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Amanda - She's In Brutal Bondage - And In Trouble (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She wasn't sure what to expect but she found out quickly: Tight, brutal bondage; her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer, her ankles crossed, then hogtied. A ballgag jammed into her mouth. On the bed, looking around as if she would find something nearby to help her escape. Struggling hard. As if that also might help. Rolling her young body around. But soon learning two things. First, that there would be no escape. Second, that she was beginning to enjoy this.
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Roxanna - It's What He Does

9:56 Minute HD Video: No one could ever figure out how he got into an apartment; he just showed up. Usually while the occupant - always a young female - was sleeping. Like today. She was in a relaxing sleep; she didn't know what was happening until it was too late. Until he had grabbed her wrists, pulled her arms behind her back, binding them tight. hen her legs, frogtied. Last, the ballgag. And then just walking away, leaving her tightly bound on the bed. Or would he return?. Maybe she would find out.. Probably not.
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Kitty - Come And Get Me (HD)

5:08 Minute HD Video: That's what the look said on her face. She wanted him to come and get her. To do whatever - anything! - that he wanted to do to her. She's a bondage slut; the tight, brutal ropes do things to her. Including, and especially, pushing her young sexual engine into high gear. Until he comes back - until he comes - she'll struggle on the bed. Whimper. And moan. Thinking about the things that she wants him to do. What she hope he will do to her. And soon. Whatever it is she'll be ready for it.
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Tanya - Every Which Way - But Loose (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: The way he had bound her. her body was being yanked hard in different directions. She knew that escape was impossible, she could barely move. She also felt what this was doing to her. Getting her aroused, her sexual engine moving faster and faster. Those sounds she was making, those whimpers, soon began to sound like moans. She also knew what she wanted him to do. But she wasn't sure when - or even if - that would happen. She could only hope it would be soon. And moan more thinking about that.
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Jessica and Patricia - More Than Just Shibari Suspension Bondage (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Video: They were doing what they do best. And enjoy the most. Playing their bondage games. This time it was Patricia - the feisty redhead - who was suspended in the shibari-style brutal bondage. Ballgagged. And exposed to whatever teasing, tickling and erotic torment that Jessica wanted to do. And torment it was. From the riding crop - feeling it on her soft body. To tickling, which might not be too bad - except when there is no escape from it. To erotic torment, feeling Jessica's hands probe her body.
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Lorri - Tightly Bound - Into The Night (HD)

5:40 Minute HD Video: She knew that he was going to keep here this way, tightly bound, rope gagged, for a while. But she wasn't sure how long. And she didn't find out until he shut off the lights and left the room. That she would stay that way all night. She would not get loose from the ropes. No whimpering, no moaning, no struggling would make him return. And she was sure that no one would hear her. It was going to be a long night. (NOTE: The video gets darker as the light are turned off)
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Roxanna - Hair Hogtie Hell (HD)

4:51 Minute HD Video: She could barely move. Too much movement pulled her head back more, pulling even harder on her hair. .Yet she was still trying to reach up and grab the rope. Was it to loosen it or to pull it tighter? She could only move her hips, grinding them back and forth. showing him what this was doing to her. And telling him what she wanted. Soon.
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Jessica - He Did It Again - The Way She Wanted It (HD)

5:04 Minute HD Video: He was In her bedroom. Waking her from a sound sleep. Waking her to tight, no-escape bondage. What she wanted him to do, paid him to do. No matter how much she begged, how much she struggled, he was not to stop. Not until she was hogtied. And ducttape gagged. Then it would be too late. The only noises would be the whimpering, the pleading, and then the moaning. As the bondage pushed her body to its sexual cliff. And maybe over the edge.
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Roxanna - It's What She Wanted - And Paid For (HD)

4:56 Minute HD Video: She can't complain, even if she could with the ballgag jammed into her mouth. Because she got what she wanted. And what she paid for. Tightly bound and gagged, she wanted to find out what it really felt like. And that's what she got. But she forgot one thing. She forgot to tell him to come back and let her loose, forgot to tell him to untie her. So she could only do one thing. And that was struggle. She also learned to be careful - very careful - what you wish for!
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Marta - Shibari Suspension Hogtie And The Riding Crop (HD)

5:21 Minute HD Video: She said that she wanted something intense, something brutal. Something that would drive her wild. He knew what that was. Beginning with a brutal shibari suspense hogtie. Ballgagged. And then teased and tormented with the riding crop. Letting the tip of the leather crop smack her body, making those nasty sounds. His hands also on her body, grabbing wherever he wanted. Including her throat. She got what she wanted. So did he. (Interactive HD Vidclip)
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Lorri - Whatever Her Daddy Wants (HD)

5:01 Minute HD Video: It's very simple for the Daddy's girl. Whatever he wants. that's what she gives him. Beginning with her in a tight bondage hogtie, her wrists and elbows pulled tight, her legs bound. Ballgagged. And struggling hard. Knowing that there will be no escape, also knowing it's what he wants her to do. And then comes the riding crop, The room quickly filled with the sound of her moans, squeals, and the snap of the leather crop against her young body. (Interactive HD Vidclip)
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Janet - Never Again (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: Never again would she let anyone get near her with rope to tie her wrists and ankles, hogtie her, jam a ballgag into her mouth. Struggling to get loose, soon realizing that there would be no escape. Wondering what he would do next, when he returned. If he returned. Buty she did realize one thing: that the tight bondage and the thoughts of being a damsel in danger were having an effect. A sexual effect, Which made her think abut one more thing.
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Kitty - His Newest Bondage Toy (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She was his newest bondage toy, his Daddy's girl. Like a playful kitten, she lived up to her name. It didn't take long for both of them to find out that she liked bondage. She liked it tight. Her elbows yanked together, touching, her bound ankle pulled up into a hogtie, a ballgag jammed into her willing and waiting mouth. She wanted to be able to struggle - which she did - but not to be able to get loose from the ropes. At least not until he was ready to release her.
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Katerina and Jessica - Nasty Bondage Games (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: This is no ordinary bondage game - it's Katerina using a riding crop and other brutal toys on Jessica. Plus the tickling, teasing and erotic torment. But there's one thing that it is: both of them enjoying every moment of it! (Interactive HD vidclip)
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Lorri - She's In Trouble - That's What She Wanted (HD)

5:21 Minute HD Video: She thought she had locked her apartment door. Apparently not; or he was good at opening doors. He was also good at one other thing: tight bondage. Finding her asleep in the bed, he set to work. Tying her wrists, elbows, and ankles. Adding a hogtie rope. And a ducttape gag. When he was done he turned on the light. Not only so he could see his captive, but so she could see what he had done. She had hired him to do this; he had done it well (Interactive HD vidclip)
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Jessica - She Got What She Paid For (HD)

5:40 Minute HD Video: She craved bondage. But she could not get enough of it. She had found him online. He was good at the ropes. And he promised to surprise her. Which he did, by showing up during the night while she was sleeping. Grabbing her, and tying her into a hogtie. A ducttape gag. And then leaving her there to struggle, to whimper, to try to escape. And maybe - just maybe - coming back to release her from the rope. That's what she wanted. That what she got. (Interactive HD vidclip)
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