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Zarina - She Wants To Escape

7:13 Minute Video: She's was trying to escape from his ropes before he returns. But that probably won't happen. It should have been easy, but it wasn't. The ropes around her wrists and elbows weren't coming loose. And those ropes pulling up her feet became more of a problem, when she lost the circulation - and feeling - in her fingers. An elbow rope pulled hard and tight will do that quickly; even reaching down to the ropes wasn't going to help.
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Alexa - Let The Bidding Begin (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She didn't think that he was serious; he couldn't have been. He was. She owed him money. Lots of money. And couldn't pay it back. When he had told her that he'd just auction her off on the internet, she laughed. She stopped laughing when he had her on the floor, tightly bound and ballgagged. Then turned on the video camera, speaking those words. Let the bidding begin. That's when she knew that she was in trouble. And began struggling even harder.
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Lilith and Zarina - They Learn The Hard Way

10:05 Minute Video: She didn't realize that beyond his smile and friendly hello her day would become a living nightmare. Tight, brutal bondage; her elbows pulled together hard and tight hogtie. Ducttape gagged. She had only one hope: her roommate. But that evaporated as he grabbed Zarina; she would also end up on the floor, her wrists pulled up into a painful reverse prayer. Neither of them knew what he wanted next. But they were sure that it would also be brutal.
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Bianca - How, Why And What's Next? (HD)

5:32 Minute High Definition Video: How did it happen? Yes, she's a cute blonde who's used to getting her way. When she hired a contractor to work around the house, she was sure that slinking up next to him wearing only her thong panties would get her a good deal. Since she promised him a good deal Why did this happen, bound to the chair? Because he wasn't interested, he had a wife, and he knew that nothing good would come of this. What's next? She's know soon - from her husband.
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Patricia - The Redhead Learns A Lesson (HD)

5:06 Minute High Definition Video: Redheads are usually feisty; she lived up to that reputation. She had a major attitude problem; she was convinced that the world was here to serve her. He'd prove her wrong. Quickly. It begin with tight ropes, the nasty ballgag and the struggling. Trying to get loose. Then her whimpering. And even those tears. then that look on her face, saying that she would do anything he wanted. Of course she would. Whether she wanted to or not. That was today's lesson.
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Lila - Be Careful What You Wish For (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: It had been too long since she took a walk on the wild side - the fetish side. Or been the bad girl that she knew that she could be. But tonight it had happened. nightly bound. Hogtied. Ballgagged. Yet she wasn't sure that she was ready for this, what she knew he would do, what she wanted him to do. But ready or not, it didn't matter. It was going to happen. In those dark corner of her mind she hoped that it would happen soon. And last all night.
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Bianca and Roxanna - Bondage Playtime (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: Bianca - the blonde trophy wife - is used to getting presents. But this surprised even her, when her husband gave her a toy. A bondage toy. To tease, to torment, to do whatever she wanted. And that's what she did. Running her hands across Roxanna's body, tasting the erotic softness of her body with her lips and tongue. And sure that this was only the beginning.
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Alexa - Brat In Trouble (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She's definitely a Brat; and that's how he refers to her. Especially when she does something that gets her into trouble. Like denting the fender on his sports car. And not even telling him about it. He grounded her. But not in any ordinary way. She wasn't going anywhere; he made sure of that with a night of tight bondage and a ballgag. Of course she struggled and whimpered; he expected that. And soon began to moan. He expected that, too.
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Albi Rose - She Thought He'd Like It (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: She thought he'd like the pantyhose, the way that the were tight on her legs. He did. But he also wanted something more. It would begin with bondage. Tightly tied, hogtied, ballgagged. And topless, exposing her perky young breasts. And that's where it would stay. To give her some time to struggle, to whimpering, eventually to begin moaning as the bondage did what it usually did to her. The rest? It would come later.
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Roxanna - It Sounds Like A Good Idea - To Him (HD)

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: She was a horny minx; there was often only one thing on her mind. And he liked that. Usually. Except when it came to time when he didn't want any interruptions. So he made sure of that there wouldn't be any. Tight rope bondage, hogtied, a huge ballgag jammed into her mouth. Of course he could still hear those whimpering noises, soon to become erotic moans. And was sure that she was struggling; that turned her on even more
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Trina - He Can Do Whatever He Wants (HD)

5:17 Minute High Definition Video: She craves older men. Not just any older man. Just him. She lets him do anything that he wants. Hang her from the suspension frame, put her young body in a brutal hemp rope hogtie, jam a ballgag into her mouth. And then tease her, torment her, tickle her. Fondle her breasts, squeeze her hard-as-diamond nipples. Make her whimper, make her moan. And anything else that he wants to do.
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Mireya - She's Not Sure How She Got This Way

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: The last thing she remembered was a hand reaching around from behind her. A cloth in the hand, pressed against her mouth. And then it all went black. When she awoke, she was alone in the room. Her wrists and ankles bound. Hogtied. A ballgag jammed into her mouth. She soon realized that escape wasn't something that would happen. And those noises, those whimpers, began to sound like erotic moans. There was nothing she could do about that. Except maybe, somehow, enjoy it.
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Jessica - It Was What She Wanted, Needed, Crave (HD)

5:27 Minute High Definition Video: She wanted it to be brutal. Bound, her body arched, a rope gag pulled back hard by a hogtie rope to her toes, hanging from the wooden suspension frame. And to feel his hand touching her, grabbing her, teasing and tormenting her. Pushing her body so it swung from the wooden frame, grabbing her throat, even in moments that some might mistake for gentleness, caressing her face. And feeling the heat from her body. That's what she wanted. That's what she got.
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Roxanna - Erotic Teasing, Torment And Tickling (HD)

4:12 Minute High Definition Video: There wasn't much that he could do to her that she didn't enjoy. Suspension bondage; a rope pulled tight between her legs. A rope gag, the other end of the gag tied to her ankle. If she tried to straighten her leg it pulled the rope gag even tighter. She liked that. What she couldn't handle was tickling. Every part of her body was ticklish. And he knew that, he used that against her. Even his touch on her body would send her into convulsions. Before long, she liked that, too.
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Sophie - More Erotic Torment Than She Could Handle - Almost (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: It began with suspension. Followed by hair pulling, then spanking, followed by tickling. Then going back to the beginning, starting again. Nearly all the time her young body spinning around in the suspension. He was sure that it would be more than she could handle. But as he looked down at her when he let her rest her head in his hand, he saw a look in her eyes and heard the moaning noises. The look and sound of a submissive slut who found her sub space.
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Sheila - Not What She Had Planned (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: But it was what he had planned! She met him at the park. One thing had led to another; soon she invited him up to her apartment where, once again one thing led to another. He told her that he was going to show her something very different, very erotic. She didn't know until it was too late that it meant that she'd be on the floor of her apartment. Hogtied, Ballgagged. And him walk out the door with her valuables. Not what she had planned, but maybe she'd end up enjoying it.
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