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Whitney: More Than Vulnerable

7:16 Minute Video: She didn't think it was possible, that she could feel this vulnerable. But she did. He had tied her in a way where she couldn't prevent access .. a brutal attack ,...either between her legs or in her mouth. If you found her this way, we know what you would do. And it wouldn't be to untie her....
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Carmen & Sammi: It's Not A Dream .. The Bondage Torment Is Real

11:30 Minute Video: At first Carmen thought it was a dream - a rude awakening, her wrists pulled back and the ropes wrapped around them. She then realized that it wasn't, it was real, a day of tight bondage. But she didn't know why. She might find out ... eventually
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Gwen and Marietta: They Wanted More Than Tight Bondage

7:15 Minute Video: They wanted each other. In every way possible. But the only way they could do it now is to rub against each other --- which they did - the sounds of moaning coming from both of them. Maybe he would untie them, maybe they would - at some point - be able to do more. But until they would enjoy themselves any way that they could.
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Carissa Montgomery: Now She's In Trouble

5:46 Minute Video: She had been introduced to the large vibrator called Mr. Hitachi. She now gets to meet Mr. Hitachi, Jr. Smaller, and can't be seen. But she can feel it; and it causes as much trouble for her as the old man
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Colbi: Welcome to Hell - Bondage Hell

5:21 Minute Video: She once asked what hell would be like; she didn't expect to find out this way. Bound on the floor .. her legs spread wide, her arms pulled back HARD, her elbows touching, a huge o-ring gag jammed into her unwilling mouth and her young body in a tight arch - a rope from her wrists to the radiator. If this isn't hell, it's really close!
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Tara, Bella - The Gift: Part Two - You're My Toy Now

11:11 Minute Video: That's What Bella is telling Tara as she enjoys her new bondage toy. Tying her to the vertical bondage bar, gagging her with the o-ring gag, stroking her body with her hands and, before she's done, pulling off her own top and bra to press her own firm young breasts against her.
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Tara, Bella - The Gift

11:17 Minute Video: Bella is the epitome of the spoiled brat; she gets whatever she wants. He decided to give her something special ... a gift that he knew that she would enjoy: Tara! And you get to watch, with each moment, as Tara slowly sinks deeper into her submissiveness as Bella's Toy.
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Colbi - Why Did He Do This To Her

10:16 Minute Video: A simple answer to a very easy question: Because he could. Because he could tie Colbi's young, vulnerable body in brutal bondage, her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer, her legs frogtie, a ballgag jammed between her soft lips. And then watch her struggle.
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Bella & Sammi - He'll Never Keep Them Apart

7:14 Minute Video: No matter how hard he tries, he'll never keep them apart. They crave each other, they need each other. Even when he used bondage - tight, brutal bondage - they work hard to get to each other, making their sexual pleasure even more intense.
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Foxy - The Blonde Bundle Of Bondage

10:17 Minute Video: It was a game that she liked. She would dress in something erotic; the black high-heeled boots were her choice for tonight. He would bind her in tight bondage, gag her with the ducttape. And then let her struggle. Which is when the sexual games would begin.
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Jane - She Didn't Want To Be Discovered This Way

7:19 Minute Video: But it didn't look like she had a choice. Her wrists bound, her legs spread wide and tied. Ballgagged. And her panties soaked; bondage turned her on, her sexual engine was running at full speed. Whoever did find her might get a night he - or she - would long remember.
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Jane - It's A Long Way Down

10:16 Minute Video: It may not seem like it, from the couch to the floor, except when your wrists and ankles are tightly bound and it could be a "flop" to the floor. Yet Jane looks like she wants to try it, working up the courage!
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Katerina - She'll Be Waiting For Him (Video Version)

10:27 Minute Video: It was going to be a special day, he would find her in tight bondage on the floor. She wanted to be warmed up for him, ready to do whatever he wanted. The struggling and the moaning from behind the ballgag made sure of it. She only hoped that he was ready for her!
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Sammi - Four Minutes Of Hell (Video Version)

3:50 Minute Video: Four minutes can pass in but a moment. But when it's four minutes of hell - the only way to describe this tight, brutal bondage torment - it can feel like it will last forever. Forced to arch her body, more than struggling and whimpering, as she fought for every breath.
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Claire - Learning About Bondage ... The Hard Way

10:17 Minute Video: Claire is another in the long list of bondage virgins who have had their cherry busted. She wanted to learn about bondage ...and she wanted to learn about it the hard way. We were supposed to say no?
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Malika - She Called 976-GRAB; It Was More Than She Expected

10:14 Minute Video: Malika wanted some excitement, something different. When she saw the adult phone listing she knew she had to try it. But what happened was much more than she had expected: tight, brutal bondage and then left that way. It was going to be a long night.
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