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Roxanna - How Did This Happen? (HD)

6:49 Minute HD Video: Rope bondage, ballgag and high heels. Those are definitely a few of her favorite things. And a gorgeous MILF who looks cute all the time, but especially in bondage. But this one wasn't planned. She had drifted off to sleep, only to awaken this way. Tight ropes around her upper body, her wrists and ankles bound then hogtied. Ballgagged. She might figure out what happened; till then at least she could struggle and enjoy it. And wonder what was going to happen next.
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Nancy - It's How You Want Her To Be

5:13 Minute HD Video: Hogtied and barefoot. Her wrists and ankles bound. Her arms looking as if they had been welded together. More rope around her beautiful young body. A bright red ballgag filling her mouth. Her bare feet looking as if they are ready to be tickled and teased. Struggling hard but not able to escape. Just waiting to be rescued. By you.
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Bonnie - It Seemed So Simple

5:13 Minute HD Video: Just a game, he said. But she ended up with her wrists and ankles tied. Then hogtied. Her elbows pulled together nearly touching. Duct tape gagged. It wasn't what she had planned. But he was so convincing. And now she was in trouble. Struggling, trying to get loose. But not succeeding. Alone in the room. But also sure that he was coming back. And wondering what he had planned next. She didn't think it was a game anymore.
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Carly - She Wasn't Surprised, Neither Was He

5:13 Minute HD Video: She was the type who got into trouble. A lot. Nearly always. Today wasn't any different. It didn't take a lot for him to convince her to try this. She said yes. He wasn't surprised, neither was she. Roping her wrist and ankles, adding a hogtie rope, more rope around her upper body. And a strip of duct tape across her mouth. As she lay there, and soon began to struggle, she realized something. That she was enjoying this. Nudging then pushing her young sexual engine into high gear. What would happen next? She was sure that she would find out. soon.
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Alina - Don't Think She's Not Enjoying This (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Video: There are many things that she enjoys. But this - rope wrapped around her body - is perhaps her favorite. Tight bondage. Her elbows pulled back hard, nearly touching. The thin rope around her wrists and ankles. Hogtied. Ballgagged. She knew several things. The bondage, the rope, gets her young sexual engine rolling into high gear. She was not going to get loose, regardless of how much she struggled. The rope was going to leave marks on her soft young skin. And, most importantly to her art this moment, she wanted him to return. Soon. And make her moan from deep within her soul.
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Marlene And Rose - Damsels At Play

6:33 Minute HD Video: Bondage. It's something that they both like. The tickling, teasting and erotic torment. Rose, the younger of the two, usually ends up on the receiving end. But that doesn't bother her. Not at all. On the floor, her wrists and ankles tied. More rope wrapped around her body. And cleave gagged. Squirming. And enjoying every moment of it. It's going to be a long night. At least they both want it to be.
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Roxanna - Not Easy To Explain, Not At All

6:59 Minute HD Video: She knew that she would eventually get into trouble. Playing like this, as much as she did while her husband was at work, told her that this could happen. Some day. And it probably would today. Compliments of one of her bondge playmates. He was good at the ropes. Her wrists bound, more rope around her body. Her legs frogtied. And ballgagged. No signs of forced entry to the apartment, no signs of a struggle. Except her struggling to get free from the ropes. She had at least an our. to come up with a story of how this happened. And to explain why the room had the scents of an aroused young woman.
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Carly - That's What It's All About

5:14 Minute HD Video: The anticipation. Bound, gagged, and waiting for him to return. Not knowing what he has planned, but knowing what she hopes that he will do to her. The teasing, the tickling, the erotic torment. She also doesn't know why he picked her for this. Why he did this to her. But she had no doubt that it would be worthwhile. That erotic feeling running through her young body had convinced her of that.
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Marlene And Rose - Bondage Playtime (HD)

5:31 Minute HD Video: It's something that they both like. Bondage. Then the tickling, testing and erotic torment. And when you get these two gorgeous young damsels together anything cas happen. Like today. Rose, the young of the two, ended up on the receiving end. But that doesn't bother her. Not at all. On he floor, her wrists and ankles tied. More rope wrapped around her body. And cleave gagged. And Marlene has a surprise for one, one that she is sure Rose will enjoy.
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Amanda - This Will Leave Marks On Her Soft Young Body (HD)

5:21 Minute HD Video: She belongs to him. He knows that. She knows that, too. She often refers to him as Her Daddy as a sign of her submissiveness. He can do anything that he wants to her. including the tight bondage that is going to leave marks on her tender, young skin. The marks she will wear proudly. But that's later. Much later. For now she is hogtied on the ground, wearing only her black panties. Duct tape gagged. Feelihg every fiber of her body aroused And hoping he would return. Soon.
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Rose - He Had Pushed Her To The Edge (HD)

6:03 Minute HD Video: She knew she liked bondage. He knew it, too. She was at the point that she craved it, had to have it. But this time, he pushed her to the edge. A hair hogtie, her head pulled back, the ropes bound to her toes. Barely able to move, her eyes forced to stare straight ahead. a pleading look. Did she want untied? Or did she want more, even harder bondage? Or something more than that? Whatever it was that she wanted, she would have to wait. Until he was ready.
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Roxanna - She Hoped That Someone Would Find Her - Soon (HD)

6:57 Minute HD Video: There was nothing else that she could do. Other than wait. And maybe struggle, at least a little. At least until someone found her and released her. The bondage wouldn't be tough to explain. It was a robbery; he cane into her apartment - probably through the open window - last night. Grabbed her, bound her, gagged her, then took anything of value that she had - her laptop, her wallet, her credit cards. That's not the problem Her soaked panties, the room with the scent of an aroused young woman. That's the problem. How is she going to explain that?
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Christine - Another Gorgeous Damsel In Distress (HD)

6:10 Minute HD Video: They show up in our lives. Not as often as we would like but often enough to make our lives interesting; if we had our way, they would be with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When they are here, they let us make their lives even more interesting. Christine wondered what it would feel like, how she would react, to be tied and gagged. The thin rope pulled tight around her tender young body/ her wrists bound. Her legs crossed and tied. Hogtied. And duct tape gagged. With the look that told us that she was going to challenge the ropes. We wouldn't have it any other way.
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Amanda - He Changed The Plans (HD)

5:18 Minute HD Video: he was ready to head down to the pool, to spend the afternoon relaxing. But he decided on an alternative. For her tTo spend the afternoon in tight bondage. Hogtied. Cleave gagged. Rolling around on the bed. Yet still enjoying every moment of it, more than spending the afternoon in the cold pool water. .Because she had one hope. That when he returned and could smell the scent of a very aroused young woman that had filled the room, he would do something about it.
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Roxanna - More Was Happening Than Just the Bondage

5:40 Minute HD Video: He had bound her. Tight. That's what he always did. She was struggling. That's what she always did. But then something else began to happen. The peril of not being able to get loose had become excitement. Erotic excitement. Arousal. The whimpers were becoming moans. Had he known that this would happen? She didn't know. And she didn't care. Because whether he knew it or not, whether he planned it or not, it was. And all she could do was try to enjoy it. She would definitely do that.
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Christine - There's Only A Frist Time Once

6:21 Minute HD Video: Her first time in tight bondage. And the first time is always the best. As our damsel discovered what the tight ropes feel like. Wrapped around her body. No escape, no matter how much she struggles. And those whimpers have no effect, at least not on him.. Then there's one more thing that happens; her sexual engine begins its trek to high gear. An uncontrollable trip, even if she wanted to. And usually those bondage virgins don't. She didn't. This was her ride of a lifetime. Should would want to do it again. And again. And again.
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