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Amanda - Escape Is Impossible (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: Rope bondage can be tight. Often no escape. But metal cuffs? Not only is escape impossible even struggling can be painful. But she has to try. And she does. Her wrists cuffed to her ankles, her ankles then cuffed together. A hogtie from hell. And ballgagged. When she does struggle all she ends up doing is rolling on her side, exposing her perky young breasts. From painful to exposed. And back.
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Nancy - Bondage Reverse Prayer Frogtie (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: She was beginning to wonder how long he was going to keep her this way. On the bed, bound tight and hard, her wrists pullecd up into a painful reverse prayer. Her ankles frogtied. Then pulled into a hogtie. And ballgagged. Pulling against the ropes, struggling hard, trying to escape. All without success. And what he had planned next for her. But it didn't matter; he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. She was sure of one other thing, that she would enjoy it.
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Amanda - More Tight Bondage - It's What She Enjoys (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: She always enjoys bondage. The damsel in distress, the tight ropes, the helplessness. Unable to escape. But this one was extra special. He introduced her to a crotch h rope, pulled tight between her legs. If bondage got her aroused - and it always did - this could push her over the edge. At least she hoped that it would. If it didn't it was going to be a very frustrating evening. Until he returned.
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Carly - There Will Be More (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: It's what he said when he was done binding her tightly. Her arms tied; her elbows yanked hard and tight, touching behind her back. Her ankles crossed and tied. Duct tape gagged. And as she would find out, a rope from her ankles to her wrists, pulling tight - between her legs - every time she would lean forward. Those words were said to tell her what might happened when he returned. Yet there was one thing clear in her mind. No matter what it was that he would do, she wouldn't have a choice.
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Lisa Ann - She Would Want More (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: It was her first time. And she knew in an instant that she would want more. Much more. He had stretched her young body across the bed, binding her hand and foot. Cleave gagged. Making her wonder what was going to happen next. She new that, no matter what it was, she would not be able to stop it. That gave her the damsel in distress look in her eyes. The struggling on the bed. And the excitement inside of her. She was enjoying that. She knew that she would also want more. Soon.
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Nancy - One More Time, This One For Her Enjoyment (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: Tightly bound. Again. Her wrists tied, her elbows pulled together hard. Her tied ankles pulled up towards her wrists with a hogtie rope. And ballgagged. The biggest problem? She was enjoying it, every moment of it. Struggling on his bed. Masking those whimpering and moaning sounds. Wondering what he would do when he returned. Knowing that whatever it was she would enjoy it. Every moment of it.
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Amy - Brutal Frogtie for The Redhead (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: There are not enough redheads. That's what he always says. And definitely not enough in bondage. tight bondage. Brutal bondage. He found one more. A sweet, young damsel, her first time in the ropes, and looking like she is enjoying it. Almost. That wide-eyed look. He could tell what she was thinking - wondering what he was going to do next. What he had planned for her. But for now it would be lots of time in the ropes And after that there would be more. Much more. Maybe she would enjoy that, too
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Amanda - Erotic Torment

5:12 Minute HD Video: She was his toy, his bondage toy. He could do anything that he wanted to her. And today it began with her tied, hand and foot, and stretched tight on the bed. Cleave gagged. Wearing only her panties. Her perky young breasts exposed, her nipples already hard as diamonds. And then he began - the tickling. Lots of tickling. Which did several things. She laughed. She struggled. And one more thing - she got very aroused. Tickle torment did that to her. Every time. He knew that, too.
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MeganJo - It's What She Wanted It To Be - And More (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She had heard about it. Bondage. One of her BFF's had told her. Tight bondage. So she just had to try. Her wrists and ankles bound, then connected by a hogtie rope. And cleave gagged. She soon realized that no matter how much she struggled, she was not going to get loose. And she definitely struggled. As she did, nearly bouncing on the bed. She also though that somehow the room became warmer. Which is when she realized that it was her - her young body. Definitely everything she thought - and hoped - it would be. And more.
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Louise - More Than She Expected (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: It wasn't what she expected. Bondage. It was more. The ropes were tighter. Her elbows pulled back hard and touch9ing. her writs and ankles bound, then hogtied. Duct tape gagged. No matter how much she struggle, there would be no escape. Rolling around on the bed - his bed - would provide no relief. And it would not tell her what he had planned next. Only time would answer that question. She only wanted one thing. For it to happen. Not soon. Now.
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Joyce - She Was Wrong (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: She thought that bondage would always be fun and comfortable. She was wrong. And she learned that the hard way. Her wrists pulled behind her back, then her elbows yanked tight. Touching. Going to leave marks on her young, tender skin. Of course her legs, her ankles, were tied. With one rope from her wrists pulling tight on her toes. Cleave gagged. The look of desperation in her eyes. Why did he do this. And what was he going to do next? She would probably find out. Soon
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Carly - He Mad Sure She Wasn't Going anywhere, Not Now, Not Even Soon (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: He had made sure of that. She was bound to the bedpost, her wrists pulled up high above her head, her slender legs tied at the ankle. Duct tape gagged. And no matter how much she struggled there would be no getting loose. Not now, not even soon. She would be there, waiting for him to return. To do whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it. And sShe wouldn't have it any other way.
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Amanda - She's Tired Of Waiting (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: Maybe she's not tired, she just doesn't want to wait any longer. For him to come back. So she struggles, hard. And feels the frustration of her wrists having been pulled up into a reverse prayer. Her ankles crossed and tied. And a ballgag jammed into her wet - and willing - mouth. She wants her body to be teased and tormented. Wants her exposed breasts to be squeezed, her erect nipples to be pinched. But it's not happening. That's her frustration
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Lila Jean - She Was Going To Have Fun

5:16 Minute HD Video: She was sure of that. Her first time in bondage. And it was tight. There would be no escape. Although struggling would be interesting. And making thos whimpering sounds, those of a damsel in distress. It did one more thing - it got her aroused. In a way like nothing had ever done before. What would he do? Anything that he wanted to do. And what would she do? Enjoy every moment of it!
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Amanda - On Your Knees And Be Ready To Open Wide

5:12 Minute HD Video: She could barely believe what she heard him say. She would like to say that it surprised her. He has said many things to her, many things about teasing and erotic torment, yet never anything like this. But this didn't surprise her, not at all. It almost sounded angry. But that's what she did. He bound her kneeling, her legs frogtied. And Her hands pulled up high. And jammed into her mouth? That bright bag ballgag, of course. Maybe she had expected something else. And maybe she had wanted it, too.
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Carly - What Can He Do Next?

5:11 Minute HD Video: That's what she keeps asking herself. Her hands and feet bound and lifted up into the air. Her bubble butt nearly exposed, only her thong panties - her soaked panties - protecting that sweet spot. It wouldn't take much for her to rip her panties off, then to lift her body up by the ropes. To a height where he could do what she is sure that he wanted to do. And could do. Which,. but for the duct tape gag, is what she would tell him that she wanted him to do.
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