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Aisha: Madam Fifi's Bondage Parlor

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: That's what he sometimes calls it. That room that spot on the floor in the room, where she ends up tied and gagged. It's often a game to both of them. And when he says that she knows that he is playing. But even his play bondage is tight. And it's without a doubt no-escape. No matter how much she struggles. Or how hard she struggles. She'll be hogtie on the floor until he returns. That's part of the game.
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Alina: Oops

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: That's one of the words that would easily describes what happened. She liked bondage; when someone wasn't there she liked self-bondage, but there's one thing she always tries to remember about self-bondage, hat she has to make sure that she can escape from it. Because there is no one there to release her. With cuffs it's the key. Which she forgot to grab. Thus, the oops.
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Albi Rose - The Perils Of Shoplifting (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She had heard that security at the upscale store was tough. She didn't know how tough until she got nabbed for shoplifting. No calling the cops; they grabbing her by the arms then dragged her to the backroom where they ripped off all of her clothes. Except for her panties. Then brutally threw her to the floor and tightly bound - hogtied - her, and jammed a ballgag into her mouth. Then turned on a video camera. They said they would post the vid online if she ever did it again. That's tough. Especially since it sounded like she enjoyed it.
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Marla: Left For the Maid To Find Her

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She told him that it didn't matter how tight he tied her, she would still be able to get loose. He didn't disagree with her; he decided to prove to her that she was wrong. Her wrists and ankles bound, then hogtied. The rope around her arms shutting down the circulation; the color of arms arms showing it. Duct tape gagged. Then to prove that she could not escape, leaving her alone in the room. With that sign on the outside of the door. For the maid to find her.
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Roxanna: Who's Going To Find Her?

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: That's what she keeps wondering. Who will find her? And when? She's sure that she will still be tightly bound and gagged. No matter how much she struggles she will not get loose from the ropes. And when she is found, what will happen next? the question worries her the most.
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What's New?

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: Her wrists and ankles bound. Hogtied. Duct Tape gagged. And nearly naked. Wearing only her school girls skirt and panties; her breasts fully exposed. It's how he left her. And how she will remain until his returns. Escape is impossible. So she asks herself, what will he do next? Knowing what his bondage does to her - the room filling with the scent of a very aroused young woman - she knows what she hopes he will do.
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Sarah - Alone And In Trouble (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: t had began as fun. Bondage followed by tickling, teasing, erotic torment. Knowing that he was always there. This time was different. She was alone. He had bound her then left her on the bed. No amount of whimpering or moaning would make him return any sooner. She also learned about struggling. And that being bound, and helpless, was enough to get her sexual engine moving in high gear towards that erotic cliff. Se wanted to learn more.
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Lysann - A Brutal Seduction (HD)

7:18 Minute High Definition Video: She liked to be seduced, but not with flowers, or candy, or even diamonds. She liked her seduction to be brutal. It had to involve tight bondage. A huge ballgag jammed into her mouth made it even better. Wearing as little as possible, And then left alone for hours to struggle, to whimper, to moan. For her sexual engine to be pushed - forced - into high gear until there was only one thing that she wanted, that she craved, that she needed When he returned, for that to happen. Soon.
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Sabrina - The Bondage Wench (HD)

5:10 Minute HIGH DEFINITION Video: She was old enough - just barely - to play adult games, especially things she had never tried before. Like tight brutal bondage. And a mouth filling ballgag. But she's also a spoiled brat, a wench, often getting herself into trouble because of it. Like today. There's one other thing that she discovered: that struggling and whimpering gets her sexual engine running at high gear. Which is why while she is struggling she is also trying to rub against the ground. Hard. What she wants only begins with the bondage. But that's another story.
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Kimberly - Anything For Him (HD)

5:18 Minute HD Video: She loved - craved - older men. Especially him. And she would do anything that he wanted her to do. But she didn't understand this. Not at first. She didn't do anything wrong; at least she thought that she didn't. Yet he left her in tight bondage - her hands-to-ankles, elbows-yanked-tight and a ballgag jammed into her mouth. He knew that she was limber - a young dancer by training - and he wanted the bondage to challenge her. It did.
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Natalie - Keeping Her Mouth Warm, Wet And Wide Open (HD)

3:16 Minute High Definition Video: She didn't have a choice. On the floor, her wrists and ankles bound. An o-ring gag jammed into her mouth. A hair rope hogtie - a rope from her long, black hair to her ankles - forcing her to keep her head up. Her breathing hard and labored. The drool keeping her mouth warm and wet. The o-ring gag forcing it - and keeping it - wide open. Which meant that when he returned, he would be able to do whatever he wanted to do. And what she wanted him to do!
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Alexa and Biana - They Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way (HD)

5:07 Minute High Definition Video: Being that close to each other. Their lips almost touching, the double ballgag keeping them that way. Yet not able to do anything about it. Each one wanting to tease and torment the other. And to be teased and tormented. Struggling, whimpering and, soon, moaning. When meant that they were enjoying every moment of it.
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Albi Rose and Nikita - Frustration

4:20 Minute Definition Video: That one word describes it all for them. The both love bondage. But it's usually one bound then teasing the other. Usually. But sometimes, like today, they are both tied. And can't tease, tickle or caress the other. You can see the look in their eyes, the frustration. And hear it in those soft whimpering sounds. How long will they both be bound? They don't know. but they do know what will happen when the rope come off.
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Dolly & Jessica - Splish Splah It's A Bondage Bath

7:11 Minute High Definition Video:Two gorgeous young damsels who like to have fun, who especially like it when it involves playing with each other. He thought that time in the Jacuzzi would cool them down a bit; he couldn't have been more wrong. From the moment that their lips touching - actually forced to touch by the double ballgag - it was going to be a hot night. He was surprised that the water wasn't boiling; it was that hot.
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Tessa: Breathing Hard

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: That's all that shows what the tight bondage is doing to her. Breathing hard. Plus our gorgeous young damsel moving her body in ways that say something else - that the erotic flame in her body is growing. She wouldn't dare say it, nor would she tell him. But all he has to do is watch her. Even for just a moment. And her body will tell him what she wants. And when she wants it. Now.
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Marta- Long Night, Restless Night

5:13 Minute Video:Tight Bondage. It's what she wants, what she needs, what she craves. Her arms and legs tied. Ballgagged. And no matter how much she struggles - which she does - unable to get loose. But there was something that she didn't expect. That he would leave her this way. for the night, the entire night. With nothing that she could do about it. Except maybe find a way to enjoy it.
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