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Sarah - He Can Do Whatever He Wants - And He Will

6:01 Minute HD Video: With her hands pulled up tight over her head, and a rope from her wrists to her crossed legs arching her body, there is nothing that she can do. Other than struggle. And whimper. All he needs to do - which he does is simply pushing her onto he side. He could do anything that he wanted. Pull her top down exposing her breasts; sliding her shorts down exposing that now-wet spot between her legs. Or pulling the ballgag from between her lips, using her wet and willing mouth. Anything. And that's how she wants it.
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Rose - Bondage Virgin

5:13 Minute HD Video: When she walked in his life she knew what she wanted to be: a damsel in distress. And she knew what she wanted him to do: to tie he in a way that, though she could not escape, she could still struggle. And enjoy it, to feel her young sexual engine begin its path up the hill, moving faster and harder, until it got to the edge of the clif. Would he push her over that edge. She wanted him to, she hoped that he would. If not today, then sometime. Soon. Welcome to our world, sweet damsel.
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Harley - Biker Bitch In Bondage

5:25 Minute HD Video: When she first came to us she was the young damsel in distress who craved tight bondage. But time can make a difference - and it did. The tats all over he body and now the look of a biker bitch. Because she now is. She just didn't ask for the tight bondage, she demanded it. Then to be left alone. To wait for her man. And while she is waiting to struggle hard against the ropes, even to make some of those sounds. Waiting for him to take whatever he wanted. There was nothing she could do about it. Even if she wanted to. Which she didn't
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Alina - She Can't Believe That She Paid Him For This

5:20 Minute HD Video: She thought it would have been a fantasy. But it quickly turned into a nightmare. It had begun with her tossed over his shoulder, her wrists already bound, then thrown on her bed. Quickly followed with her wrists and ankles bound, hogtied. Not long after, more rope, this time around her elbows. And, finally, a very nasty duct tape gag. She thought he was done; in a way he was. He had one more thing to do - to leave her alone in he apartment. To struggle in the ropes and to whimper. And to wonder how long ... what was supposed to be erotic bliss now turned into torment would last.
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Anne - Bondage Glamour

5:11 Minute HD Video: Bondage can have a glamour side to it. When she's wearing a flowing dress pulled down of her shoulder, and heels. Looking like the epitome of the damsel in distress in need of rescue for her knight in shining armor. That's what she looked like, that's what she felt like. Tight bondage, her elbows pulled together hard and touching, he wrists and ankles bound then hogtied. Duct tape gagged. And struggling. Hard. She knew that a damsel was supposed to do when she was resuce; anything that her rescuer wants her to do. She was ready for that, too.
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Nancy - Those Special Words: Sleep Tight

5:27 Minute HD Video: Those words meant to have a good night's sleep wrapped in her dreams. But she found out that there was another meaning - to spend the night in tight bondage. Her elbows pulled together, touching. Her wrists and ankles bound, then hogtied. Duct tape gagged. No matter how much she struggle, how much she rolled around, there would be no escape. She also found out one more thing, that she loved bondage. That it got her aroused, pushing her young sexual engine faster and faster. But there was nothing she could do about it, at least not tonight.
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Amanda - The Unholy Trio -Tickling, Teasing And The Riding Crop

5:28 Minute HD Video: He knows what she crave. Beginning with tight hemp rope bondage. Her wrists tied; her elbows bound, pulled together, touching. Hogtied. And ballgagged. He young body exposed to his cruel hands as the torment begins. The sound of the riding crop smacking against her body filling the room, matched by her squeals. The tickling, the erotic teasing. Soon followed by the scent of an aroused young woman. He knows what he is doing; she wants him to do more.
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Sarah - More Of the Hair Hogtie Torment (HD)

