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Sharon - Hanging By Her Wrists, On Her Toes, Waiting For Him (HD)

6:55 Minute HD Video: She didn't have to wait long. It was soon that his hands were on her body. Her sounds, beginning as whimpers, soon became erotic moans. Removing her top, pulling the bottom of her outfit down, exposing her butt cheeks. Letting her soon feel the sting of the mult-tailed whip as it brutally caressed her young body. Was it what she wanted? Maybe. But it didn't matter. It was what HE wanted. And what he would do. (Interactive HD video)
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Jessica - She Might Be Enjoying The Brutality (HD)

7:19 Minute HD Video: He had introduced her to bondage. Now she was learning about its brutality, her wrists pulled up into a painful reverse prayer. Ballgagged. Frogtied. And struggling hard. But something else was happening. Her young sexual engine was kicking into high gear. The whimpering began to sound like moans. And the room began to fill with the cent of a very aroused young woman. Was she enjoying the bondage torment? The answer just might be yes.
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Bella - The Unforgiving Chains

5:54 Minute Video: Ropes would sometimes leave marks on her soft young body. But she would be reminded of the tight, unforgiving chains every time she looked at her arms and legs. Her struggling and yanking hard on her chained limbs would do that He had done his work well, chaining her arms to her legs. The ballgag pulled deep into her mouth also kept her quiet.
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Jenny - Corset, Black Stockings, Heels - And More Handcuff Bondage

10:12 Minute Video: He had already done it once, taken her love of fetish - and fetish clothing - to a new level. When she returned with the same type of outfit it was an easy choice for both of them. Let's do it again And they did! More handcuffs, ankle cuffs, hogcuffed and ballggged. Strugling, whimpering and moaning. And wondering, if doing this to her twice, what he had planned next. She wanted to find out. Soon.
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Jenny - Corset, Stockings, Heels. And Handcuff Bondage

7:09 Minute Video: She was wearing the black corset, stocking and heels, an outfit that screamed fetish. He said he'd take it to the next level. So he added the metal hand and ankle cuffs. And a duct tape gag. But he wanted her to wait a little while, to let he struggle. To let her feel her sexual engine begin it's erotic trip to the cliff's edge. That's where he wanted her to be. Craving him. Willing to let him do anything he wanted to do. She was almost there.
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Carmen - A Little Black Dress, HIgh Heels - And Chains

8:20 Minute Video: Every young gal has her favorite little black dress. And the matching black high heels. But he added the chains. Her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer, her ankles wrapped by the unforgiving metal, and hogtied. And a black ducttape gag. All she had to do was escape. She couldn't do that on her own, her only hope was calling someone using her cellphone he had left it on the floor next to her. hE WAS SURE THAT WOULDN'T HAPPEN.
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Bella - Her Mouth Got Her Into Trouble - Again

7:14 Minute Video: It's what she said to him, that she could get loose from anything. It was like a challenge. And he responded. Not rope, but chains. Wrapped around her body. He wrists pulled back over her head. Her legs crossed and chained. And a duct tape gag. It soon became apparent to her that there would be no escape, that she would not get loose. And that once again she had gotten herself into trouble. But maybe - just maybe - that's what she really wanted!
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Sharon - Teasing And Tormenting His Bondage Toy (HD)

5:24 Minute HD Video: She no longer had any doubt. She belonged to him, she was his bondage toy. Not only could he do whatever he wanted, anything that he wanted, any time that he wanted, she knew that she would enjoy it. This time he had her legs spread wide and tied, then pulled up into a semi-suspension, adding to that a hair hogtie. With the erotic torment and tickling of the soles of her feet, torment in itself since she could barely move. (Interactive HD video)
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Roxanna - Suspended Sentence (HD)

5:43 Minute HD Video: It's what happens when you try to steal. From the wrong person. She came in to work but thought he wouldn't noticed if she took a few things with her. She called them souvenirs. He gave her a choice. For him, an easy one. For her not as easy. Either he called the cops or she agreed to whatever he decided to do. He called it a suspended sentence. Soon she understood. (Interactive FULL SCREEN HD video)
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Sharon - Spread Wide (HD)

3:56 Minute HD Video: He had never done this before. the ropes were tight, she was used to that. The ballgag jammed into her mouth has become very familiar. But this time her legs were spread wide, held that way by the bamboo bar; her wrists bound to each ankle. It made her feel very vulnerable And when he pushed her, with her laying on her back, her legs seemed spread even wider. Then on to the teasing, the tickling, the erotic torment. And maybe more. (Interactive HD video)
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Amanda - Tight Bondage, Cleave Gag, Nipple Clamps and More (HD)

5:30 Minute HD Video ; Those are a few of her favorite things. On the floor, tied, her firm young breasts exposed, cleave gagged and blindfolded. And that's only the beginning. Add to it the teasing and erotic torment. Feeling the leather crop against her soft young body. Tickling. And clamps fastened tight against her rock hard nipples.It's what he does to her. What she wants him to do. (Interactive FULL SCREEN 1280 x 720 HD video)
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Sharon - It's Going To Be A Long Night (HD)

6:20 Minute HD Video: Bound on the bed. Her wrists tied. Her legs spread wide, her ankles bound to a spreader bar. Ballgagged. And then it began. The leather riding crop smacking her young body. The teasing, the tickling, the erotic torment. And when he was done she was back where she started. Still on the bed, still hogtied. With once difference. She was aroused. And she wanted him to come back. Because there is much more that she wanted him to do to her. (Interactive HD video)
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Juliana - Bondage Chain Hell

10:14 Minute Video: Tight ropes usually leave marks on her soft skin. She worried about what the brutal chains would do. Wrapped around her wrists, pulling her elbows tight. Around her ankles and then used for a hogtie. Ducttape gagged, she could only make those whimpering sounds. Escape? That was something she couldn't even think about. Not even difficult. Impossible. But she still had to struggle, to try. Which she did. (Classic BondageDamsels video)
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Vicki - Chain Bondage - Not Going Anywhere, Not Now, Not Even Soon

10:01 Minute Video: Her hands pulled up over her head and chained tight. Her legs frogtied, unyielding chains holding them together. Duct tape gagged. A combination that she might call a few of her favorite things. That is, unless she was left alone in the room, able not struggle but not much else. Not even any thoughts of escape. And not knowing when - or if - he was returning to release her. This could be a very long weekend. Maybe that's no all bad! (Classic BondageDamsels video)
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Foxy - Chains And Tight Brutal Bondage

6:40 Minute Video: Rope was tight. Until she found something even tighter. Metal and chains. Chains around her wrists and ankles, in a chain hogtie. Handcuffs pulling her elbows together tight. They're definitely going to leave a marks on her soft, young body. The only noise that she could make from behind the ducttape gag was that whimpering sound he continued to struggle and to look around, expecting someone to rescue and release her. Soon. Hopefully. Maybe
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Albi Rose - From The Rigger's Perspective (HD)

5:20 Minute Video: It's something that many wonder about - what it's like to be a bondage rigger. In this video, you get to see it, to watch and to feel like you're there. As he tickles and teases the hogtied and topless damsel. For Albi Rose, it's tight bondage. Ballgagged. Then teasing, tickling, erotic torment. And more; one hand around her throat, the other between her legs. Pushing her young body to that erotic cliff. It's an erotic video unlike anything you've ever seen. (Interactive FULL SCREEN 1280 x 720 HD video)
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