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Heidi - There Will Be Many More Times (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: She was sure of that, she had no doubt. She found something that she loved, that she craved, the first time that she was bound, when sid discovered this fetish. Tight Bondage. She could never - ever- get enough of it. Like today. The wrongs caressing her young body. Her wrists crossed the tied. Hogtied. Duct tape gagged. The epitome of a struggling damsel in distress. Not knowing when he would return to release her. And not caring.
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Roxanna - He Had A Foot Fetish, She Did, Too

5:36 Minute HD Video: he thought she had a foot fetish, always making sure that her toenail were clean and polished. What she didn't know, until this moment, was that he had even more of a fetish. Binding her in a way that her foot were exposed. Able to roll around on the bed but not able to escape. And thinking about his tickling, teasing and erotic torment. Of her feet. Not now. but soon. Very Soon.
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Rose - She Had No Doubt What He Planned Next

5:18 Minute HD Video: He had bound her to he bed, face. up. Her hands pulled over her head, exposing her perky young breasts. Rope gagged. Her legs spread wide. Her only protection was her panties, which she was sure would be soaked. That's what bondage did to her. It excited her, arouse her. He knew that. All he would need to do was rip off the panties. She knew he was well hung. Long, hard, thick. Soon it could be deep inside of her, splitting her young body in half. Maybe it's what she wanted, just maybe.
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Heidi - The Babysitter's In Trouble

5:19 Minute HD Video: It was supposed to be a game. With her tied. Struggling. And then escaping. But the last part didn't happen. Somehow they were better at the ropes than she thought they would be. Or should be. Her wrists, ankles and elbows tied. Hogtied. And duct tape gagged. She didn't know what they were doing while she was bound in the bedroom,. Probably doing more mischievous things. And there was nothing that she could do about it. They made sure of that.
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Bianca - The MILF's Nightmare

5:13 Minute HD Video: She thought she had locked the door. Apparently not. She knew something was happening, something not right, when she felt the nasty duct tape being pressed against her lips. And then came the rope. around her wrists. He body. Her ankles. Soon hogtied. Struggling would not help, though she struggled hard. And the noises from behind the ballgag did nothing as well. Except fire up her sexual engine. Which meant that the struggling wasn't just that. It was her wanting him to return. And to take her, to make her his submissive woman. To give her reasons to moan. Not soon. But now.
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Roxanna - MILF's Night Of Fun

5:44 Minute HD Video: It's what she likes, what she craves and enjoys. Tight bondage. Struggling. No escape. And that's what he gave her. The ropes wrapped around her body,. Hogtied. Duct tape gagged. And those soft, whimpering noises coming from behind he gag. He said that he would return to untie her. At some point./ She can't decide whether she wants it soon. Or much,. much later.
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Marlene - Welcome To Bondage

5:52 Minute HD Video: She knew the word - bondage. She knew that it had an erotic, sexual side to it. But that's allshe knew. She waned tolearn more. And she did. Bound, hogtied, ballgagged. And blindfolded. Which is when he began the tickling, the teasing, the erotic torment. And she began the quiet, soft whimpering. Struggling. Not sure if it was to get loose from the ropes or to pusher young body even harder into his hands. And wondering why she had waiting so long for this experience. She wouldn't make that mistake again.
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Alina - It Had To Be A Dream

5:16 Minute HD Video: It was a cool summer night. She had left the window open, she could feel the breeze caressing her soft young body. And she drifted off to sleep. Or at least she thought she did. When he suddenly appear, the rope in his hands. Quickly her hands were bound behind her back, then a ballgag jammed into her mouth. She squirmed, kicked with her feet. But nothing stopped him. Just as quickly, her legs were frogtied, with a hogtie rope added. What was happening? Why was this happening? She didn't know the answer. She only knew that she hoped this was only a dream.
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Roxanna - Maybe She would Be Rescued, Maybe Not