6:12 Minute HD Video: The ropes were pulled tight around her wrists, elbows and ankles. O-ring gagged. And one more piece of rope, bound on one end to her hair, on the other to her toes. Keeping her body arched. And forcing her to look forward. Struggling hard. The look of pleading in her eyes. Pleading with him. Not to release her but to push her harder. And to make her beg. Beg for him to do more, beg for him to push her sexual engine over the edge. That's what she wants him to do. And she wants him to do it now.
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Patricia - One Of Them Would Have Fun

5:22 Minute HD Video: That's what he had told her. She was bound on the floor. Her wrists tied to her side, her legs frogtied, ballgagged. Wearing only her bra and panties. As he began what he always did. The teasing, tickling, erotic torment. That he enjoyed doing to her. Driving her up that wall, pushing her young, sexual engine harder and faster. But there was one thing he might not have known - that she was enjoying every moment of it. Having fun, too.
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Roxanna - It Was Her Day

7:02 Minute HD Video: It was the day where she would get whatever she wanted. He had promised her that. The kids were with a babysitter, her husband was hers. And she was his. Beginning with her wearing her bra and panties. Then the bondage; tied tight, hand and foot. Cleave gagged. And waiting. Not so patiently, but still waiting. For him to return. It was supposed to be this way, not right now. He got called back to work but told her that he would be back soon. But that was hours ago.
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Roxanna - She Knew It Was What He Wanted (HD)

5:23 Minute HD Video: It's how she wants to look. Tightly bound and gagged. She knows what bondage does to her, it gets her sexual engine moving in high gear. The room soon to be filled with the scent of an aroused woman. She'll have to remember to thank her girlfriend for getting her ready for him. He probably won't untie her, what will probably happen is that her soon-soaked panties will be ripped off of her young body. An evening of moaning and loud sexual noises. She knows it is what he will want. And what she will want, too.
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Patricia - She Doesn't Know What She Did Wrong (HD)

6:22 Minute HD Video: Her wrists and ankles hogtied. Her elbows yanked together, hard and touching. Ballgagged. Alone in the room. She could struggle, even make those whimpering sounds. But no one would come to rescue her. At least not now. She didn't know why he did this; she must have done something wrong. But she didn't know what it was. He didn't tell her. All she could do was was; maybe she could figure out what it was. She had to do that. So she could do it again. Soon.
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Bianca - A Special Night For His MILF

5:12 Minute HD Video: They both knew what would light her spark. Teasing, tickling and sexual torment. Including the riding crop. She was on the floor, bound and gagged, waiting for him. But she didn't have to wait long. She still has a good body, he had told her that many times; she could always turn a head when she walked down the street. And she looked even better in bondage. Even better when those sounds filled the room. The high-pitched squeal. And those low almost-growl moans. She would make both of them tonight.
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Jane - No Keys, No Escape

10:18 Minute Video: She thought that at least he would leave the keys. That she could someone release herself from the chain hogtie bondage. She knew that if he has used rope she would at least have had a chance. But not now. Especially when he wrapped a length of chain around her elbows, pulling them together tight. It was a disadvantage to being limber. Chain bondage. Frogtied. Ducttape gagged. And no matter how she struggled - she could at least do that - she wasn't going anywhere. Not until he returned. Whenever that was.
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Patricia - Needing To Be Rescued (HD)

5:42 Minute HD Video: It was a bondage game gone bad. At least she thought that's what it was - until he went through her apartment, took all her valuables and then left her bound on the floor. Hogtied, ducttaspe gagged, He had seemed so nice. Although first impressions, especially when at a bar, can be troublesome. But when he asked her what she would like to do and she said to be a bound damsel in distress, she thought she got his interest. But that's not all she got. She also got in trouble.
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Katt - It Wasn't Supposed To Happen This Way

4:54 Minute Video: It wasn't how she wanted it. She enjoyed bondage, she especially enjoyed it with it was difficult for her to escape. But this time with the chains wrapped around her wrists and ankles, with another length of chain as a hogtie, escape was impossible. Duct tape gagged, all she would be able to make would be those squealing sounds. She could only do one thing. Enjoy it. And maybe one more. Hope that he remembers to return. What he would do at that point she could only dream of.
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