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Katerina - She'll Be Waiting For Him (Video Version)

10:27 Minute Video: It was going to be a special day, he would find her in tight bondage on the floor. She wanted to be warmed up for him, ready to do whatever he wanted. The struggling and the moaning from behind the ballgag made sure of it. She only hoped that he was ready for her!
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Sammi - Four Minutes Of Hell (Video Version)

3:50 Minute Video: Four minutes can pass in but a moment. But when it's four minutes of hell - the only way to describe this tight, brutal bondage torment - it can feel like it will last forever. Forced to arch her body, more than struggling and whimpering, as she fought for every breath.
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Claire - Learning About Bondage ... The Hard Way

10:17 Minute Video: Claire is another in the long list of bondage virgins who have had their cherry busted. She wanted to learn about bondage ...and she wanted to learn about it the hard way. We were supposed to say no?
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Malika - She Called 976-GRAB; It Was More Than She Expected

10:14 Minute Video: Malika wanted some excitement, something different. When she saw the adult phone listing she knew she had to try it. But what happened was much more than she had expected: tight, brutal bondage and then left that way. It was going to be a long night.
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Colbi - The Road To Hell - The Video

2:27 Minute Video: She craves tight bondage. Her elbows pulled hard and tight, her wrists bound, her arms as if they had been welded together, even the o-ring gag - all of that she could handle. But the steel collar, with her head jerked back, was more than she could endure; as she was struggling, she was also fighting to breathe.
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Carmen - He Told Her To Quit Using The Cellphone

10:04 Minute Video: Too many minutes, too many text messages. That what he kept telling her, that she was running up the cellphone bill. Of course, Carmen didn't listen to him. And she definitely didn't think he'd do anything about it. She was wrong
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Juliana - How Did She Get This Way?

10:02 Minute Video: That was the first thought on her mind when she awoke. The second was how is she going to get loose? This was more than tight bondage - it was brutal. Her elbows pulled back hard, her ankles crossed and then bound with a short hogtie rope. Then there was that o-ring gag jammed into her mouth. She couldn't speak .. but she could whimper .. and drool. Getting loose was going to be least of her problems.
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Carissa Montgomery -Carissa's First

9:09 Minute Video: There's a first time for everything; some are more memorable than others. Like Carissa's first visit to BondageDamsels, where she learned about tight ropes, mouthing filling ballgags, thigh high leather boots .. and forced orgasms. Welcum to our world
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Elina - She'll Get To The Door

10:00 Minute Video: That was her goal, to get to the door to find someone to untie her. At least he had left the door unlocked, after tying her wrists in a brutal reverse prayer, her legs frogtied. She did get there, but she couldn't get the door open. Maybe someone will eventually rescue her - maybe you?
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Foxy - More Nightmares, More Dreams

10:00 Minute Video: It was what she always dreams about - tightly bound and gagged. This was no different, her tender young body wrapped in brutal tight ropes, her arms pulled up into a strappado. But this one seemed different, more real. Maybe it was!
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Carmen - At Least He Gave Her A Pillow

10:00 Minute Video: She knew it was going to be an long, uncomfortable night, the way that the burglar had left her: on the floor, her hands pulled tight behind her head, her legs frogtied, and gagged with the nasty ducttgape. But at least he gave her a pillow. Maybe he wasn't all bad.
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Marie - Trussed Like A Bondage Turkey

10:16 Minute Video: There are several Thanksgiving traditions at BondageDamselsEstates: one is giving thanks for everything that we have. The other? Trussing up a turkey. This year we also give thanks for cute damsels like Marie, who we invited to dinner, though we neglected to tell her that she was to be "trussed" and ballgagged (sorry, no apples!). Dinner awaits, Marie ..as soon as you can get loose!
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Gwen & Katerina - By Request: The Double Ballgag

7:08 Minute Video: They couldn't decide whether the ropes and double ballgag was more of his brutal bondage or whether they were actually enjoying it, held close enough to feel the heat, their lips almost touching. Maybe it was tight bondage; maybe it was the first step on their erotic journey. You get to watch and decide.
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Layla - Bitch In A Brutal Hogtie

10:03 Minute Video: Maybe she should have been more polite when she encountered her neighbor in the hallway; screaming at him probably wasn't a good idea. But she'll have a long time to think ab out it; there would be no escape from the tight, brutal bondage. Maybe next time she'd be more polite; hopefully not.
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Carmen - You Can't Leave Me Like This

10:01 Minute Video: That's what she tried to say from behind the ducttape gag as he was closing the door to her apartment. She knew that she would not get free from the brutal bondage on her own, yet she had to try. But the harder she tried the tighter the ropes and knots seemed to become.
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Foxy - By Request

9:28 Minute Video: She can never be sure ... whether it is a daydream, am intense nightmare .. or brutal reality. All she knows is that the man seems to appear in her life. And when he does, she ends up in tight, brutal bondage.
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