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Jessica and Jenni - Dominating Jenni (HD)

10:09 Minute High Definition Video: It's what they had wanted to do for a long time; they knew each other, they both craved bondage, This was their opportunity. It began with Jenni's wrists already tied, as Jessica used what she had learned about bondage to hogtie - and gag - her friend. And then the tickling, the teasing, the erotic torment. Grabbing, stroking, Jenni's breasts, running her fingers between her legs, feeling the warmth and the wetness. More than they could have ever expected.
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Bianca and Roxanna - This Revenge Is Hot (HD)

5:24 Minute High Definition Video: There is a phrase about how revenge is best serviced; Roxanna had her own ideas. Bianca had teased, tickled and torment her several times, as Roxanna had hung, suspended and bound. But it was now Roxanna's turn, to tease, torment and tickle her friend. To run her hands across her soft body, to slide her fingers into her already-soaked panties. And to listen as Bianca moans. wanting even more. Which is why this revenge is hot. Very hot.
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Jessica and Polina - It Wasn't Just A Burglary (HD)

10:24 Minute High Definition Video: e used to be a burglar, but found himself in a different business. It began with him tying up one of his victims to rob her, only to have her roommate show up. He then would watch - from his hiding place - as the roommate would tease, torment and tickle the bound and gagged victim. Now he gets paid to do this. Hired by Polina - unknown to the victim, Jessica. The struggling and whimpering seemed real. As he was also sure that their playtime would be.just as real.
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Alexa and Bianca - It Doesn't Matter How She Got This Way (HD)

5:53 Minute High Definition Video: It only matters to her how - and when - she was going to get loose. Laying on the floor, her wrists bound, her legs spread wide and ballgagged, Alexa knew that she was in trouble. No, it wasn't the bondage, it was when she realized that Bianca could do whatever she wanted to. Tickling, teasing and sexually tormenting Alexa. Grabbing her hair, yanking her head up. Anything to show her - to remind her - who was in charge. As if there was any doubt
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Albi Rose and Alexa - Erotic Bondage Massage (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: Alexa had promised her roommate, Albi Rose, a special: a massage. What her roommate didn't know was that it would be more than that; it would involve bondage. It was going to be a night of massage, teasing, tickling, and erotic torment. With the sounds of moaning filling the room. The tightly hogtied and gagged Albi Rose couldn't do anything about it, even if she wanted to. Which she didn't.
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Sophie - Suspended In Bondage Hell (HD)

5:13 Minute High Definition Video: She knew two things. First, she wasn't going to get loose from the suspension rope bondage until he was ready to release her And that he could do anything he wanted to do to her. No that she wouldn't enjoy it; she would. She just didn't have a choice. Spinning her young body around, sliding his finger beneath her tight panties. Grabbing her hair, her throat. And smacking, spanking, her butt, the sound echoing in the room.
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Jessica - Shibari Bondage Hogtie - What She Thought She Wanted (HD)

5:22 Minute High Definition Video: It's what she thought she wanted. But as his teasing and torment got worse, she wasn't sure. The shibari hogtie bondage. Brutal, tight ropes. Ballgagged. Teasing. Sexual torment. Tickling. Whether she had wanted it or not, it didn't matter. All she could do was try to enjoy it. And as those soft moans began to escape from deep within her soul, it became clear that she was.
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Trina - Shibari Suspension Hogtie - And Enjoying It (HD)

5:27 Minute High Definition Video: She told him that he could do whatever he wanted to do. That's a dangerous thing to say, she knew that. But she took a chance. And it paid off. Shibari bondage. Tight Ropes. Suspended. Hogtied. And ballgagged. As she would tell him later, definitely some of her favorite things. Being teased, tickled and tormented - erotic torment. A smile on her face the entire time, her eyes shining. And enjoying every moment.
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Sophie - It Was Going To Be A Long Night (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: He had been watching her, waiting for her. And ready for her. She made it easier by not locking her apartment door. In less than a few moments, he had her tightly bound, ballgagged, and hanging from the suspension frame. As she realized how much trouble she was in. Struggling - as best she could while he had her young body spinning around and around - and whimpering. And wondering what was coming next.
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Roxanna - Robbery Gone Wrong (HD)

3:10 Minute High Definition Video: The store owner always told her that if someone ever robbed the place, to cooperate. To give them whatever they wanted. And that everything would work out okay. But she never expected this! She cooperated, she gave him the money, she even agreed to let him tie her up. For her own safety, he had said. But when he was done, she was tightly bound, ballgagged. And suspended. Hanging precariously from the metal bar in the storage area.
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Jenni - Brutal Torment - Physical And Mental (HD)

5:14 Minute High Definition Video: She was used to it by now. Shibari suspension bondage. Hanging from the wooden suspension frame, bound tightly, often tormented and teased. Not getting loose, not even able to touch the floor, spinning around. But this time was different. He had bound her low enough that she could touch the floor. Barely. Enough that she would think that there was something that she could do. To get loose. And to stop the torment. But she was wrong.
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Bianca and Roxanna - More Erotic Bondage Play (HD)

5:22 Minute High Definition Video: Two gorgeous blondes. One - Roxanna - bound, suspended from the wooden frame, nearly naked. Ballgagged and blindfolded. And before the day is done, her nipples squeezed hard and tight by the nipple clampse. The other - Bianca - who enjoys being on the giving end of the teasing, tickling and erotic torment. It's what you get when they decide to play. The room filled with the sounds of whimpering and moaning. It's what they want.
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Bianca and Tiri - A Lesson Learned (HD)

5:16 Minute HD Video: He discovered that his trophy wife, Bianca, had been teasing and sexually tormenting his daughter, Bianca's step-daughter. He would put an end to this in a way that they would both understand. Hanging by their wrists, topless, their breasts pushing against each other, a double ballgag keeping their mouth's full and close to each other. A night that began with struggling and whimpering ended with moaning. And a lesson learned by both of them.
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Katerina - It's Not How She Wanted To Be Found (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She liked bondage, a lot. But being found on the floor, hogtied, her elbows yanked back hard and tight, ballgagged, could be difficult to explain. To her husband. She had a friend with benefits - bondage benefits. But when she told him that it had to end, he wasn't happy. So her bound her tightly and then left her this way. She was going to have a lot of explaining to do. Especially the scent of a very aroused young woman that had filled the room.
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Alexa - Pet Training (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: Every so often, she does things that she later realizes she shouldn't have done. Like today. Walking into the room wearing his favorite outfit - black bra, panties and bright red high heels. And thinking that meant that she could do whatever she wanted. Wrong. Very wrong. Which told him that his cute young pet needed a day in a bondage hogtie. Ballgagged. Struggling as much as she wanted, yet knowing that she would not get loose from the ropes.
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Kira - She's In Trouble

10:18 Minute Video: She hadn't even heard him come in, probably something about her mind being elsewhere. At least she had on SOME clothes. Because the next thing she knew she was tied - hogtied - on the bed. And gagged with that nasty, sticky ducttape All she could do was struggle. And she did that. Roll around on the bed, trying to get loose. And hope - really hope - that she could get loose and call for help before his attention turned to her. But, then again, maybe not!
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