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Harley - Tie, Gag, Torment

5:36 Minute HD Video: It's what he does to her, it's what she wants him to do. Tie he tightly. This time her wrists bound then pulled up in a strappado. Her legs frogtied. A ballgag pulled tight into her warm and waiting mouth. Her body exposed to his eventual torment. Again, whatever he wanted to do. He hard nipples making the perfect target. Already soaked between her legs, it would take little effert to strip her of the black panties. It's what she wanted. Tied, gagged. Her body exposed to his eventual torment. And whenever he does it, it will not be soon enough.
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Heidi - After Today She Would Wonder No More

5:12 Minute HD Video: She had waited a long time for this. It was something she had been dreamining about in her erotic fantasies. Wondering what it would feel like to be tightly bound and gagged. She chose the outfit. Her tight bright yellow top, daisy-duke style jeans and high heels. What he added - the rope around he wrists, more wrapped around her young body, the crossed ankles hogtie, and the duct tape gag - told her that she would have much time to wonder about something else: what she wanted him to do next. A bondage virgin no more. And maybe, after tonight, a virgin no more.
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Alina - She Wanted It Kept Simple (HD)

5:57 Minute HD Video: Tight bondage; her elbows pulled hard, touching. Her ankles crossed and bound; another piece of rope from her wrists to her ankles. A no-escape hogtie. Ballgagged. Nearly naked, wearing on her thong panties. That far-away sultry look that said that she wanted this. And him teasing, tickling, spanking her. Erotic torment. As he watched her struggle. And making those sounds of a damsel enjoying every minute of it. And wanting more. Now.
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Bianca - She Hoped That He Had Just Forgotten

5:13 Minute HD Video: As she thought about it, she was probably in trouble whether he remembered or not. He had robbed her, as part of it he tied her on the bed. He promised to call 9-1-1 after he left. but it has already been hours. Hours of trying to make noises from behind the duct tape. Hours of rolling around, struggling against the ropes. And hours of beginning to enjoy the tight bondage. She would be a sight when the police showed up, her panties soaked. And the room with the scent of an aroused young woman. Maybe they'd take a few pictures before they untied her. A gal can only hope.
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Amanda - What She Wants Next

5:15 Minute HD Video: He had pulled her wrists up into a tight reverse prayer, with her ankles crossed and hogtied. Ballgagged. And she as wearing only her black panties. All she had to do was struggle -it turned out to be struggling a lot - and then roll over \onto her back. Which she did. Then there would be nothing that she could do to protect her body from his groping hands. Her firm nipples telling him something. Along with that wet spot on her panties. The smell of an aroused young woman quickly filling the room. And that fiery look in her eyes. Telling him that he could do whatever he wanted to do. Wanting him to do it soon.
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Sarah - She Made a Mistake, A Big Mistake

5:12 Minute HD Video: 5:12 Minute HD Video: She wants her bondage to be tight. And she wants to be gagged. And when she plays, like tonight, she doesn't want to be able to escape. He looked like a gentleman, the type of gentleman who didn't know how to tie a damsel. So she told him not to bother to come back to release her. But the hogtie was tight, the rope from her hair to the metal hanging loop made it much worse. The ballgag kept her from making any loud noises. And she could barely move. Getting loose was impossible. It was then that she realized that she had made a big mistake...
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Bianca - Is This What She Wanted? For Her It Was (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: She had been introduced to bondage; she liked what she had found. When she came back she had a very simple request: make it tight, make it hurt. He agreed. As she hung by her wrists, she felt herself lifting her feet, to put more pressure on her wrists. Occasionally looking up at him, telling him with her eyes that if her ankles weren't bound she would gladly wrap her legs around his waist, knowing what he would want to do next. What she would want him to do to her
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Lady Erica: With Her Eyes - OnScreen Bondage HD

