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Amanda - Return Of The Bamboo Bondage Bar

5:13 Minute HD Video: The bamboo bondage bar has again reappeared, with its very nasty purpose. It spreads her legs wide. And keep her wrists bound, impossible for her to use. Which means two things: if he lifts the bar, she is very exposed. And even if he doesn't, just simply removing the ballgag that has been filling her mouth means it can be filled with something else. She'll struggle, but she wants only one thing - for him to return. Not soon. But now.
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Bianca - A MILF Bondage Party

6:17 Minute HD Video: She wasn't sure if this was what she had in mind for a party. Tied tightly - hogtied - ballgagged. Wearing only her black thong panties. As she struggled on the bed, what she expected to happen did happen. The room got warm; actually it was probably just her sexual engine rolling faster. Her breathing labored. Her nipples now as hard as diamonds. And that familiar dampness between her legs. Maybe it would become a party night. She would know for sure what he came back. And did what she hoped he would do to her. All night.
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Lila - It's All A Dream, A Very Erotic Dream

12:12 Minute HD Video: That's what she kept telling herself. It began with her in bed, with the soft blanket pulled up, completely covering her body. But something happened. The covers were pulled off of her, her clothes removed except for her black thong panties. And then ropes applied, tied tight. She wanted to struggle, to scream, but the only sound she could make were those erotic moans. Covered again with that soft blanket, with more ropes added, feeling as though she was in a cocoon. Still she told herself it was just a dream. Until the moment that she realized that she was again alone. And abound. And loving every moment of it.
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Sally - Introduction To Suspension

5:11 Minute HD Video: It was finally time to push her to the edge. Suspension bondage. Where there wuld never ben escape. And her body, though clothed, still exposed to whatever what he wanted to do. She knew that it wouldn't take much for him to rip the clothes from her body. But it excites her. A lot. To the point that her movement is more of her young body's sexual engine being pushed harder and faster. And then room was soon filled with the scent of an arouse young woman.
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Rita - A Bondage Virgin's First Video

5:10 Minute HD Video: There's a first for everything. Including bondage. And a bondage video. Looking up at that camera. And the man behind it. Who had, not more than a few moments ago, bound her tight on the bed and jammed a ballgag deep inside her mouth. It was clear that she craved bondage And struggling hard to try to escape from the ropes. She knows that she won't succeed. But it's fun to watch her. And even more fun for her.
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Amanda - Only One Thing

6:11 Minute HD Video: Her hands are tightly bound behind her back. Her legs frogtied. Ropes wrapped around her upper body, accenting her perky young boobs. A bright red ballgag jammed into her mouth. She's nearly naked, except for her black thong panties. Her soaked black thong panties. That's all - the only thing - that protects her from him doing whatever he wants to do whenever he returns. But the soaked thong says one thing - that she is sexually aroused. That she is enjoying this. And that she wants more. Not soon. Now.
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Alina and Rose - Two In Trouble

10:10 Minute HD Video: She knew that she was in trouble. Bound on the bed in her dorm room; no one to find her, to release her. Except her roommate; that was her only hope. And when her roommate appeared she felt relief - which lasted only until he suddenly reappeared, both of them ending up tightly bound and gagged. But that did one more thing; both of them dreamt of seeing the other bound, gagged and nearly naked, an erotic, arousing dream. What they didn't dream of was it happening to both of them at the same time.
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Sally - The Thin Hemp Rope Will Leave Marks

5:19 Minute HD Video: For a while, maybe even a few days, her tender young skin will show the marks. From her elbows, yanked hard and tight together, touching. Her wrists and ankles tied. And a rope from her toes tied to her elbow rope. A hogtie from hell for her. And a guarantee that she will see - and think about - those rope marks for more than just today. But she not only likes that, she wants it that way. She wants to remember his tight bondage. And what he did when he returned to the room.
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Gwen - Two Words for Her: Bondage Suspension

5:10 Minute HD Video: She has so much to do. But she will always find the time for tight bondage. But when it comes to bondage suspension, it's more than trying to find the time. She will do what she needs to be there for that. It's what she craves. It's what moves her soul. And it's what pushes her erotic engine to its peak. There is not even a hope of escape from suspension; when she moves all it does is pull the ropes tighter. For her, that's the way it should be. For you, it's something you don't want to miss.
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Sally - When Are You Going To Untie Me?

5:13 Minute HD Video: You know that's what she thinking from the look on her face as she looks up at him. He had bound her, her wrists behind her back, her ankles crossed, then hogtied. And a ballgag filling her mouth. She thought it would last only a few moments; at least that's what she thought he had said. Maybe he didn't say that, maybe he said something else. Because it didn't look like he would be releasing her from the ropes very soon. Because the first thing he had to do was come back to the room; and he hadn't done that yet.
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Roxanna - The Night Becomes Bondage Torment (HD)

6:07 Minute HD Video: She didn't even hear him come in; he was that silent. She was on her bed, under the covers, sound asleep. And then he began. The tight bondage. He wrists. He elbows. Hogtied with a toe tie and a rope gag. If he did nothing else it was going to be a long night. But she was sure that something would follow. And whatever it was she would have time to think about it. But not decide whether it would happen. He made that decision already.
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Gwen - She's Back And He Was Ready For Her (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: During the day, most days, she's busy being an important businesswoman. Making tough decision about her company; no one daring to second guess those decisions. But every so often she wants to put aside that part of her and becoming the bondage-living submissive, where he is making those decisions. How she will be tied. How long she will be tied. And what he will do to her when he returns. She likes it that way. And he was ready - and waiting - for her.
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Nancy - Nasty Rope Marks (HD)

2:55 Minute HD Video: That's what she will have on her tender young body; she's sure of that. Tthe tight ropes, especially around her elbows and wrists, will leave those marks. So will the struggling. But they will remind her of today, another day of being his bondage toy. Bound. Hogtied. Ballgagged. And waiting for him to return. Hoping that will be soon. So she will have something else to remember today.
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Sally - Her First Time

5:12 Minute HD Video: She thought that she knew what it was all about. Bondage. Tight bondage. But she soon found out that she didn't know a thing. Nothing. Wrists bound, elbows yanked together hard. Rope around her ankles, then pulled up into a hogtie. She had no doubt that the rope was leaving marks on her tender her tender young body. But there was nothing that she could do about it. No escape, no getting loose. Not even making much more than whimpering sounds; the ball gag ensured that. And struggling, rolling around, made itt worse. But she did that anyway. On her way to finding out what bondage is. And wanting more
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Virginia - She Wants One More Thing (HD)

5:17 Minute HD Video: It's that simple to her. It all begins with the bondage. Tight bondage. Rope wrapped around her body, her wrists, her ankles crosstied. Hogtied. And duct tape gagged. At first struggling a bit just to make sure that there would be no escape. Then looking up at him with a mischievous look in her eyes. Her legs spread wide open. Almost telling him. That she wants more. She wants him to roll her on her back. Something that she can't do on her own. And she wants him to do it now.
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Nancy- She Wants More (HD)

5:11 Minute HD Video: That's what she is thinking. At first. That she wanted the ropes to be tighter, that it would be easy to escape. Until she began struggling. And found out that she was wrong. She couldn't reach the knots, the ropes were not coming loose, they even seemed to be getting together. And the ballgag felt li8ke it was growing by the minutes, forcing her mouth open wider, the ache building in her jaw. Struggle harder, that's what she did. And the ropes getting ever more tighter. The room getting warmer. No, not the room, it wasw insider her young body.
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