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Sammi - It Was Part Of Her Training (HD)

5:18 Minute High Definition Video: She had worked a lot of jobs; this one was different. It didn't start out that way; it just ended that way. It was supposed to be retail sales; training was everything she expected. Until he got to the this is what could happen if you're robbed and then taken to the back room. Which is when she realized that she was enjoying this, as whimpering began to sound like erotic moans. She wondered what would be the next part of the training; she knew what she wanted it to be.
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Roxanna - She Didn't Have A Choice (HD)

5:19 Minute High Definition Video: She was going to end up in bondage, he had made that much clear. And she could either cooperate. Or else. She didn't like those last two words. This was different. Not tied, not hogtied, not on the floor. But hanging, suspended, from a horizon bar. Once he was done, she would be completely vulnerable. When he returned, he could do anything that he wanted to do. But as she struggled and as the whimpers became moans, she realized that she might really like his idea.
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Jamie - This Is Going To Hurt

10:20 Minute Video: And leave some marks, too. She was used to tight bondage, especially her elbows being yanked together hard and tight, and being hogtied. And she enjoyed it, she craved it. But he decided to make this one tougher, using very unforgiving chains to bind her young body. Chains that would not come loose no matter how hard she struggled, chains that would leave marks on her soft, tender body. It's a classic BondageDamsels vidclip!
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Jenni - He Promised Her A Night In His Bed (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: She thought she knew what he was promising; she couldn't have been more wrong. Tonight would be a night of a brutal hemp-rope hogtie. Her legs crossed, one end of the rope tied to her wrists, the other to her toes. More rope wrapped around her young body. And ballgagged. Struggling would be difficult, painful. And frustrating because the brutal ropes were pushing her sexual engine into high gear. And there was nothing that she could do about it except struggle more. And moan.
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Nikita - To The Highest Bidder (HD)

5:25 Minute High Definition Video: He had played with her many time. He had bound her, gagged, her, teased her, sexually tormented her. And now he was done with her. The picture - the video - of her tied to the suspension frame would go out over the Net to a very select group of people. Perverts, all of them. And wanting to take her training, and her torment, to the next level. Did she like the idea? Probably not. Was there anything that she could do about it? Definitely not.
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Rebecca - Chained Reverse Prayer Hell

10:15 Minute Video A reverse prayer - her wrists pulled up behind her back - can be brutal, painful. But add chains to it, and it pushes it to a bondage hell. That's what is happening to her. Her wrists pulled up so high and tight that she can grab her own hair. Her ankles frogtied. An o-ring gag jammed into her mouth. It can't get any worse. That's what she keeps telling herself. But she's not sure; if he will do this to her, what more will he do when he returns?
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Bianca- Not Her Choice (HD)

5:14 Minute High Definition Video: It wasn't her choice to be bound - brutal suspension bondage - ballgagged and exposed. She didn't want this, she didn't want to do it. The choice was his and there was nothing that she could do about it. He would also choose to tease her body, erotic torment. His hands and fingers exploring every part of her body. What she hated the most? That it was beginning to turn her on. He sexual engine beginning to climb to its peak. And there was also nothing that she could do about that.
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Alina - It Was Only The Beginning (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: A blonde bondage virgin, it was her first time. What she expected was the tight hemp rope. And a hogtie, plus a ballgag jammed into her waiting and willing mouth. That's what she got. But she was surprised that she was enjoying it. The struggling and whimpering soon became erotic moans, as her sexual engine got pushed to high gear. She wasn't sure what to expect when he returned. She had that feeling, deep inside her soul, that whatever it was she would enjoy it.
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Carissa - Hitachi Magic - And Torment

5:35 Minute Video: It's what she said that she wanted - to be bound, ballgagged, teased and sexually tormented. And to be pushed - forced - into an orgasm. What she didn't expect was that he would push her. Harder and harder. Again and again. Until the pleasures of an orgasm became torment. Of one. After another. After another. He'd tell her - later - to be careful what she wished for. When her mind returned and her gorgeous body quit shaking.
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Nikita - She Wanted It - Needed It - This Way (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: After spending her younger years as a glamour model, she was ready to quit. All of it. No more time in front of the camera. And then he introduced her to bondage. It was a shock to her mind - and body - that she could again enjoy being photographed this much. As long as she was tightly bound, gagged and struggling. She also found out about the sexuality, the eroticism, of bondage, as her sexual engine got pushed higher and faster.
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Natalie - She's Back For More (HD)

5:09 Minute High Definition Video: He had done this to her before. Tight bondage. Rope tied from her long black hair down to her feet. Her toes tied. And an o-ring gag jammed into her mouth. She remembered this well. She also remembered how warm and wet her mouth got from gag. And what she wanted him to do. Lots of struggling, whimpering. And moaning. Which is why she came back. For more. He didn't disappoint her. She wouldn't disappoint him.
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Shannon - Not Enough Redheads - And Not Enough Redheads In Brutal Bondage (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: There are several things there are not enough of; the first is redheads. Feisty redheads who have an attitude. The second is redheads in tight, brutal, suspension bondage. Where that attitude is adjusted. Shannon fulfilled both. Suspended in bondage. Her young body exposed to whatever he wanted to do. Whether it be teasing - including sliding his fingers between her legs - erotic torment or tickling. It was going to be a long night. And both of them planned to enjoy it.
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Jessica - She Wanted More (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: Lots of tight ropes, and her young body arched hard with a rope pulling tight from her toe to the o-ring gag strap. She could barely move, even putting her head down, resting it on the floor, would pull the ropes and the gag even tight. She didn't think he could get any more brutal. But she was wrong, so VERY wrong! She had told him that she wanted more. She got what she wanted. Now there was only one more thing, and she was already wet and waiting!
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Roxanna - Hair Hogtie Hell Again (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: For her once was not enough. Her first trip to hair hogtie hell did several things. It taught her about tight bondage. But it also made her realize that it was something she wanted, needed and craved. This time wearing only her bright red bra and thong panties. Bound, ballgagged. And though she was struggling, she was also enjoying it; the whimpers were soon to become moans. Before the night was done she might also learn more about bondage. There was more he had to teach her.
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Serene Isley - She Thought She Could Get Loose

4:46 Minute Video: That's what she thought. Her wrists and elbows pulled back, touching, looking as if they were welded together. The leather straps folding her body; another leather strap pulling her feet up to her thighs. Her mouth filled with a huge ballgag. She did manage to slip one of the straps loose. But only one. And that wasn't going to help. Yes, she thought she was going to get loose. But she was wrong. He liked it that way.
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Dolly - From An Erotic Book To A Brutal Reality (HD)

9:54 Minute High Definition Video: It was a book that she had found in her room; she didn't know who put it there. But it was an erotic story about a gorgeous young blonde - much like her - being grabbed, bound and then ... she had gotten to that point when she realized he was standing behind her, a man she had never seen before who quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her down to the floor. She struggled hard, she knew that she had to. But he soon had her in brutal bondage on the floor.
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