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Danita: It Gets Worse

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: After spending countless hours on the bed, hogtied and duct tape gagged, she didn't think it could get worse. She was wrong. Her wrists and ankles hammed into an unforgiving wood frame. A ballgag strapped tight in her mouth. And her butt thrust upward. Knowing he could do whatever he wanted. Whenever he wanted to do it. And, still worse, she didn't know who he was. Or why she was here. All she knew was that it would not take much to full expose her butt cheeks. And that wasn't a good thought.
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Rose: In A Word: Suspension

5:33 Minute Bondage Video: Suspension bondage. Nearly the most extreme bondage for her. That she is helpless is an understatement. And this is the way that she likes it. His hands caressing her soft young body. Everywhere. Yet feeling the comfort of her arms when she rests her head against him. It's where she wants to be, where she belongs. She is his. Tht hiw they both want it to be.
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Alina and Rose: Girls Gone Wild With Bondage

5:15 Minute Bondage Video: They love it. they crave it. Bondage. And they go wild every chance that they get. Like today. Alina is the bound damsel. Hogtied, Duct tape gagged. And topless, her perky young breasts exposed. Rose runs her hands on her body. And also slides her fingers beneath her unbuckled short. Feeling the heat from that very special place. Alina? She moans. And groans. Like she should. enjoy ever moment of the erotic tickling, teasing and torment.
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Danita: The Last Thing She Remembered

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: The last she remember was being on campus, getting reading to cross the street. then something was pressed against her mouth from behind her. The next thing Was being on a bed, tightly bound. Her bound tied wrists and ankles connected by a hogtie rope. And ball gagged. There was no one else in the room, at least no one that she could see. But she thought she heard voices behind the curtain, someone saying "we got her". Who were they? And why did they do this?
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Kayleigh: She got almost everything she wanted

6:09 Minute Bondage Video: Bound spread eagl on his bed. Duct tape gagged. And blindfolded. That was a great start. And then wax on her body, the hot wax turning up the heat she was feeling. Followed by his hands on her body, from her breasts to between her legs. She made it clear what she wanted next, he had no doubt. But in his last bit of torment he left her, once again, alone on the bed. What she wanted the most would have to wait.
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Roxanna: She made two mistakes

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She did this to herself. tied to sets of metal cuffs, one for he wrists, the other for her ankles. And duct tape for a gag. First, the gag to keep her quite, only to make those soft moaning sounds. And then the cuss. But the first mistake? The key wasn't with the cuffs. So no matter how much she struggled she would not get loose. The second mistake? Forgetting that he would not be back until the late evening. And not sure whether he would release her.
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Sally: Bondage Suspension Torment

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She knew what it would do to her. He knew, too. the bondage suspension, ropes tight around her young bondage. Just bondage started the process, her sexual engine moving faster, her body feeling the heat. But suspension? She waned more than his touch. More than he hands on her body. But he knew how to tease her, how to torment her. Because that's all she got.
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Sally - His Hands On Her Body

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: He had done this to her once before. the exhilaration of bondage suspension. Not just the inability to get loose from the ropes, but the danger if the ropes loosen that she could fall to the ground. Combined with the realization that, without a doubt, he could do what he wants to do, that he could grab her body any time and any where that he wanted. Which is what he did.
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JoJo - His Bondage Toy

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: It was something that she wanted. Not only to be his bondage toy. But that he was her Daddy. It meant several things to her. He would pay attention to her. And she would spent time in tight bondage. Struggling. Whimpering. Waiting for his return. When he did, he would day anything that he wanted to her. That's what it meant to be his Bondage toy. and for him to be her Daddy.
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Bianca - The Struggling Wasn't To Get Loose

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Hogtied on the bed, nearly naked. Duct tape gagged. Wearing on her black leather thong. And wanted to be touched. The scent of an aroused woman having filled the room. Needing to be ravaged. Craving him between her legs, splitting her body in half. And she didn't want it soon. She wanted it now.
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Katerina - Leaving Marks On Her Soft Skin

5:14 Minute Bondage Video: She didn't know why he was doing this to her. She doubted that she ever would. All she knew was that he was whipping the tender young skin of her back with the black leather flogger. Once. Then again. And then more. Each time a soft whimper escaping from the duct taped mouth. Which is when she began to realize why he was doing this. Because she wanted him to do it, because she was enjoying it.
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Lorri - The Barefoot Contessa

3:15 Minute High Definition Video: It's what he called her. In part because she spent so much of her time barefoot. No matter what she was doing, or where she was going, and had been wearing shoot (or heels), she ended up slipping them off. It made sense, at least to him. And it also made sense for him to tie her - hogtied, ballgagged. And barefoot. Looking like she needs to be rescued. Struggling. And making those soft, whimpering noises. And, yes, barefoot.
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Katerina and Marla- Is that a smirk on her face?

6:12 Minute Bondage Video: Katerina began the afternoon helping him bind and gag the helpless Marla. That was fun - for a shote while. A few moments later he had grabbed Katerina, thrown here to the bed, then tightly bound and hogtied her, followed by the duct tape gag. If you looked closed you might see the smirk on Marl's face beneath her duct tape gag. Because now both of them are in trouble.
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Rose-She's In Trouble

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She did this to herself, beginning with the duct tape gag across here soft lips, then the hand cuffs tight around her wrists with more metal cuffs around her ankles, adding a third holding her tight hogtie style. Then waiting. Almost patiently. Waiting for him. But she didn't realie that it would be such a long while before he returned. And that reminded what bondage does to her and her sexual engine. Pushing it hard and fast. Making her want him. Not soon. But now.
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Gwen- Back For More

5:33 Minute HD Video: She had tried to stay away. She really tried. But she couldn't. She wanted more of his ropes, his harsh treatment, his suspension bondage. And the mouth-filling ballgag. That's what she got. The ropes leaving marks on her body. Marks that she hoped would be hidden the next day when she wore her business suit. But she would know that they were there. Her sexual engine being pushed into high gear as his hands were all over her body. She was a woman who wanted more. And wanted it now.
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Kayleigh - She Might Even Enjoy It

7:58 Minute HD Video: It began with the tight bondage. Her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer. Her ankles crossed and bound. Duct tape gagged. But it's what he did next. The riding crop. The tickling, the teasing, his hand slid beneath her, rubbing his fingers against that so-very-wet spot. And Kayleigh just as quickly thrusting her hips, trying to capture his hand. And told her beyond any doubt that she was enjoying it. A lot.
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