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Rose: What she knows

5:11 Minute Bondage Video: She's sure of that. She's not going anywhere. Not now. Not in a while. Not until he returns to release her from the ropes. She knows that she could probably make enough noise to get someone's attention. But she's also not sure what someone else would do if they found her this way. Helpless. And looking so very cute in the bondage. She knows what he will do. She also knows that she will enjoy it.
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Maci: She's His Bondage Toy

7:44 Minute Bondage Video: He binds her tightly. then he plays with her young body. Teases her, tickles her, and then there's the erotic torment. And what does she do? She gives herself to him. Willingly. She knows that there is no escape from the ropes, she might as well enjoy it. Which she does. Especially when he pulls her close to him and slides his han between her leg. And her hips begin to move. On their own. She doesn't want it any other way (Interactive video)
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Nelly - Tough To Explain - To Her Husband

9:44 Minute Video: She loved her husband, he was always good to her. But there was that one thing, her love, craving, need for bondage. He didn't understand it. So they never played. Which is why she found herself a play partner. For only bondage games. It wernt well. Until her he got stupid, got jealous, and wanted more than she would give him.. So he decided to punish her, to leave her in the room, tightly bound and gagged, for her husband to find. This was going to be tough to explain.
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Foxy - If That's What She Wants

4:40 Minute Video: She's a cute, young blonde who can't seem to stay out of trouble. To the point that he's almost sure that's what she really wants. To get into trouble. And to be tightly bound. Bondage does things to her. She knows that. He knows that, too. This time she's frogtied on the bed, ducttape gagged. And struggling. Making those whimpering sounds. Enjoying the bondage. Which is always what happens! This Time. Every time.
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Her Torment Continues

3:44 Minute Bondage Video: What he found out about one of our newest #damselsnextdoor is that she is ticklish. Very ticklish. And he uses it against her. tickling the sole of her feet and other parts of her young body. Erotic tickling can be enjoyable. But when she can't move, can't get away from it, it's become erotic torment. Like today.
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Katerina: The Cute Young Damsel Next Door

5:12 Minute Bondage Video: The one who likes bondage, who often uses it as time to not be disturbed. When she needs it she makes that short trip of a few steps to his apartment, says what he calls the magic word - "please" - and ends up in his ropes. Like today. On the floor, wearing her sun dress. And a lot of rope. Hogtied. Duct tape gagged. And feeling like she could stay this way forever.
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Aisha: Escape Not Permitted

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: Her wrists and ankles bound, hogtied with the rope tied to an hook from the ceiling. Duct tape gagged. One of our #damselsnextdoor, the epitome of a damsel in distress. She can barely struggle. Escape is not even a possibility. But she also remembers what he told her: escape is not permitted. So it won't happen. Not now, not soon, not until he returns.
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Kelly and Maggie: Erotic Bondage torment - Bondage HD Vid

8:21 Minute Bondage Video: There was only one thing that she really wanted. For her room mate to force her over that sexual edge. Because everything she did forced her in that direction. The nipple clamps. the vibrator. ever her room mate's tongue between her legs. She wanted her room mate to make her moan. and more than anything else to make her cum. No later, Not even soon. but now. And hard.
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Judith - Struggling Hard, Trying To Get Loose

5:12 Minute HD Video: Tight bondage It's something that she had heard about, something they had talked about. She was limber enough for her wrists to be pulled up into a reverse prayer. Her ankles tied, then pulled up into a hogtie. A ballgag jammed into her willing and waiting mouth. She struggled hard. Because she knew that she was supposed to. Thrashing her body all over the bed. And also remembering what he also said; This the bondage would only be the beginning. She know knew what that meant.
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Bianca - It's The Look In Her Eyes (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: n the bed. Topless. Bound Tight. Duct tape gagged. Not so much struggling as rolling around With that vhat very sultry look. As if she is inviting him. As if she wants him. She's not trying to tell him what to do. She's asking. Possibly begging him. To do whatever he wants. Whenever he wants. As much as he wants. As long as he begins not soon. But now.
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Rose: His Precious Toy - Bondage HD vid

5:13 Minute Bondage Video: That's what she was. His precious toy. His bondage toy. and there was nothing that she culd do about it. Except relax. And enjoy it. Which is what she did. Bound, Her blows wide open. Duct tape gagged. and squirming. Because of what the bondage did to her. and what the thought of his hands on her young body also did to her. Every time.She'll be waiting for him when he returns. Not that she has a choice. Because she didn't. It wouldn't matter even if she did.
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Roxanna - He Had Plans (HD)

7:04 Minute HD Video: ...and there was nothing that she could do about it. Even if she wanted to. Tight bondage; ropes around her body, her wrists and ankles bound, then hogtied. And cleave gagged. But he knew what bondage did to her. He sexual engine would start moving, faster and faster. And when his easing and erotic torment began, she responded with those whimpering sounds. He also had a surprise for her: a foot rub, a foot massage. Which made her enjoy it even more. (On-screen erotic action)
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Rose - She's Waiting For Him (HD)

8:24 Minute HD Video: She's on the bed, wearing what she was sure wasone of his favorite outfits, showing ff her young figure. Waiting for him. Her young body bound, her wrists tied, her legs frogtied. Duct tape gagged. Struggling, challenging the ropes. Her eyes shining, looking up towards the door.. Hoping that he would walk through that doorway shortly. When the games would begin. The teasing, the tickling, the erotic torment. And if she were a lucky young girl, maybe something more. Much more.
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Heidi - The Babysitter's In Trouble

5:19 Minute HD Video: It was supposed to be a game. With her tied. Struggling. And then escaping. But the last part didn't happen. Somehow they were better at the ropes than she thought they would be. Or should be. Her wrists, ankles and elbows tied. Hogtied. And duct tape gagged. She didn't know what they were doing while she was bound in the bedroom,. Probably doing more mischievous things. And there was nothing that she could do about it. They made sure of that.
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Bianca - The MILF's Nightmare

5:13 Minute HD Video: She thought she had locked the door. Apparently not. She knew something was happening, something not right, when she felt the nasty duct tape being pressed against her lips. And then came the rope. around her wrists. He body. Her ankles. Soon hogtied. Struggling would not help, though she struggled hard. And the noises from behind the ballgag did nothing as well. Except fire up her sexual engine. Which meant that the struggling wasn't just that. It was her wanting him to return. And to take her, to make her his submissive woman. To give her reasons to moan. Not soon. But now.
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Katerina - Bondage Suspension Torment

5:16 Minute HD Video: From the moment he was done with the rope work, her whimpering and moaning began. She was hanging like a slab of meat from her ankles. A very erotic slab of meat. Much of her body exposed. She had no doubt what he had planned, what he would do next. Swinging her around. His hands on her body, squeezing her nipples, between her legs, teasing and tickling her toes. She knew was he also wanted, at least what she wanted for him. It would involve removing the gag. Maybe she would be permitted to give him that satisfaction. Maybe not.
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