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Dolly - It's Going To Get Worse

10:13 Minute Video: It was not good that her former boyfriend left her this way. No escape from the chains; her elbows and wrists pulled together tight and hard, her ankles frogtied, and o-ring gag pulled tight in her mouth. She had been this way since late last night; it amazed her that she still had the energy to struggle. But that wasn't the really bad part. It was her next door neighbor, the guy she called the pervert. If he found her, she had no doubt what he would do first. What made it worse than that? She might just enjoy it.
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Cali - He Had Plans For Her, Very Bad Plans

8:02 Minute Video: That's what he told her just before he left the room. Right after he was done using the harsh chains and ankle cuffs. The unyielding chains pulling her elbows hard and tight, her chained wrists connected to the ankle cuffs. And ducttape gagged. As she struggled, the chains were leaving marks on her young body. She didn't know his plans; she did not know that was more that he could - and would - do. What she had to do know was somehow escape. Quickly. Before he returned.
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Tamara - He Knew What He Had Found

9:16 Minute Video: He knew what he had found. A bondage slut who not only craves the ropes but whose body is pushed to the erotic edge with that bondage. She wanted the ropes tight. He did that. She did the rest. The whimpering noises, in moments sounding like erotic moans. And her body moving, her hips grinding, to let him know what she wanted. Not soon. But now. As the room quickly filled with the scent of an aroused young woman. But he had more in mind. The erotic torment. Leaving her that way. For hours.
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Stephanie - A Day In Chain Bondage

8:33 Minute Video: She knew that she was stuck, that she wasn't going anywhere. No matter how much she struggled, no matter how much she rolled around on the bed. Not until he returned to release her. And that could be a long time. He had done this - chained her hand and foot, ducttape gagged her - before he went off to work for the day. And he often worked overtime. So it would be a day in tight chains. With the sound of her soft whimpers filling the room.
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Brittany and Lindsay - The Torment

9:26 Minute Video: They couldn't remember how they got to this place, all they know was how tight he had tied them. Each with their elbows yanked back hard and bound. Their legs bound to the spreader bar. And gagged with the nasty ducttape. They knew they were in trouble. They could hear each other, but there was no way for to look back at the other, let alone somehow help each other get loose from the ropes. Trying to call for help, but only whimpering noises escaping from behind the ducttape gag..
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Asia and Vicki - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide, No Way To Escape

7:26 Minute Video: It was the way that he left them. Both of them on the floor, hogtied. Their wrists and elbows pulled together tight and hard. Cleave gagged The could barely move. In a moment they both knew that they would not escape from the ropes. They would still be in the sape spot when he returned He was too good at what he did. And if he was that good at this, what else was he good at? What other torment awaited them?
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Vicki - Struggling To Get To The Door

7:07 Minute Video: She wouldn't escape from the chains on her own. Her wrists pulled up into a brutal reverse prayer, her legs pulled together in a frogtie, ducttape gagged. Those metal chains were going to leave marks on her body. Maybe if someone heard her she might be released and rescued. But she had to get to the door first.
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Sharon - So Close Yet So Far Away (HD)

5:28 Minute HD Video: It didn't take long for her young body to begin it's push to her sexual cliff, it wasn't long before she was already grinding her hips, trying to get friction between her legs. When he arrived she was ready for him to do whatever he wanted to do whenever he wanted to do it. The riding crop, the tickling, the erotic torment, the teasing. Feeling the hard leather of the crop between her legs, sliding up and down, pushing her even closer to her sexual release. A release that would not come. At least not tonight.
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Brittany - It's Not Like It Is On TV

6:00 Minute Video: When a college gal was bound and gagged on a television show, one of two things usually happened: either someone came to rescue her quickly or she struggled hard and got free from the ropes. Brittany soon realized that neither one of those was going to happen. He had bound her in brutal bondage. Her wrists and ankles tied, her elbows pulled back hard and tight. No matter how much she struggled, none of the ropes were coming loose. And no one else was in the dorm tonight that could hear her.
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Amanda - Enjoying Every Moment Of It

6:22 Minute HD Vid: There was no longer any doubt that she enjoys what he does to her. The teasing, the tickling, the erotic torment, the riding crop. Even with her mouth forced wide open by the o-ring gag, she still had a big smile. As he walked toward her, then as he began. His hands all over her body. it. As he was enjoying doing what he does to her,.there was only one thing that she wanted. And that was more! (Interactive Vertical HD Video)
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Vicki - Brutal Bedtime Bondage

5:35 Minute Video: She didn't know what she did wrong; she did know that she was in trouble. The way he bound her told her that. She was dressed in her comfortable nightwear. But moments later he had tied her in a wrist-to-ankle hogtie, another rope increasing the strain by pulling her elbows closer together. Then the ducttape across her mouth. And maybe, just maybe, he'd tell her what she did wrong. So she could do it again.
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Sharon - She Ends Up With Her Head Almost Between His Legs (HD)

6:14 Minute HD Video: It had to happen sometime. He often ties her in shibari suspension bondage - hanging by the ropes, her body spun around, past his. This time, he stops her when her ballgagged mouth was in front of him. At the right height, at the spot where he wants it to be. Slowly she gets closer, until the protruding ballgag is pressing against him. She knows what he wants. And what she will do. Not now, but eventually. Today she just begins to learn.
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Amanda - Watching Her Says It All (HD)

5:50 Minute HD Video: If you ever had any doubt that she enjoys it - every moment of it, the tight bondage, her elbows yanked together hard, hogtied, ballgagged, then teased, tickled, her time on the floor filled with erotic torment, and a taste of the riding crop - this will remove any doubt. Enjoys it to the point of the whimpering sounds, the soft laughs from the tickling, soon becoming erotic moans. She enjoys it. And he knows that, too.
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Asia - He Got What He Never Expected

6:36 Minute Video: When he walked into what he thought was an empty apartment in an upscale neighborhood - the cops call it breaking and entering - he heard a noise, something like moans. What he found was a cute damsel tied to a chair. Her wrists and elbows pulled back hard and tight, her legs spread invitingly wide. Ballgagged. With a look on her face that said what she really wanted from him. Not untied But something that would make her squeal
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AnnaBelle - Trying To Get To The door

10:18 Minute Video: Anna Belle is a cute pixie who craves bondage; she also likes to challenge the ropes. And if she can't get loose, she at least tries hard to escape. But she wasn't going to escape from these ropes. A hands-in-front hogtie. And ballgagged. But when she spotted the door, she started to think that freedom might be on the other side. So she did what she had to do to slide towards the door. Success? Probably not.
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Brittany - Getting Loose Wouldn't Be Easy

5:46 Minute Video: She wasn't sure if it would even be possible. The ropes were tight. Her hands bound, her legs frogtied, and more rope wrapped around her young body. And ballgagged. She could move, at least that was possible. So was struggling. She did that too. But all it did was add to her frustration, the inability to escape. He had said he would be back in several hours. Or maybe later. That last part told her that it could be a long time, a very long time, in bondage.
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