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Bianca: The Silver Bullet Drives Her Wild - Bondage HD

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: He challenged her. To slide that silver bullet between her legs and deep inside her. Then to pull her thong panties back up. Which is when he tightly bound and gagged her. And it began. The vibrations at full force. She's jolted her body every time it got her close to that moment. close but not quite there. Time after time after time. It other moments the smoothness of it simply aroused her. Until it jolted her again. It was driving her crazy. As he knew it would. It drove her almost everywhere. Except over that edge.
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Danita: She Remembers Every Moment - Bondage HD

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: She remembers it all. When he had her bound and was buried deep inside her. She felt as if her young body was going to be split in half. Yes, she remembers what it felt like. And she wants it to happen again. Until then, she will squirm on the bed, thrusting her hips back and forth. s she envisions him on top of hr. And once again deep inside her.
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Alina and Rose: Who's Having More Fun - OnScreen Teasing and Torment Bondage HD

5:21 Minute Bondage Video: Rose have having lots of fun teasing her older sister, Alina. And running her hands all over her body. But Alina is enjoying it, to. Tonight she's the bondage toy. She won't get free fromn the ropes, she has no doubt of doubt. But she's not sure that she wants too. Not now. Nt even soon.
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Kelly and Maggie: What They Want NOW - Two-Damsel Bondage HD

5:08 Minute Bondage Video: It's what they want. To do whatever they have to do to get to that orgasm. Rubbing against each other, bumping and grinding against each other. At least they are bound - and gagged - face to face. Maggie's hands were pulled above her head. But Kelly's hands were tied around her friend. Able to them together, touching. And to slid her finders between Maggie's legs. Maybe they will get what they both want. And get it now.
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Bianca - Physical And Mental Torment (HD)

5:09 Minute High Definition Video: She had spent a lot of time in bondage. Sometimes brutal, always tight. But suspension was new to her. From the look in her eyes, the stare, the glare, it looked like she had gone into her own sub space, And it stayed that way for a while, regardless of what he did to her. Grabbing, tickling, teasing. Until she began to enjoy it.
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Jenni and Roxanna - Teased, Tormented & Tickled - Bondage Play (HD)

4:12 Minute HD Video: It's what they do, it's what they enjoy, it's what they crave. Beginning with bondage. And then going from there. To the teasing, tickling, erotic torment, spanking. And even using the riding crop. This time it['s Jenni's turn to be the bound damsel. And Roxanna's s turn to torment her roommate. Both of them enjoying it. And neither of them wanting it to stop. Not now. Not even soon. (Interactive FULL SCREEN HD vidclip).
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Tonya: Wiping That Grin Off Of Her Face - OnScreen Bondage HD

7:04 Minute Bondage Video: He knew it wouldn't take long. She lay on the floor, tightly bound, grinning. As if she was planning to get a lot of enjoyment out of his bondage. It began with his foot pressing down on her back. Followed by the tickle torment. That grin was gone. Replaced by a whimpering noise from her soul. He had more plans for her. But those would wait for another day. But he was sure that her grin would never return.
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Brenda Jo: His Newest Toy - Bondage HD

5:08 Minute Bondage Video: He knew what he waned. He waned a new bondage toy. And he found her, walking through the college campus. It wasn't more than a few moment later that she would be in his apartment, on his bed, tightly bound and gagged. As she opened her eyes from the forced sleep, she wondered how she got this way. Her wrists pulled up in a reverse prayer - he knew that she would get lots of enjoyment out of her Flexibility. And a huge ball gag jammed into into her small mouth. She wondered what would happen next. He would show her soon.
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Rescue Gone Bad - OnScreen Bondage HD

8:03 Minute Bondage Video: Rose found her older sister Alina tightly bound and gagged. But before she could release her and ask her what happened, the Bad Man got his hands on Rose, binding her just as tightly. Both had there elbows tied, touching, and their wrists and ankles bound then pulled up into a hogtie. Then tied together. He knew that they would struggle, he waned them to do that. They would soon discover that there would would be no escape. He had two bund damsels; whatever he waned to do next would be twice as much fun for him.
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Amanda: Cuffed Elbows - Bondage HD

2:51 Minute Bondage Video: Her ropes pulled hard and tight with rope was, she thought, a very uncomfortable position. But the hard metal cuffs doing the same thing goes from uncomfortable to painful. Two more sets of cuffs around her wrists and ankles completes the hogtie style position. and that ball gag filling her mouth begins the drooling process. She hates drool. It makes her feel so very submissive when she can not even control that. She has no doubt that he knew wheat he was doing when he did this to her. Which told her that he had much more planned.
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Maggie: Tied Elbows - Bondage HD

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: That's only part of it. Her wrists and ankles are bound then hogtied. And a right gag pulled tight in her mouth. that's what she feels when she awakens. How did this happen? She doesn't know, but she'll have plenty of time to think about it. Yes, she struggles. Struggles hard. But the rope are too tight, too secure. There will be no escape. But that's only part of it. whoever did this is sure to return. Eventually. And is sure to have more plans for her. Her mouth forced wide open, getting wetter by the moment with her own drool, tells her that.
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Lady Erica: The enjoyable Torment of Tickling and Teasing

6:08 Minute Bondage Video: After spend years as a Domme, he was the only man who could force her to make that change to a submissive, especially a Bondage Submissive. And she enjoys every moment of it. The feel of the black leather crop on her butt cheeks and the sole of her her feet. His strong hands on her body. To her he is the Big Boss. the only Big boss in her lefe.
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What She Really Wants - Bondage HD Vid

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: She knows what she really wants. And she wants him to know. She wants to feel him deep inside her, splitting her body in half. And she doesn't cre if she is acting like a slut. Rolling her body back and forth. Burying her head in the mattress. The look in her eyes and the sounds from behind the duct tape gag say it all. Even telling him when she wants it. Not soon. but now.
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Alicia: Silver Bullet

5:08 Minute Bondage Video: When he said its name she wasn't quite sure what it was. But she soon found out. after he had her bound on the bed he slid her panties down then slowly, steadily, slid it deep inside of her, then pulling her black panties back up. And in a moment he used the remote control to turnit on. She then quickly found out what it was. And what it dide. It would keep her aroused. Her hip movement proed that. But it would not push her over the edge. That was the real torment.
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Erotic Torment - Bondage HD Vid

6:30 Minute Bondage Video: It's what the Big Boss does to her. Often. And even though she enjoys it there's still nothing she can do about it. Tightly bound - naked - to the wooden frame. And oversize ball gag jammed into her willing and waiting mouth. Clamps on her sensitive nipples. And a rope pulled hard and tight between her legs. She wants only one more thing. but she'll have to wait for that.
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Alina: A Surprise - Bondage HD

5:09 Minute Bondage Video: Had had asked her to dress in her black bra and panties. She would do anything for him, so she did. But he had a surprise for her; once he had to wrists and ankles hogcuffed, he slid her panties down, spread her legs as far as possible, and slid something he called "the silver bullet" inside of her. She could feel it inside of her, she could also feel it when he turned it on using the remote control. She was already horny, this made it worse. And there was nothing she culd do about it. Nothing except struggle and make those soft whimpering noises. As she als realized it was going to be a very long day.
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