7:47 Minute HD Video: She knew that she watched too many of those television shows, the ones where the damsel in distress is rescued from her tight bondage. But that's on television, this is real life. How she got this way didn't really matter, the only thing that mattered was that no matter how much she struggled she could not get loose from the ropes. And no one was coming to rescue this MILF. Her husband was out of town for the week, the kids were at summer camp. Which meant that our damsel in distress was in big trouble
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Katerina - Bondage Suspension Torment

5:16 Minute HD Video: From the moment he was done with the rope work, her whimpering and moaning began. She was hanging like a slab of meat from her ankles. A very erotic slab of meat. Much of her body exposed. She had no doubt what he had planned, what he would do next. Swinging her around. His hands on her body, squeezing her nipples, between her legs, teasing and tickling her toes. She knew was he also wanted, at least what she wanted for him. It would involve removing the gag. Maybe she would be permitted to give him that satisfaction. Maybe not.
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Roxanna - Bikini Bondage And Torment (HD)

6:13 Minute HD Video: He promised her something special, enjoyment. On a hot summer day that mean relaxing at the pool. He preparation - wearing her bright red bikini. But - once again - he had other ideas. And it began with tight bondage, hogtied, and a duct tape gag. And continuing with the leather riding crops smacking against her body. It doesn't take long for the room to fill wih the smacking sound. Along with her whimpers and moans. And the scent of an aroused young women. (On screen teasing and erotic torment)
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Alina - No Choice

6:24 Minute HD Video: She enjoys bondage. Especially when she doesn't have a choice. Like tonight. She thought she was relaxing for the evening. He had other ideas, other plans. As she ended up bound, ballgagged, hogtied. Her toes tied. The room now filled with the sounds of her whimpering. While wondering what he would do next. She had no idead; he would let her lay there for a while he decided. (On screen bondage, teasing and torment)
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Bianca - Keeping Her How She Wants To Be - Quiet (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: It's something that she had gotten used to, keeping quiet in those moments of arousal. With the changes in her life, she had to. But he decided to make sure. Tightly bound, hogtied. Clad in her bra and panties. He knew what that would do. She would begin with those struggling sounds. And then move on to the whimpers and moans as he began his teasing and torment. It's what he did to her. All the time, every time. But there was always one thing that would cause those loud noises. She knew what it was, he did to. She hoped that he would do that. Soon. (On-screen action)
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Harley - Tie, Gag, Torment

5:36 Minute HD Video: It's what he does to her, it's what she wants him to do. Tie he tightly. This time her wrists bound then pulled up in a strappado. Her legs frogtied. A ballgag pulled tight into her warm and waiting mouth. Her body exposed to his eventual torment. Again, whatever he wanted to do. He hard nipples making the perfect target. Already soaked between her legs, it would take little effert to strip her of the black panties. It's what she wanted. Tied, gagged. Her body exposed to his eventual torment. And whenever he does it, it will not be soon enough.
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Roxanna - He Had Plans (HD)

7:04 Minute HD Video: ...and there was nothing that she could do about it. Even if she wanted to. Tight bondage; ropes around her body, her wrists and ankles bound, then hogtied. And cleave gagged. But he knew what bondage did to her. He sexual engine would start moving, faster and faster. And when his easing and erotic torment began, she responded with those whimpering sounds. He also had a surprise for her: a foot rub, a foot massage. Which made her enjoy it even more. (On-screen erotic action)
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Rose - Her Discovery About Being A Rose - With It's Thorns

7:54 Minute HD Video: A rose is the beauty. The thorns can cause the pain. Our beautiful young damsel, Rose, finds that her thorns are the tight, no-escape bondage. Her arms, from her elbows to her wrists, pulled together hard. Hogtied. And ducttape gagged. She'll struggle as much as she wants - which she will do. But all that will happen is the rope will leave marks against her tender skin that will remind her of what he did to her. It will also remind her that she wants him to do it again. Soon.
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