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JoJo: This was suppose to be erotic fun

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: Tha was he plan. Our cute young damsel in distress, handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and duct tape. Then rolling around on the bed, struggling to get loose. So simple. so enjoyable. Except that she soon realized that she forgot one important thing - the key. Her struggles became even more intense. With thoughts of a very long night if she didn't succeed.
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Alina and Rose: Bondage Sisters

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: They're sisters - actually, stepsisters - who have one big thing in common. Their love of bondage. Along with the teasing, tickling and erotic torment. The choice often is which one gets bound, which one gets to tease the other. Today both of them are tied. Rose bound against the bed frame, alina hogtied on the bed. Both duct tape gagged. And from that, the erotic fun begins.
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Sharon: There's No Doubt She's Daddys Girl

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She's Daddy's girl, which means that she will do anything for him, anything he wants, whenevr he wants her to do it. Whether she wants to or no. But she always does. Hi teasing, his tickling, his erotic tormehnt. And his using the riding crop on her tender young body. The room quickly filling with the sounds of her whimpering and moaning. Her head pulled back by the hair hogtie, the o-ring gag keeping her mouth wide open. And his pressing her mouth between his legs. Pressing hard. She can feel what's beween his jeans. Knowing what she really wants next.
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Patricia: She Knew She'd Want More

5:23 Minute Bondage Video: When the brutal ropework was done, she knew that she would hang there. suspended, in tight shibari bondage. But she already knew that she would want more. And that's what she would get. Teasing, tickling, sexual torment. His hands running across her body, his fingers around her throat. Sliding his had between her legs, feeling her wetness. Hearing her whimper. And when he was done she knew one more thing. That she would want even more. (Interactive HD video)
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Jessica: Riding Crop Hell

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: It began with a shibari-style hogtie. She was used to that. Duct tape gagged. But in a few moments she felt - and heard- the sound of the leather riding crop striking her soft skin. Again. Then again. Soon the room filled with her whimpering noises, drowned out by the sound of the riding crop and his hand striking her butt cheeks, that part of her body that showed the signs of the erotic teasing and torment. She wondered later if this was all he would do. She would find out later that it wasn't.
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Gwen: She's Usually The Boss

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: She usually tells people what to do. almost everywhere. Except here. this is the place she calls bondage hell. Tight, brutal suspension bondage. Hanging upside down. A rope gag constantly pulled tighter with a hogtie-style rope from the gag to her foot. Struggling to get loose but knowing that she won't. His hands touching her, teasing her, spinning her around. Doing whatever he wants to do. And it's what she wants.
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Amanda: A Dream Becomes Reality

5:28 Minute Bondage Video: To be on the floor, tight bondage, her firm young breasts exposed, cleave gagged and blindfolded. Teasing, tickling, and erotic torment, feeling the leather crop against her soft young body. And between her wide open legs. Clamps fastened tight on her rock hard nipples. She thought it was a ceam. But he made it a reality for her. And she wants him to do more, much more. (Interactive FULL SCREEN HD video)
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Lorri: Small Town Girl In Big City Trouble

5:17 Minute Bondage Video: She cam from a small town where bondage was just a game, something that she and her then-boyfriend would do on a Saturday night. She had a submissive side but she wouldn't understand that until much later. She loved to be tied tightly. When she met him - the man who did this to her - she quickly learned that tight could become brutal. That she would crave it even more. And that he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to do it
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Roxanna: She Wanted To Try The Toys First

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: It was a gift for him. Actually for her, for him to use on her. Metal cuffs for her wrists and ankles. But she wanted to try them first to find out how they would feel. To get that damsel in distress feeling, she acdded a duct tape gag. The first few moments were sexual bliss. But then she remembered something - the key. In her hast she had left the key in the other room on the table. He really isn't going to be happy with her.
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Katerina: Bondage Exercise

3:16 Minute Bondage Video: That's what it probably looks like. That's what it definitely feels like to her/ Leg lifts. Body lifts. Sit-ups. all the time. Her arms crossed, her wrists bound to her ankles. And duct tape gagged. It comes two things. One she likes - bondage. and another she always needs - exercise. She's working up a sweat. Maybe the exercise? Probably her young sexual engine pushing hard. She wants one more thing. And she wants it now.
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Kayleigh: Torment That She Craved

5:56 Minute Bondage Video: It's not just the bondage. But that starts it for her. Bund tight, her wrists and ankles tied to a wooden bondage bar. Or that she could barely make a sound other than those whimpering noises. It was the blindfold. It kept her from knowing what he was going to do next. His hands on her tender young body. Teasing. Tickling. And sexual torment. And if that wasn't enough, feeling - and hearing - the snap of the leather crop caressing her body. She knew it would stop; this time she didn't want it to be soon.
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Marla: Hung By Her Wrists

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: The rope around her wrists was tight. And it pulled even tighter as she struggled. Forced to stand on her toes she would still somehow find the strength to pull on the rope. Pulling it even tighter. The sweater kept her warm; she really didn't need that. The bondage pushed her young sexual engine harder and faster. Raising the heat in her body. She wondered what he would do next. whatever it was, she hoped it would be soon. Or even now.
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Amanda: Bondage Frustration

4:05 Minute Bondage Video: When tied and gagged, her frustration is more often than not that it gets her very aroused. With no hope of her sexual release. but this time it's that she will not get release from the ropes, even though the knots are right in front of her. It should be easy. But it's not. And it's evident how that frustration grow. To what end she doesn't even know.
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JoJo: A Pretty Picture

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She's the epitome of a damsel in distress. Very lovely. And the way that she looks, from her outfits to every movement, And the look in her eyes. Desperate. Almost pleading. Not to be released. But to have her sexual engine pushed even harder and faster. To be his, for him to do whatever he wants. As long as he does it now.
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Aisha: It's That Moment

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: It's that moment when she awakens. And her mind is his with the confusion. Something as simple as running her hand thrugh her hair. She can barely do that. Any other movement is nearly impossible. So is speaking. But that's not what worries her the most. She doesn't know where she is. Or hos she got there. but someone knew one thing about her - tht she liked bondagae. Tight no-escape bondage. And that worries her. a lot.
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Gwen: She Wants To Be HIs Bondage Toy

5:30 Minute Bondage Video: There's no doubt. She wants to be his bondage toy, for him to tease and torment. She is especially vulnerable when he has her hanging high. Unable to get loose. Even if she wants to, which she doesn't. She comes back for this. To feel helpless. Yet to feel wanted. By him.
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