear. He gave them what they wanted. And YOU get to watch!
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Colbi - Extra Credit

10:17 Minute Video: As a college freshman, Colbi still had a lot to learn, including not being so trusting. When her professor suggested that she stop by for some extra credit, she thought it would be a chance to improve her grade. What she learned quickly was that it would be a night of tight, brutal bondage.
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Polina - When She Opened Her Eyes She Knew She Was In Trouble

7:20 Minute Video: It took barely a moment for her to realize that she was in trouble .. though it would take much long for her to figure out how she got this way. The last she remembered was walking into her apartment, the next moment was opening her eyes and seeing her young bound body in the reflection in the mirror,,
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