Damsels that will rock your world!
Countless ballgags and miles and miles of rope in the decade that they've been binding beautiful women.
The photographer knows a lot of bondage, as a fan of it himself ... that comes across in their work.
It's always great to find nicely done, original fetish content.”
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From The Desk Of Robert Deane ...

When you're a proud member of a family of websites like the UnlimitedBondage Family, the bar is set very high.  It's called Simply the Best!  My job at BondageDamsels is, working with my gang of perverts, to make sure that BondageDamsels IS the best of the  best! It's a challenge, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but we're up to it.  And when the website reaches and surpasses that goal, you - the visitor, the website member, and for many of you, the friend - reap the benefits.

We adopted our first slogan a number of years ago (I've been doing this  for more than 16 years as both a free and paid web site).

The Eyes Have ItDPPatti31a1_15sm
Each gallery featured photos that were close-ups of the damsel's eyes, the windows to her soul, her expression while in bondage, be it pleading for rescue, enjoying the moment, or often times both.

Not long ago, we took it one step further ...

Damsels That Will Rock Your World
DPMarietta44a343sm1 It was and continues to be the best way to describe what you will find on these pages.  A  commitment made to you, the website member, day after day after day.

Sit back, relax (as best you can when you're viewing the tour pages of our DeaneDamsels in tight bondage), log into the FREE Members Area Tour and enjoy as my sweet damsels rock your world.  And remember the promise from the website that strives to be the best of the best ....

Damsels That Will Rock Your World

Proprietor and Pervert-in-Chief
Robert Deane’s Blog

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