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Erin - It Gets Worse (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: He didn't use a lot of rope; he didn't have to. All he had to do was to use it in the right way. Her arms spread wide, bound to the wooden bar. Her legs frogtied. Ballgagged And wearing only her black thong panties. Which meant that if he did what she feared most - flipped her on her back - with her arms spread wide and her ankles bound to her thighs there was nothing she could do, no way to protect herself. He would also realize that she was enjoying this. And she wanted more. Now
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Polina - No Ordinary Robbery (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: This wasn't any ordinary robbery, even though it had started out that way. He had walked into her store, quickly forced her into the back, storage room. It was then things began to change. He told her to strip. She didn't think she had much of a choice. She complied, though not willingly she did. Soon she was tightly bound, her arms spread wide, her wrists tied to opposing shelves. Ballgagged. And nearly naked.
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Bianca - It's Not What She Expected - Or Wanted (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She was used to getting into trouble, as a young, attractive blonde, she was also used to getting out of it. This time she scratched the side of her hubbie's new sportscar; it was bad. She was sure that she would have to do something to make him forget about it. Whatever it was, she was sure that she would be good at it and he would soon be thinking about other things. She didn't expect this.
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Bianca - It's What She Wanted, What She Needed (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: She had to be very careful. The hemp rope bondage forced her to stand on one leg - her other leg frogtied, bound to her thigh, and held up in a strappado-style position. If she moved too much, she could find herself in painful trouble. The ballgag jammed into her wet and warm young mouth kept her from making any noises other than those whimpering sounds. She wanted to be found. But she wanted - needed - something else. Soon. the last two will be coming later
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Polina - Brutal Torment Or Intense Erotic Pleasure? (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: She wasn't sure which it was. Maybe it was both. She was bound with her wrists pulled up to the horizontal bar, forced to stand on her toes. Ballgagged. And that most sensitive part of her body pressed hard against a wooden bar. Every time she moved - and she definitely struggled - she rubbed her clit against the bar. The friction - and the bondage - was torment. Yet it also pushed her sexual engine into high gear. The whimpering from the bondage became moaning. And the scent of a young woman who wanted more - much more - began to fill the room.
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Bianca - What The ... ???: (HD)

5:28 Minute High Definition Video: She had met him at the bar and invited him to her place for a drink. And more. It seemed like it was going to be a fun evening, especially when he told her that he had lots of experience as a bartender. That was the last thing she remembered. Until she woke up, on the floor, nearly naked, her wrists bound tightly to her ankles. Ballgagged. And alone. She also found out one more thing - that bondage, especially tight bondage, turned here on. Big time! Yes, she wanted to get loose fromthe ropes, but she wanted - needed - something else. She was even able to roll over on to her back, thrusting - humping - into the air, looking for her lover.
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Carolina - Welcome To Bondage Hell (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: She wasn't sure what to expect, but she knew it wasn't this. She had heard already been bound once, but not this brutalt - especially the rope around her elbows, pulling them together hard. Her body bore the marks of their first bondage session; she could barely imagine what kind of marks her soft young body would have after this. But the really bad part? She was enjoying every moment of it. And as the sounds became moans, he would probably figure that out. Soon.
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Carolina - Her First Time (HD)

4:57 Minute High Definition Video: She's the epitome of what he calls a minx: a small critter that does nothing but get into trouble. He had tried everything to convince her that acting that way was not good. This time he tried tight bondage. The brutal hemp rope, a hogtied, and a ballgag jammed into her mouth. But he learned something that day - that she enjoyed it. The struggling, the challenge of trying to escape. And she wanted more. That's what she would get!
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Katerina - She Knocked On The Wrong Door (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: She was selling something. To him, iIt didn't matter what. All she did was show up at his front door - the wrong door - wearing a cute summer-style print dress. Looking like the college freshman that she was. And looking like his next bondage toy. Soon she was on the floor, in a brutal bondage hogtie. Her wrists and elbows pulled back hard . Her dress pulled down to show her perky breasts. ballgagged. And struggling - hard!
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Jessica and Polina - If She Wanted To Whimper She'd Give Her A Reason (HD)

10:16 Minute High Definition Video: Jessica was trying to spend an undisturbed day, relaxing, catching up on her reading. She had bound and gagged her roommate, Polina, to keep her quiet. But, as often happens, the bondage became a distraction for Polina, and Polina became a distraction for her roommate. making those whimpering sounds. It was an easy decision bye Jessica if her roommate wanted to make noises from behind that ballgag, she'd give her a reason.
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Bianca - He Kept His Promise (HD)

5:09 Minute High Definition Video: He had made a promise to her the when he first introduced her to bondage - that each time would be worse. And it did. This time in the back stairway, not sure when someone would see her this way. Which added to the excitement, which caused her sexual engine to slam into high gear. Maybe they would reach down and squeeze and torment her exposed nipples. Or maybe press their fingers between her legs. At this point, it didn't matter to her. She wanted it all. Now.
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Alexa - She's Still Missing - But He Knows Where She Is (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: That's because he has her.. And wants it to stay that way. He had told her that he would eventually let her go; he lied. He had done his job well, wrapping her body in the tight ropes, shoving the ballgag into her mouth. And then watching as she struggles hard. He enjoyed every moment of it.
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Jessica and Polina - The Right Way, The Only Way (HD)

10:17 Minute High Definition Video: It's a game tha they play: tight bondage, teasing, tickling, sexual torment. Every time they play, they both get their desires satisfied; it's what Jessica does best: what she does to Polina sets her young body on fire, pushes her sexual engine to heights that she didn't think possible, until Polina is tugging at the ropes, straining hard, to somehow get to Jessica's body. One young woman erotically teasing and tormening another. The right way. The only way.
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Albi Rose - She Delivered The Wrong ThingAt The Right Time (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: And she ended up in big trouble because of it. A part time job delivery job, she'd take extra deliveries whenever she could. Even those that others were suppoed to deliver. What she didn't know was that the delivery service was a cover for a fetish-play ring. And this message - the one that someone else was supposed to deliverr - was that the courier was okay with being grabbed, stripped, bound, gagged, teased and tormented, Which is how she ended up in the stairwell.
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Bianca - How Did She End Up This Way?

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: That's what slowly came to mind as she opened her eyes, looked around, and realized that there were nasty hemp ropes wrapped around her body. The second thought: how was she going to get loose? Whoever did this did it right. And tight. Her wrists bound, more rope holding her arms to her body. Hogtied. And ballgagged. He had also left he wearing only her thong panties and her jacket - which was spread wide open. But what troubled her the most? She was enjoying this.
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Erin's Ten Days To Hell: Day10 - She Was Now In Bondage Hell (HD)

4:14 Minute High Definition Video: Each day had been worse than the one before it. She didn't think it could get more brutal; she was wrong. And now, she didn't know what he wanted at this point. Did he want her to call him Master, to refer to him as Daddy, or to use some other words to show her new-found submissiveness? Or to just lay there and suffer. It wasn't hard to decide. Because that's what she did.
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