8:11 Minute Bondage Video: She was a Domme before she met him. And though she changed, part of her will always be a Domme. Especially her eyes. As they look up at him, drawing him closer to her. As though she was guiding his hands. Tickling and tormenting her. And the arousal of rubbing the soles of her feet. As though, for this moment, she was in charge. Again.
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Carmen: Stranger At The Door - Classic Bondage

9:50 Minute Bondage Video: It happened suddenly. He was in her room, looking ominous. And ready to put her in tight, no-escape bondage. first cam her wrists pulled up hard into a reverse prayer. Then her legs bound together,her heels pressing into her but chucks. And finally the o-ring gag pulled between her lips. She would continue to make those soft, whimpering noises as she struggle on the floor. What would he do when he returned? What wuld happen next? Only time will tell. ON-SCREEN BONDAGE
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Lady Erica: She Might Have To Get One More Tattoo - Bondage HD

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She's covered with that body art. And each one has a meaning, a very special meaning. Tightly bound, hogtied, ball gagged on his bed, struggling hard, this former Domme has plenty of time to think about that. And decide that she needs one more. Only one more. That symbolizes that she iw now his. Only his. That she belongs to no other man. She has never said those words to him, never told him. Though she is sure that he knows. This permanent art will le him know.
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Crystal Jean: Grabbed Off The Campus - Bondage HD

5:14 minute Bondage Video: When she last remember, she was walking across the campus. Then a van pulled up behind her and she was dragged inside. That was it until she awoke on the bed. Tightly tied. Ball gagged. Wearing only her black bra and panties. It took her a moment to realize what had happened. And then t begin struggling. But the ropes were tight, unforgiving. There would be no escape. Her mind then turned to wonder who did this. And what was going to happen next. She was sure that she would eventually find out.
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Katerina and Gloria: Gloria Has Fun, Katerina Gets Tormented - Two Damsel Bondage Play HD

5:43 Minute Bondage Video: Our two damsels - Gloria and Katerina - find the time - always - for their bondage games. Tonight it's Gloria's turn to tease her older-sister Katerina. Teasing, tickling and sexual torment. Katerina's bondage is pulled tight, yet not so tight that she's can't struggle at Gloria's hands. Katerina knows that she will get her revenge; Gloria is even looking forward to that.
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Amanda: The Silver Bullet Gets A Workout, She Does, Too - Bondage HD

5:15 Minute Bondage Video: When he bought the silver bullet - the remote control silver bullet - he wasn't sure how much he would get to use it. But he keeps finding different ways. Like waking up a sweet young damsel from a deep sleep. She had learned how to gets some rest in tight bondage but she hadn't learned how to stay asleep when the silver bullet begins it vibrations deep inside her. And begins pushing her sexual engine towards that ultimate edge. An edge that it would never reach. At least not tonight.
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Asia: She Knew She Was In Trouble - Classic Bondage

10:21 Minute Bondage Video: Her wrists pulled up over her head. Her ankles bound then hogtied Duct tape gagged. No mater how hard she struggle, no mater how much she rolled in the couch, she would not get free of the rope,. It was no-escape bondage. When he returned all he would have to do was to roll her over and here tender young body would there for him to do whatever he waned to do. He wuldn't do that to her, would he? Of course he would.
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Bianca: The Silver Bullet Drives Her Wild - Bondage HD

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: He challenged her. To slide that silver bullet between her legs and deep inside her. Then to pull her thong panties back up. Which is when he tightly bound and gagged her. And it began. The vibrations at full force. She's jolted her body every time it got her close to that moment. close but not quite there. Time after time after time. It other moments the smoothness of it simply aroused her. Until it jolted her again. It was driving her crazy. As he knew it would. It drove her almost everywhere. Except over that edge.
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Danita: She Remembers Every Moment - Bondage HD

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: She remembers it all. When he had her bound and was buried deep inside her. She felt as if her young body was going to be split in half. Yes, she remembers what it felt like. And she wants it to happen again. Until then, she will squirm on the bed, thrusting her hips back and forth. s she envisions him on top of hr. And once again deep inside her.
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