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Raye - She Did It For The Money (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: he should have known better. She was old enough to say that. But she still wandered through something called The BackPage, looking for a way to make some extra money. And maybe have a little bit of fun at the same time. It was modeling. She still had a good figure - she always caught the guys looking at her butt in her tight jeans. Something else about it, something called bondage. But what could go wrong? She would soon find out.
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Roxanna - Hogtied Bondage Slut (HD)

5:11 Minute High Definition Video: She enjoyed rope bondage; in fact, she craved it. Especially when he used the hemp rope. Hogtied, ballgagged. That was only part of the fun for her. The other part began with her struggling to get loose. Until it did what she knew it would do - push hard on her young sexual engine, until it was nearly in high gear. No, that wasn't the second half. That was when he returned to the room and found her still tightly tied. What he would do, what she wanted him to do. But that's another story.
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Katerina - Her Sexual Engine Gets Pushed Into High Gear

7:15 Minute High Definition Video: Bondage does this to her; it pushes her young, sexual engine into high gear. Especially with her wrists bound, her elbows pulled hard and tight. Her legs frogtied, a wooden bar holding her legs apart,. And ballgagged. Beginning with the struggling, the whimpering. And then rolling into the moaning. And her hips dry humping the floor, wanting - needing - the satisfaction of her imaginary lover beneath her.
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Karlie - MILF Gets Her Bondage Cherry Busted - Hard (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: There was a lot she had done. Except bondage. Never done it, but now ready to. A friend of hers said he was the person to see. This would be an experience - for both of them. She began by twisting and turning her body. And her head. Trying to find the rope knots, trying to get loose. Trying to convince herself that she was really tied, and tape gagged. And not getting loose until he was ready to release her. Which is when she began to feel the warmth move through her body.
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Erin - Rope Blindfolded And Gagged (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: Erin likes older men; she adores then. And she wants them to feel the same about her. How much does she enjoy it? To the point that she will let him do anything that he wants to do. This time not only a tight hogtie, but also her wrists pulled up into a reverse prayer, a rope blindfold and gag. Barely able to move, able only to make those whimpering sounds. Desperately wanting to see herself in the mirror, to see what she looks like. For him.
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Nikita - She Wants More - And Gets More Than She Expects

4:46 Minute High Definition Video: After time as a glam model walking that runway, she thought she'd enjoy something that she thought would permit her to sit and relax. She got part of that right, she was sitting on the floor but what she was doing wasn't relaxing - she was struggling to get loose from the ropes, to get that mouth-filling ballgag from between her soft wet lips. And, as she moved around, to realize that those noises were becoming moans. Her body and mind quickly telling her that she waned more.
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Albi Rose - She Wants To Play (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: He had left her tightly bound and ballgagged on the floor. Her wrists tied, her ankles frogtied, her blouse wide open, exposing her perky breasts. He knew how much she liked bondage. And everything else that happened after she was tied. But he left her thong panties on. It wasn't easy, but she was able to slide them off of her butt cheeks. As if the moaning, writing and whimpering, and the scent of an aroused young woman filling the room. wasn't enough. It would have been.
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Erin - You Know What She Wants Him To Do (HD)

5:16 Minute High Definition Video: That's what the look in her eyes was saying every time she looked up at him. The brutal ropes had done what he wanted them to do. It's wasn't just that she was aroused; her young sexual engine was up off the scale. The sounds, which began as whimpering, quickly moved to sexual moans. The struggling became rolling around and showing him as much of her body as she could. He could do anything, everything. And what that last look said: please, do it now.
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Bianca - Naked Hogtied (HD)

5:14 Minute High Definition Video: He had tied her many times. In every position, including a hogtie. But this time was different; after he was done with the ropework, he had slid her thong panties down to her knees. Which meant that she was totally exposed - naked. That wound up her young sexual engine even more. That thought of someone - anyone - walking in and not only being able to see her exposed breasts but the wetness, the dampness, between her legs. What was he going to do next?
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Brenda - It Was How She Wanted It - Tight And Brutal

3:54 Minute Video: She left no doubt what she wanted. Tight brutal bondage. And that's what she got. On the horizontal ladder, her wrists, elbows and booted legs pulled tight. A spider gag jammed into her mouth; not only keeping her from making anything more than whimpering noises, but forcing her to drool. Her breasts bound tight by the rope, the nastiest clamps we had on her nipples. There was nothing that she could do - other than looking down at her breasts and nipples. And enjoy every moment.
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Erin - She Wants To Use Her Mouth For Something Else (HD)

5:21 Minute High Definition Video: She was willing to do anything for him. To let him bind her - tightly - on the floor. And open her mouth wide for a nasty ballgag. But if you watch her, if you listen to the noises that she is making, those moans, those whimpering sounds, and watch as the rolls around on the floor, you know what she wants. To use her warm, wet mouth for him, for something else. And when she wants to do it. Now.
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Bianca - He Knows What She Wants (HD)

5:18 Minute High Definition Video: What She Needs. And when she needs it - now! As a MILF, she has had lots of experiences. But there's one thing that he knows. What tight bondage does to her. Hogtied, ballgagged, her top pulled up with her breasts - and nipples - rubbing against the floor. A mix of emotions. Whimpering, moaning, even tears. All coming together at one moment. So close to the edge. One more thing will push her over. He knows that, too. And he'll do that. Not now, but soon.
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Albi Rose - Nothing Like It (HD)

5:15 Minute High Definition Video: She's been tied, countless number of times. But nothing like this. Of course her wrists were bound, and she was ballgagged. Her legs spread wide with a wooden bar. Hogtied. But this hogtie rope wrapped around her toes. She'd struggle as much as she could. But if she did it too much she feared it could cause extreme pain-which had one other effect. If you wonder what it was, you need only to watch her hips slide back and forth. Bondage always does that to her.
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Natalie - More Kinds Of Torment (HD)

10:18 Minute High Definition Video: Tight bondage - suspension - is but one kind of torment. Bound in ways she didn't expect; the rope from her feet, her toes, to the rope gag is another. When she tries to straighten her leg, it pulls hard on the rope, yanking her head back. Tickling is another. Especially when she can barely move, when she can't get away from the teasing fingers; when she laughs, she pulls on the suspension rope A night of erotic teasing and torment. Wondering what more he has in his evil mind.
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Sophie - He Said It Would Be Brutal (HD)

5:12 Minute High Definition Video: He was right. The thin rope cutting into her soft young skin. It was going to leave marks that would last for a while. Her legs frogtied. Her wrists pulled up into something like a chicken-wing, her arms pulled together just above her elbows, her wrists bound to her side. The rope gag - pulled tight around her mouth, then another piece of that same thin rope tied from the gag to her bound arms, pulling her head back, Cutting the edges of her mouth. Yet even this wasn't the bad part.
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Foxy - The Tight Ropes Were Waiting For Her

5:13 Minute Video: It was a surprise, we hadn't been expecting her when she showed up. She came from work; that was the reason for the way she was dressed: white blouse, black skirt, black stockings and high heels. Which is also when we wondered how many people in her office knew that she had a long line of fans who wanted nothing more than to see her tied and gagged. When she saw the rope and the ducttape, she gave a smile - as if she was seeing a lover from a long time ago.
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