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Maci: Bondage and tickle toy

9:30 Minute Bondage: She's not sure if that's what she wants to be. To be his bondage and tickle toy. But she doesn't have a choice, not today. That apprehensive look on her face says a lot. But it's soon replaced another look, as that erotic feeling begins to run through her young body. Especially when he rolls her on her side, his fingers now between her legs. Maybe, just maybe, this is what she wants to be. Now. And for a very long time.
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Darby: Tickle Cream

8:26 Minute Bondage Video: Those two words do things to her unlike almost any other. When she is tightly bound - and gagged - and he tickles her, it sends her body and mind into erotic places. But the tickle cream is far worse. He does not have to stay there, his hands don't need to be on her. It continues long past the moment when he leaves the room. It's insidious. He knows that. Which is why he uses it on her
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Danita: What are those sounds

4:10 Minute Bondage Video: Those sweet soft sounds. Close to whimpers, but not yet. Still a damsel in distress. Who is enjoying herself. She's not sure that she wants to escape from the ropes; she's having too much fun. But this is only the beginning. As time goes on she may find the noises becoming erotic whimpers. Tight ropes will do that. As she will soon find out.
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Lady Erica: She's all his, body and soul

5:10 Minute Bondage Video: It wasn't a long trip into submissive hell; compared to all of her years as a domme, it happened relatively quickly, from her introduction to him and her first time in his tight ropes to now, She shows it in her eyes, the window to her soul. One a dark soul, now alive as his submissive. As she rolls around on the bed beneath his touch and grasp, her moans escape from behind her gagged lips. Her body and soul now his.
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Darby: Frustration

5:12 Minute Bondage Video:Bondage does many things to her, to her body. But this time it is causing frustration. The way she is bound her hands seem to be free. But they're not. Yes, they are almost in front of her yet welded to her sides. When she rolls on her front she can't even use them to lift her body up. That frustration has an effect - it pushes her sexual engine even harder. He knows what he is doing and he is doing it now
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Aisha: Another Way To Escape

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She thought she had another way to escape. She knew that she would not get loose from the ropes; he had made sure of that. Her wrists and ankles bound, hogtied. But her cellphone was on the ground in front of her. She forgot two things. First, the strip of duct tape pressed against her lips. She could make noises but nothing that made sense. And the biggest problem - reaching the phone. As her frustration grew, she realized that he had known all of that.
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Lady Erica: A Brutal Discovery

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She has made a discovery. About what being a submissive and being in tight bondage does to her. To her body. And to her sexual engine. It starts is moving, then keeps it going faster and harder. In ways she has never felt before. She may never go back to being a domme.
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Lady Erica: Her Trip further Into Hell Continues

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Submissive hell. That's what she would call it. where she loses more and more control. It's not something that he forced on her; far from that, it's something that she wanted. Though in the beginning she didn't know it. She had always been the dominant, the Domme. She now wonders if those days are gone. Forever. Because her mind and her body are wrapping themselves around a word she had never used to describe herself: submissive
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Marla: Bondage Dream

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: That's what she thought it was. A dream. Of being a damsels in distress. His damsel in distress. When she awoke and realized that it was real, that she was bound, hand and foot, hogtied and duct tape gagged. Very real. And unable to escape. And soon her butt began to slide back and forth, trying to get that friction in that wet spot between her legs. Her body told her what her next dream would be.
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Gwen: She Did This To Herself

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: He had untied her; she was supposed to go to her job. The place where she was in charge. but instead she grabbed the metal cuffs, hooked one set around her wrists behind her back, another around her ankles and a third connecting the two. Hogtie style. He added the duct tape gag. And then turned on the camera to show her struggling and making those damsel in distress sounds. The meeting would go on without her. But that's okay with her
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Gwen: She Doesn't Care Anymore

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She doesn't care that bondage leave marks on her body. Like the chains. Especially the way that she struggles, pulling hard against them. And she doesn't care if someone notices them. She is beyond that. She's proud to be his damsel in distress. And she wants the world to know.
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Aisha: Pretty Princess In Cuffs And ropes

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She is his pretty princess. Not yet a Daddy's girl, but getting closer each day. She does anything he wants, whenever he wants her to do it. Like her wrists cuffed behind her back, her longs frogtied, duct tape gagged. and struggling - hard - to get loose. She knows she won't get loose, but he likes to watch her struggle and hear her make those soft whimpering noises.
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Bianca: Legs Spread - She Knows What She Wants

5:17 Minute Bondage Video: He got it right this time. Tying her wrists to her ankles made itpossible for her to spread her legs. Wide. The rolling around is to try to get her fingers between her legs, to touch, to caress tha already wet and warm spot. But he really did it right. She can't reach. bu what she can do is make sure that when he returns he has not doubt about wha she wants. And what she needs.
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Tamya: What It Does To Her

10:26 Minute Bondage Video: He knows what bondage torment does to her. It's more than liking it, she craves it. It's how she wants to be treated. Bound. Cleave gagged. Then tormented. Every part of her body, especially between her spread legs. And what it does to her, pushing her sexual engine hard. becomes more torment when he doesn't push her over the edge
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Sophie: For The Landlord

5:17 Minute Bondage Video: Neither she nor her roommate had money for the rent. So instead they left something for him. Sophie. Tightly bound, her elbows pulled together hard, more rope around her feet and ankles. Ballgagged. A metal collar around her neck, a rope pulling her head upward. They knew what the landlord liked, this was it. He would be hers to do whatever he waned for as long as he wanted.
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Erin: He Puts His Toys Away

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: At the end of the day, he puts all of his bondage toys away. she is one of those toys. She is bound and gagged, nearly naked hard wood clips on her erect nipples. And very aroused. but nothing that she can do about that, no amount of struggling will get her loose or give her the satisfaction that she wants. Maybe tomorrow.
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