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Lorri - Brutal Hogtie And Erotic Torment (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: That's what he had planned for her. A brutal hogtie. Hemp ropes wrapped around her wrists, her elbows yanked together hard and touching. Hogtied. And a ballgag jammed into her mouth. That was only the beginning. It would be followed by teasing, tickling, erotic torment. And the riding crop, feeling it's sting and the smacking sound as it painfully caresses her young body. (Interactive HD vidclip)
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10:16 Minute Video: Only Good Boys Get Christmas Gifts? (video version) We never did believe that; "bad boys" not only appreciate them even more but the damsels also seem to like what we do to them. Wonder where Santa learned how to tie those ropes. Maybe some day we'll ask him ... or Mrs. Claus.
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Erin - A Sleepless Night (HD)

4:58 Minute HD Video: As a bondage bottom, she wants - needs - to spend as much of her waking hours in bondage. Tonight she'll go beyond those, into the night. Her back on the floor, her arms and legs lifted up and bound to the radiiator, ballgagged.. Those whimpering noises soon becoming moaning sounds. And the heat coming not only from the radiator, but from the sexually aroused body of a young woman. There won't be much sleep for her tonight.
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10:16 Minute Video: Twas The Night Before Christmas (video version). Struggle as much as you want, sweet damsel; those tight ropes aren't coming loose. You'll just have to remember ..."not a creature was stirring." Pleasant dreams, Katerina.
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Jenni and Roxanna - Shibari Bondage And A Double Ballgag - Welcome To Hell (HD)

3:13 Minute HD Video: They thought he had done it all. Tied them in every position he could think of. But they were wrong. Very wrong. Jenni found herself in a shibari suspension hogtie. Roxanna was kneeling, facing her, on the floor. And then something that they had never before countered: a double ballgag, pulling their mouths together. They struggled, as much as they could, But it wasn't much of an option, neither of them barely able to move. Whimpering? Of course! Especially when he brought out the riding crop.
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Lorri - A Small Town Girl - In Big City Trouble (HD)

5:18 Minute HD Video: She came from a small town where bondage was just a game, something that she and her then-boyfriend would do on a Saturday night. She did have a submissive side - she didn't learn that until later - and she loved to be tied tightly. But when she met him - the man who did this to her - she quickly learned that tight could easily become brutal. And she would crave it even more. And that he could do whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it.
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Asia - Everyone's Watching

4:51 Minute Video: That's what he told her when he turned on the video camera, connected to the Net. Anyone who was watching was getting to watch her. He had wrapped her tight with the chains, her elbows yanked together, her wrists and her legs frogtied. Ducttape gagged. The dress that she was wearing accenting every curve of her young body. From struggling, to rolling on to her back and thrusting her body upward. Making those whimpering sounds, soon becoming moans, she would give them a show worth watching.
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Erin - It's What She Wanted - Almost (HD)

5:16 Minute HD Video: He called it a "silver bullet" - a small vibrator that she could wear any time, any place. It wouldn't be seen. And depending on the surroundings and the noise, might not even be heard. He kept the remote contro. Which meant that at some moments she could feel the buzzing deep inside her,pushing her usually active sexual engine into high gear. She can't pull her legs together, and she can't reach down between her legs. All she can do is make those cute whimpering g noises and feel those quiet orgasms rolling through her young body.
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Marta - Redhead Torment (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Video: Suspended, a hanging hogtie, tight shibari-style brutal bondage. Ballgagged. And being tormented. Erotic teasing. Tickling - some might not think that's torment until there's nothing that can be done to stop it. Spanking, smacking her body. Pulling hard on her long red hair. Wrapping his hand around her throat, to show her that he could do whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it, and there was nothing she could do to stop him. (Interactive HD video)
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Gwen - She Came Back For More - Again and Again (HD)

5:14 Minute HD Video: During the day, she was the epitome of a successful business woman. But when the sun went down, she wanted something more. Something different. Something brutal She wanted what he would give her. Tight shibari suspension bondage. Hogtied and ballgagged. Her young body exposed to his any desire. Whether it be as mild as tickling, as erotic as teasing, as brutal as torment. Treating her like the submissive slut that both of them know that she is. (Interactive HD video)
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Roxanna - What He Did - What He Was Going To Do (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: Suspended, upside down. One leg tightly frogtied. The other in a brutal hogtie, one end of the rope bound to her foot, the other tied to the back of the ballgag, pulling it deeper into her mouth. Exposed That's what he did so far What he did next was to slide his fingers beneath her already-soaked thong panties. Pinch her nipples and snap metal clamps on them. Place his hands anywhere on her her young body that he desired. And listen to her whimpers as they become moans.
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Erin - He'd Get The Work Done (HD)

5:18 Minute HD Video: She hired him to do what she called odd jobs around the house. Most of them he had done before - plumbing, electrical, stuff like that. But when she walked in, wearing only her panties, holding in her hand hemp rope and a ballgag, he knew this one was going to be different. She looked at him and said a few words: Tie me up tight. What amused him the most was that he was getting paid for this, too. Soon he began thinking about ways to make this even more worthwhile. To both of them.
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Roxanna - The Way She Wanted It - Brutal Bondage Suspension Hogtie (HD)

5:15 Minute HD Video: It was what she wanted. Brutal suspension bondage. Hogtied, Ballgagged. Near naked, wearing only her panties. Her young body oxposed to whatever he wanted to do. Her breasts molested and tormented. That now-wet-spot between her legs being teased, all of it pushing her to the point where she would do anything that he wanted her to do. He was just the person to do it. And he did.
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Mireya - This Time She's There Because She Wants To Be (HD)

5:12 Minute HD Video: The last time she found herself on the floor, hogtied, it wasn't her choice. But that chnged. She found out something about herself - that she has a fetish side. And that she enjoys - even craves - bondage. Being tightly bound, hogtied. And gagged. A ballgag jammed into her mouth. She came back for more; she wasn't disappointed. She was barely able to move, she knew that there would be no escape, not until he released her. And it did to her young body what she hoped it would do
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Erin - She Wanted To Do More For Him (HD)

5:16 Minute HD Video: There were times that he had to do other things. Incluing sleep. Which was difficult with her, especially when he would wake in the middle of the night with her mouth working hard on him. So the only choice he had on nights like this was to have her sleep on the ground. She didn't mind that. But her struggling and whimpering soon became moaning as she rolled around on the floor. All as she thought about him - and that one more thing she had wanted to do tonight.
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Marta - She Wasn't Supposed To Be Home (HD)

5:13 Minute HD Video: She was supposed to be off to work already. But she was running late today. Which meant that when her ex-boyfriend had shown up to collect his things, she had still been there. was still there. And itt had started all over again. The argument, the nasty words, the yelling. And when he decided that he had enough, the bondage. Tight no-escape bondage. But one thing didn't change. She was enjoying every moment of it!
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