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Albi Rose - And When He Returned (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: That's nearly all she could think about. The way he had left her- tied, exposed, o-ring gagged and her jeans zippered down - told her that she could be in trouble. When he returned, he could do anything that he wanted, from making use of her forced-open mouth, grabbed her exposed breasts, or sliding his hand between her spread legs. Anything. One other thing she was thinking about - that whatever she did, she would enjoy it.
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Nikita - From The Runway To The Floor - Hogtied (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: She had worked hard as a glamour model, spending lots of time on the runway. She's still working hard, struggling hard, this time to escape from the tight hemp ropes. To somehow get that ballgag from between her lips. Neither is going to happen. Not now. Not even soon. She was used to the hot lights of the runway and the modeling studio; she learned that something else was hot - her! As the bondage drove her young sexual engine to its peak. And beyond.
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Susi - Her First Time (HD)

5:13 Minute High Definition Video: There's a lot to be said for busting a bondage cherry. For her, we had several special things planned. Of course, her elbows pulled tight and hard. Hogtied. A ballgagged jammed into her mouth, the strap pulled tight And then getting to watch herself in the mirror, to see her own young body, tightly bound, struggling hard. No, Suisi, there won't be any gettling loose, at least not for a while. And, yes, we have more planned for you. Soon.
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Bianca - Waiting For Him (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: A gorgeous blonde trophy wife can feel like she's not needed, not wanted. Not her. She had arranged for someone to tie her in the back stairway from the parking garage to their condo. He always took the stairs, he would find her whimpering, moaning, waiting for him, wanting him, But what she didn't know was that he had called her not long ago leaving a message that was working late, very large. Yes, she was waiting for him. But it was going to be a long - and frustrating - wait.
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Nikita - It Still Wasn't What She Wanted (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: When she was young, they called her little Nikita, the gorgeous young girl with the piercing eyes. She began modeling, soon working her way to upper levels of her profession. She was sought out; she was in charge. But she soon realized that it still wasn't what she wanted. Which is when she wandered into our world And found herself at home. Where the struggling would become moaning. She now knew what she wanted. She wanted more.
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Alexa and Bianca - It Became Time for Fun (HD)

8:45 Minute High Definition Video: It started with a burglar grabbing Alexa, using the ropes to tightly hogtie her, forcing a ballgag into her willing and waiting mouth, And when he was done, leaving her for for roommate to find. f you think there's more to the story, there probably is. Was he a burglar, or did one of them hire him? Bianca didn't seem surprised to find Alexa on the floor; and she definitely was enjoying every moment of it. As did Alexa as the victim. Being teased, tickled and erotically tormented.
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Albi Rose and Alexa - Teaching Her The Sexual Side Of Bondage (HD)

10:21 Minute High Definition Video: Albi Rose was going to show her young friend that there was more to bondage than brutality and torment. There was an erotic, sexual side. And Alexa wanted to learn. It began with Alexa hogtied, ballgagged and unable to protect her young body - not that she wanted to. And continued with the tickling, teasing and erotic torment could push her sexual engine into high gear. As the whimpering - and laughing - sounds became moans of ecstasy.
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Bianca - This Is How She Is Going To Be Found (HD)

5:07 Minute High Definition Video: She could accept that a burglar broke into her her apartment, was still there when she came home. She could accept that he had taken her jewelry, her valuables. She could even accept that he had left her tied - and gagged - in the storeroom. But she couldn't accept what the bondage had done to her. She had gone from struggling and whimpering to moaning, her arousal to the point that she didn't care who did it. She just wanted it, the sexual satisfaction. Now. And hard.
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Polina - Bondage Trouble (HD)

5:33 Minute High Definition Video: Two men in her life. One was her new husband. A good man. But he didn't light her fire. She needed, craved tight bondage followed by a night of bondage sex. The other man, her former boyfriend, who could kick her young sexual engine into high gear and keep her whimpering, moaning, all night..On the day that was supposed to be their last playtime, he wasn't happy. So he left her to be found by her husband. when he came home. But maybe - just maybe - he'd finally get the idea.
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Jessica & Polina - Getting To The Point (HD)

10:56 Minute High Definition Video: And the point is bondage. Tickling, the easing, sexual torment. Two damsels - Jessica as the tormentor, Polina as the other the captive. But is this also topping from the bottom, where Polina wanted this from her roommate. Picking out the costume - the head piece - from a local store. Finding the sword online. But does it really matter, since both are enjoying it. Every moment of it. And wanting more.
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Erin - She Likes It, A Lot (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It didn't take her long to discover that she liked the bondage. And she liked it tight. Especially when her elbows were pulled together hard, her wrists and ankles bound and then hogtied. She liked it even more when she struggled, feeling the thin ropes tugging on her soft, young skin. But she still thought it was a game, that when she was tired of it he would let her go. She couldn't be more wrong. Because she had now taken one step closer to being his, to being owned by him. To the moment where it was more than a game. Much more.
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Katerina - It Could Be Worse (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: She had a hard time convincing herself, but as she hung there, her wrists and ankles bound to the vertical storage shelves, her perky young breasts she realized that it could be worse. Only a few buttons held her skirt in place. Her thong panties could be ripped from her body with little effort. Then it hit her: he didn't do that. But that wouldn't prevent someone else - someone who found her this way - from doing it. And then using her body in almost any way. Any brutal way.
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Dolly & Leeza - She Doesn't Know How She Ended Up This Way (HD)

10:45 Minute High Definition Video: Leeza didn't know how her roommate, dolly, ended up on the floor, hogtied, ballgagged. But she wasn't going to waste it. She had always wanted to tell dolly about her attraction to bondage, teasing, tickling, sexual torment. And her attraction to her roomate. Before today she never had that chance. Until now. This would be a day that they would both enjoy. And never forget.
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Bianca and Bella - Barely Able To Move - But She Might LIke It That Way (HD)

11:16 Minute High Definition Video: The ropework was tight - maybe even brutal. Bianca was sure of one thing, she could barely move. And Bella took advantage of that. Of course she did! Teasing. And torment. Sliding her hands over Bianca's body, even up between her legs. Letting her feel the passion, and pushing her sexual engine into high gear. Quickly following by digging her nails into the blonde's soft skin. Smacking her on her butt cheeks. Those quick moment of torment followed by more erotic teasing, more passion. And driving Bianca up a wall. Which might just be what both of them wanted.
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Polina - The Tutor Was Taught About Bondage

5:13 Minute High Definition Video: She needed money; any college student does. So she decided to try a few part time jobs; one was as a tutor. It sounded easy; she was smart, she knew a lot. But she lacked one thing: common sense, That would have told her that her student wasn't the one to teach her, the tutor. Especially when he used phrases like teaching her the ropes. And when it involved removing all of her clothes except for her white panties and stockings? But she did it. And she learned a couple of lessons.
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Albi Rose - They Wouldn't Do It To Her Again - Would They? (HD)

3:00 Minute High Definition Video: It had been a while since she was caught shoplifting at the upscale mall; security had treated her roughly, stripping her of most of her clothes, and tormenting her young body with tight bondage. Then told not to return, not soon, not ever. But she needed a couple of new outfits and shoplifting was the cheapest way to get them. Of course, she was caught-again. Ending up in the same back room. This time it was more intense, and he camera pointed at her, turned on, and what happened next fed to the internet. Her only hope? That someone was recording it. So she could watch it again. And again. And again.
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