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Kayleigh - Grabbed - And More

6:30 Minute HD Video: The last thing she remembered was walking down the street on campus, then being grabbed, pulled into a van, the door slamming shut. When she awoke, she was on the floor, cuffed, duct tape gagged, blindfolded. She didn't know why someone would do this. Except that she looked like the college rich bitch, whose dad had loads of money. Maybe they thought she was that girl. And then she heard him, his heavy breathing. And just as quickly his hands on her. Soon she didn't care why they had grabbed her, whatever he was doing she wanted more.
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Katerina - Keeping Them Spread Wide

5:11 Minute HD Video: That's what he had done to her. Spread her legs wide, very vulnerable. Though not quite exposed, he could handle that quickly. He could hear her whimpering. And watch her struggling. Shaking her cute butt. He thought what he might do; perhaps beginning with a vibrator. There would be nothing that she could do. And once her panties were soaked, rip them off. And make a woman out of her.
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Maci - She's In Trouble

6:30 Minute HD Video: That's what she would say. If she could talk. But the ball gag filling her mouth keeps for from saying anything and making any noises except those moaning sounds. Last time he had bound her with rope; this time it was the metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Very hard. Very unforgiving. And if the truth be known the way she likes it. Especially when he returned and began the teasing, tickling and erotic torment. She didn't want him to stop. Ever
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Bianca - It Continues

5:11 Minute HD Video: It's an erotic game to both of them. Beginning with her in tight no-escape bondage. And at least partially exposed. Like today. Her arms bound to her legs. But she can still spread her legs. Wide. Which means that she can think about what he might do to her when he returns. How will he know that she likes it? That soft spot between her legs getting very wet. The room to be filled with the scent of an aroused MILF. And that look, that sexual stare, in her eyes.
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Kayleigh - The World Doesn't Have Enough Redheads

5:11 Minute HD Video: ot Just redheads, but redheads in bondage. Redheads who crave bondage. It never will, that's what he says all the time. When she walked into his life he knew what he had to do. Add her to his damsels in distress. To watch here struggle in the rope, her wrists pulled up into a painful reverse prayer. Hogtied. To try to get loose. Though he knew she would not succeed. And listen as she made those noises, the moaning sounds. She was now in his world.
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Maci - Erotic Torment

4:44 Minute HD Video: Anyone who says that tickling and teasing is not torment has never been on the receiving end of it. That's what it was for Marci. Her young body tickled, in the most private of places. Teased, until the squeals began to sound more like moans. And, yes, tormented. Erotic torment. And even if she wanted to do anything about it, she couldn't. Her wrists pulled up into a tight reverse prayer. her legs bound, then hogtied. Yet still managing to move her young body responding to the torment.
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Marla - Erotic Dream

4:43 Minute HD Video: When she closed her eyes she could imagine what it felt like as his strong body lay on top of her. She was spread-eagled. Duct tape gagged. And in her mind, in this nightmarish dream, fully exposed. He had ripped the clothes from her body. And she felt him deep inside of her. Feeling like he was splitting her body in half. Even her young body was reacting to the dream, as it ground against her invisible lover. Yet when she opened her eyes she was back on the bed. Alone.
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Judith - Curiosity

5:12 Minute HD Video: There's an old proverb: curiosity killed the cat. She was the epitome of the nosy neighbor: unduly curious about his affairs, prying, meddlesome. But he put that to an end. She ended up on his bed. Tightly tied. Hogtied. Ballgagged. And wondering whether she really wanted to know what was going on in his apartment. But she no longer had a choice. She also remembered the rest of the phrase: satisfaction brought her back. And at this moment, that's what she wanted.
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Amanda and Katerina - Two Damsels - Topless, Barefoot, Hogtied and Struggling

5:10 Minute HD Video: He was going to have twice as much fun tonight. Two damsels - two very cute young damsels! - were waiting for him on his bed. Both were topless and barefoot, very much two of his favorite things. Tied - hogtied - both of them having their elbows pulled together hard and right. And ball gagged. Struggling hard, though there would be no escape. Whimpering. And the room filling very quickly with the scent of two aroused young women. A good night for him. Maybe a good night for them, too.
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Bianca - Frustrated MILF

5:12 Minute HD Video: She likes bondage. She craves it. She always has, she always will. But occasionally she tells the wrong person. Like today, telling her date that she likes to be tied tightly. And had some rope. Before he pressed the duct tape against her mouth she hadn't had the chance to tell him what she liked while she was bound. To be tickled, teased. The erotic torment. But it didn't really matter. In a moment she realized that he had just left her tied on the bed. To be very frustrated.
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Marla - Please Don't Leave Me Like This

5:11 Minute HD Video: Those would have been her last words to him. If she could have said them. If he could have heard her. But the strip of thet nasty duct tape across her lips kept her from making nearly any noise. Anything except that moaning sound. Which said to him that she was enjoying what he was doing to do. Laying on the bed, her wrists, ankles and upper body bound. Hogtied. Struggling hard, rolling around on the bed. Yet unable to escape. She probably would have said one more thing. That he would have enjoyed hearing.
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Sally - What She Wants Him To Do Next

5:10 Minute HD Video: As she lay face down on the bed, her legs spread wide, she wondered what would happen next, what he would do next. He had done a lot already. Her arms bound behind her back, her elbows pulled together, hard and touching. A rope from her wrists to the metal headboard of the bed, forcing her into an upward arch. Duct tape gagged. That sweet spot between her legs - that already wet sweet spot - very accessible. That same spot that she ties to rub against the bed. She knows what she wants him to do next.
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Bianca - It's What They Both Wanted

5:14 Minute HD Video: She knew what he wanted. Because she wanted the dame thing. He had tied her on the bed, her legs spread wide. With the rope also pulled tight between her legs. Which means that as she struggled - of course she did! - the rope would give her the desired friction. Rubbing against that sweet spot. It was frustrating for her. But it was very good, very erotic. He wanted her ready, soaked, for what she was sure he planned to do when he returned. And she wanted him to do it. Not soon. But now>
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Katerina - It Was Not Going To Be An Easy Night

5:14 Minute HD Video: She thought that since she was on the bed at least she would get a little bit of rest. but that won't happen. If at all. Her arms were hurting. He had pulled her elbows hard and tight, cutting off the circulation. The rope around her toes was doing the same thing, especially with another piece of rope pulling her body into an arched hogtie. It was not going to be an easy night. But that's what she really wanted.
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Lilith - The Way she Wanes It - Grabbed And Tied

10:00 Minute HD Video: She knew that he was coming and what he was going to do. But she struggled anyway. She also knew that there would be no escape. He would make sure that would remain in tight, brutal bondage until he returned - much later - to release her. Her elbows scrunched together, her wrists bound tight, her ankles tied to the bondage bar and the short-rope hogtie. Yes, it's would be a long night for Lilith.
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Colbi Struggling And Shaking

7:12 Minute HD Video: She wanted to escape from the ropes. The very tight ropes. She knew that she had to. And she had to do it soon. But the struggling, the shaking, soon because to do something else. It began to arouse her, to push her sexual engine harder and faster. As those whimpers, those calls for help, became moans. Erotic moans. Just as soon she didn't want to escape, she wanted to stroke her body with her own hands. To somehow satisfy herself, satisfy her cravings. Not even soon. But now.
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