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Darby: Redhead's In Truble - One More Time

5:48 Minute Bondage Video: She seems to be able to get herself in trouble. A lot. She doesn't even know what she does wrong. Actually, she doesn't care when it means that she will end up in tight no-escape bondage, hogtied and duct tape gagged. And she will end up in a day-long session of tickling, teasing and erotic torment. And what happens is that he pushing her sexual engine hard and fast. Does is go over the edge? That's the frustration
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Roxanna: Teacher Gets Taught A Lesson

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: When he used her cellphone he got a surprise, one he didn't like. His W"ILF wife had been sending text messages to one of her students, telling him of her craving for bondage, tickling, teasing and erotic torment. She needed to be taught a lesson. A day full of tight hogtie bondage, a duct tape gag, with that tickling, teasing, erotic torment. And frustration, being pushed near her sexual edge. But not over it. Not now. Not even soon
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Maci: Her Reward

4:71 Minute Bondage Video: She is the bondage toy of the man she calls her Daddy. She has been waiting all morning for him to return. And he won't disappoint her. His hands all over her young body. Tickling, teasing and erotic torment. Each pushing her sexual engine harder and harder. And when he slides his fingers between her legs she is sure that she will explode. And that's what she does. Quietly. But enough that he knows that she has received her reward.
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Rose: What she knows

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She's sure of that. She's not going anywhere. Not now. Not in a while. Not until he returns to release her from the ropes. She knows that she could probably make enough noise to get someone's attention. But she's also not sure what someone else would do if they found her this way. Helpless. And looking so very cute in the bondage. She knows what he will do. She also knows that she will enjoy it.
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Marla: All Of This To Rescue Her

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: He paid for her to be grabbed off the streets, taken to a place that she doesn't recognize, then bound tightly on the bed. Her wrists and ankles tied, hogtied and duct tape gagged. To struggle hard against the ropes. That was the first step, the second was for him to rescue her. He has no doubt that she will be grateful for that. And what will happen next.
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Kayleigh: More Of What She Crave

5:57 Minute Bondage Video: He knows what she craves. It begins with tight bondage. Duct tape gagged. And blindfolded. It makes her feel like a damsel in distress. His damsel in distress. As if grabbed off the street and held for ranson. The tickled, teased and tormented until the ransom is paid. If it is ever paid.
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Gwen: It's His Way

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: Her body hanging from the wooden frame, her wrists bound up over her head, her legs pulled up into a frogtie, a ballgag pulled tight into her mouth. For a young women who is in charge during the daytime this puts her into a submissive position. He knows that, that's what he doe it. And then touches her body where ever he wants to. It arouses her, it excites her. It pushed her near the edge. but the frustration, not over the edge. (Interactive video)
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Alina and Rose: One More Time

9:16 Minute Bondage Video: It's something that they have to do. As often as they can. Play their bondage games. To tease, tickle and torment each other. Sometimes, like today, adding the short whip and the black leather crop. It's Rose on the receiving end, but it's clear that they are both enjoying it, with Alina's hands all over Rose's young body. They are doing this one more time. But won't be the last time.
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Kayleigh: Hear Moaning Means One Thing

6:26 Minute Bondage Video: The sounds that she is making, the way that she is moving her body, means one thing, that her sexual engine has been pushed so hard that she is ready to go over the end. He tickles her, he teases her, he erotically torments her. His hand at one point between her legs. The room had also been filled with those moans and the scent of an aroused young woman. As she finally goes over the edge. Not hard, almost softly. But no doubt that's where she is.
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Kayleigh: Pushing Her To The Edge

5:56 Minute Bondage Video: Her wrists and ankles tied tight to the wooden bondage bar. Duct tape gagged. And blindfolded, never knowing what he will do or what to expect next. She does know one thing, that the torment will be erotic. Tickling, teasing, even pressing his hand between her spreads legs to that soft wet spot. Every touch pushing her harder, closer to that moment when her body feels like it's exploding. Will she get there? She hopes so.
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Roxanna: Cuffed and Tape Gagged

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: And enjoying it. Every moment of it. The metal cuffs grabbing tight around her wrists and ankles. The duct tape pressed against her soft lips. It's no escape. Yet it's in a way that she can struggle, roll around, and make those soft near-orgasmic sounds. Yes, she wants him to return. But she doesn't mind if he waits a while.
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Maci: She'll want more

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: There's no doubt, he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. Tie her tightly. Grab her cute young body, then tickle, tease and erotically torment her. Those soft sounds coming from deep within her soul. Telling him that whatever he does, she'll want more. Not soon. But now.
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JoJo: This was suppose to be erotic fun

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Tha was he plan. Our cute young damsel in distress, handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and duct tape. Then rolling around on the bed, struggling to get loose. So simple. so enjoyable. Except that she soon realized that she forgot one important thing - the key. Her struggles became even more intense. With thoughts of a very long night if she didn't succeed.
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Alina and Rose: Bondage Sisters

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: They're sisters - actually, stepsisters - who have one big thing in common. Their love of bondage. Along with the teasing, tickling and erotic torment. The choice often is which one gets bound, which one gets to tease the other. Today both of them are tied. Rose bound against the bed frame, alina hogtied on the bed. Both duct tape gagged. And from that, the erotic fun begins.
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Sharon: There's No Doubt She's Daddys Girl

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She's Daddy's girl, which means that she will do anything for him, anything he wants, whenevr he wants her to do it. Whether she wants to or no. But she always does. Hi teasing, his tickling, his erotic tormehnt. And his using the riding crop on her tender young body. The room quickly filling with the sounds of her whimpering and moaning. Her head pulled back by the hair hogtie, the o-ring gag keeping her mouth wide open. And his pressing her mouth between his legs. Pressing hard. She can feel what's beween his jeans. Knowing what she really wants next.
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Patricia: She Knew She'd Want More

5:23 Minute Bondage Video: When the brutal ropework was done, she knew that she would hang there. suspended, in tight shibari bondage. But she already knew that she would want more. And that's what she would get. Teasing, tickling, sexual torment. His hands running across her body, his fingers around her throat. Sliding his had between her legs, feeling her wetness. Hearing her whimper. And when he was done she knew one more thing. That she would want even more. (Interactive HD video)
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